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Who I am My name is Tile Lataimua, I’m 12 years old. I’m Tongan. Life at home is fun living with 5 other siblings and three of my cousins. Sometimes I’m loud, sometimes I’m quiet. It just depends on who you are. I don’t really like to dig my nose into people’s business because that causes drama and I’m not into all that. Sports are basically my life that people know of, but I depend on music. To me sports are ok and I don’t hate them, it’s just my parents think I’ll get a really great scholarship with a sport. I’ve always wanted to be a musician or an artist because music is what I really want to do, that’s what I think I’m best at. Sometimes I don’t know who I really am because everyone wants me to be someone else, but I guess that’s why I always get in trouble. Sometimes I get into big trouble because of that and since I’m usually quiet, I forget I have mouth to talk with. If someone asks me to do something, I do it and I really don’t care what it is, it’s just the thought I can’t say no. It’s not because I’m afraid, it’s because I just don’t want to start anything with anyone. I usually write or sing when I’m angry and it takes a lot to make me angry. When I’m angry I kind of go all out and that’s why it takes a lot to make angry now. I like food, reading and movies, I could watch The Breakfast Club all day, read The Outsiders everyday and I can eat watermelon seeds from the Philipines 24/7. Supernatural is my favorite TV show, not because it’s all devil and heaven, but because it’s actually interesting and I’m not really into Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and stuff. Life’s really great for me and I like being who I am, especially since I’m weird. If I was boring, that would be too easy, I don’t like easy and all this shapes up who I am.

You Judge Me… Just because I’m known It doesn’t mean everyone knows me Doesn’t mean I’m rude Doesn’t mean I judge anyone from what everyone else sees So don’t judge me until you know that I look for the good in people. Just because I’m known It doesn’t mean I look down on people Doesn’t mean I try to get everyone’s attention Doesn’t mean I get what I want Just because you judge me it doesn’t mean I judge you.

MY NEW JACKET My friend Dean lost his jacket when he was at the zoo because he left it near the giraffes. When Dean came back from getting an ice cream cone, he saw the giraffe had taken it from the ramp. He decided to tell his parents that someone took it right before he was going to put it on. On the way home he started babbling about how his parents just bought it yesterday. When he got home he told his parents and they were angry, but they were also afraid he could’ve gotten hurt. The lesson is, do not leave your jacket next to giraffes, they will steal it.

STUCK I was in Mrs. Ensign’s classroom and Tony and I were fooling around and I put my foot in the waste basket so I could make the garbage go down for more space…. Then it got stuck. I was so worried because I didn’t want anyone to make fun of me because Tony already was. Tony and I tried to pull my foot out and then I tried to just kick it off, but nothing worked. Tony went and got Mrs. Ensign. When she came she laughed, but she was still upset, but she pulled and tugged and it finally flew off, along with Mrs. Ensign and Tony.

Screaming The sound of the screams intensified as I neared the dungeon door. Low, moaning pleading, at first, built to a blood-curdling pitch as the screams continued. I cautiously touched the damp stone door. To me surprise it wasn’t locked. I entered the cell. It was cold, dark and misty. As I went inside I could hear the screams getting louder and louder. Then there was a very loud sound, it sounded like a man in rage. Going further and further into dungeon, I here the man who locked me in the cell, his voice was so sharp I got goose bumps when I heard him. He obviously wasn't that smart because I found a little pin on the floor and got out of my cell. I saw that it was a girls pin and I couldn't leave without getting her, or even them out of there too. I started to second guess when I got to the door where all the screams were coming from, but I couldn’t. When I opened the door slowly and quietly the girl had seen me, I signaled to her to act as she was before I came. I couldn’t hear anyone and the girl nodded her head no when I signaled and asked if anyone was there. I walked in quickly and untied her hands, feet, and took the tape off her mouth. She hugged me and the smile on her face wiped off, her eyes stared behind me. I turned around and we both screamed as the man came closer to us. I tried to run, but my foot got caught in something and I turned around, but the girl had already ran to hide. I screamed as he came closer and right when he came so close to me I could feel him breathing, he fell right in front of me. The girl was behind him, holding a big block of wood and she dropped it. When we new he had knocked out we ran outside the door and got home safely. Since then Lucy, ‘the girl” has been one of best friends.

