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Writing Art and Magazine! Created by Raymon Medina

Table of Contents 1. All about me 2. Just Because 3. Unicorn 4. Who am I?

pg.3 pg.4 pg.5 pg.6 5. Wong C. Hang pg.8-9 5. Should Citizens Use Guns? pg.10 6. Adventure w. Chuck Norris pg.11-12 7. What’s Wrong with Me? pg.13-15 8. Dwyane Wade pg.16-18

All about Me I am Raymon Medina. I go to Taylor Middle school. My mom is Luisa Medina and my dad is Randy