Flowing Smoothly shifting through the rocks Falling rapidly like a raindrop Exploding at the water like a bomb Loud pounds like a drum Nature surrounds it like a wall Calmly moving through nature’s hall Splashing everywhere Drops of water fall slowly to the ground Colors show in every drop A rainbow in every drip or water Feeding all the nature that surrounds it A waterfall.

THE DREAM A piercing scream broke the stillness. It was dark and cold none of us knew what to do. We tried to look for the person who was screaming, but it felt like we were going in circles. We were in the woods, my friends and I, we were supposed to go camping. We were in our tents and out of nowhere this large shadow just started shaking Sammy’s and mines. Next thing we know we’re all in the middle of nowhere, but she was gone. We were supposed to keep her safe and she was supposed to be by my side the whole time we were here. “What am I going to do?” I asked, but no one replied. “We’ll find her, come on.” Michael said. “Hey why don’t we go this way, I think I heard something.” Sammy said Andrew led the way, slowly observing everything. Then we heard another scream, this time I knew it was Reina, she said my name… I tried not to cry and yelled back. “Reina, Reina where are you?” “Run! Run, just go, he’s going to find you!” She yelled The shadow was back, this time, I could see his body. He was large and he wore something over his head. I stood there, I heard everyone yelling at me to run, but I couldn’t, I couldn’t move my body at all. I felt someone pull me away, it was Michael and he pushed me forward. We were running, through the trees and I wanted to just stop and look for her, where was she, was she ok? I asked myself in my head. We stopped after minutes of running, hoping we lost him. Sam looked at me, so did everyone else. “We need to call the police,” Sam said. “How, does your phone have signal, do you know how to get out of here? No I didn’t think so!” Andrew yelled back at her. She began to cry and Andrew patted her saying sorry. Next thing I know, everyone’s playing football. Even Reina, I was so stunned I couldn’t talk. I went up to her and hugged her, asking if she was hurt. “What happened, how did we find her?” I asked “Ohhh, so that’s what you were mumbling about last night, I couldn’t even sleep!” Sam said giggling. It was a dream, I said in my head. Smiling I started to play with them.

TILE LATAIMUA Tile Loud, friendly, athletic, happy Sister of five Who likes movies and books Who feels happy whenever Who needs music Who gives laughter to others Who fears sadness Who would like to see Turkey Resident of California Lataimua

THE ROOM I was on summer vacation and my parents decided to send me to my Uncle Joe’s house. All my other siblings got to go somewhere they wanted too, I was forced! My uncle doesn’t even like me, every Christmas he gets my brothers and sisters five gifts, I just get one! Whenever he comes to visit us he comes with so many things for my brothers and sisters, again he gets me something like a pencil, or he just says he forgot about me. After getting off the plane I took a cab to his house, his big, weird, creepy house. I’ve never been in there because every time we visit him we just stay in hotel. When we got to the house we literally had to wait for half an hour, right in front of the gate. The cab had a stench that you couldn’t even get rid of if you held your breathe and the cab driver decided that he wanted to let his toes free and put his feet up. Then he started to talk about his problems with his cat. I mean I’m not his counselor. After the wait we were finally let in. A maid came out and took my bags in and told me to follow her to the room I’d be staying in. When I got to the room I thought it would be a creepy room with weird dolls, antiques, and maybe a bed that when you jumped on it spit out a bunch of dust. It was so cool! Here was a flat screen TV, lava lamps, and a tempurpedic bed! It was so cool! After the maid had left I decided to have a little tour of the house. There were so many cools rooms I was amazed! After walking for minutes I saw a big door that had a keep out sign on it. Since m uncle was nowhere to be found, I decided why not! The room was so big! It was a huge library. When I walked in the door slammed shut. I heard a voice; it was my uncle and this ball. It was talking back to him. When he heard me, he tried to catch me and I ran out before he could. Then he stopped me asked if he wanted to see what the ball could do. It was amazing.

Mixed Up Act 1 Scene 1 (Kato runs to Reina who is standing outside the theatre. Reina starts to walk towards him.) Ryan: Hey, Reina I’m so sorry! My friend asked if I could take a look at their breaks on his bike. I’m so sorry! Reina: its fine, it’s not like I’ve been waiting here for almost two hours or anything. Who’s bike? Ryan: Oh, that’s good…I guess. I was fixing John’s bike, but hey whatever let’s watch the movie huh? Reina: (Reina’s face lights up and makes an angry face.) What? John Why? Do you know what he said to Madi and Cat? He’s so rude! Ryan: (Makes an angry face.) He didn’t even say anything! It was a joke, plus those girls are being dumb. I mean he says two words and (mimicking their voices) “omg, he just said no Madi let’s go cry in a hole together,” I mean you and John were best friends, talk to him! Reina: I tried! He told me I was being like them! Whatever, I’m going home. (Looks sad and starts to walk away.) Ryan: What, why? I just got here! I thought we were gonna watch Iron Man! Are you serious? (Runs in front of her) Reina: Yes I’m serious, it’s late and I’m cold. Oh and I knew you’d be late so I watched it by myself. Also, I have been waiting here for two hours, so watch it by yourself, or with John! Ryan: Reina its only 8:00 and I’m (Reina cuts him off.) Reina: No you’re not sorry and if you were you would’ve been on time! (Reina runs down the block, Kato sits on the concrete hitting his head.)

Scene 2 (Reina runs into her house slams the door and runs into her room.) Madi: Hey! (On the bed smiling) Reina: AHHHHH! What the heck Madi! What are you doing, when did you get here? How did you get in here? Madi: AHAHAHA! Omg I love it when you freak out, I feel better ahaha. Ok, so first I needed to tell you something. Second I don’t know like two hours ago, oh and third your dad let me in. Reina: Two hours! What have you been doing in here?! (Jumps on the bed) Madi: Well for one thing I cleaned this thing you call a room, then I watched a few movies on your Netflix account. Anyways I need to tell you something really important! Reina: (Sits up) Well thanks, (looks around room amazed) hey I can see the floor! Madi: (Looks impatient) Ok, can we get to the point now? (Reina nods her head) Ok so I went to the movies earlier today and the girls went to eat, but I stayed behind and John came up to me… (Looks down) Reina: Omg! Did you kill him? Is he dead? Is his body in my closet? (Stares at the closet awkwardly) Madi: No! He apologized and he wants to be friends, with all of us so I said yea because he’s been my friend since forever! I’m sorry Reina! Reina: Oh thank goodness! Me to, I feel so bad that we always cancel him out and never respond! Now we have to convince Cat to accept his apology. Madi: Ahaha good one, like she’d do that! I mean I admit if John said that to me I don’t think I’d forgive him so easily. We can try, but I don’t want to hear all that screaming that’s coming up. I know its coming, I can already hear her. (Makes screaming faces while Reina laughs) Reina: Ahaha it won’t be that bad!! (pauses) I’m kidding she’ll probably throw a bomb at us! Ok come on call her! Madi: Ahaha ok (gets her phone out and calls Cat) Hey Cat! What are you up to? Scene 3 Cat: Hey Mads! Nothing why? Madi: I’m at Reina’s why don’t you come over we have something really important to ask you. Cat: Umm… Ok, why not? I’ll walk over right now! Bye! Madi: Ok, see you soon. (Looks doubtfully at Reina) Well, we can always use ear plugs… Reina: Ahaha, we’ll be fine stop worrying. (Door bell rings) Madi: I’ll get it and maybe I’ll stay down there and watch the game why’ll you two talk! Reina: No! You’re gonna be here too! Madi Madi: What? Reina: You have never watched anything on TV that involves a sport. Anything. (Laughs very hard) Madi: (makes angry face) I have! In Mean Girls, they played volleyball! Whatever, I’m gonna get the door! (Madi runs out the bedroom door, down the stairs and opens the door) Cat: Hey Mads! Madi: Hey, come on let’s go up to Reina’s room! (Pulls her hand and they run up the stairs) Reina: Hey Cat! (Cat jumps onto bed and Madi lies on the floor) So Madi wants to tell you something… (Looks and Madi and smiles sorrowly) Madi: Ok. Fine. (Looks at Reina angrily) Ok I’m just gonna get to the point, we are friends with John and we want you to be too….. Cat: (looks up then smiles) Thank goodness! I was gonna tell you guys when I got ear that we made up to! Reina: Omg I can’t believe we’ve all been friends with him and didn’t even know it! Madi: Ahaha I know right! (All the girls laugh and turn the TV on)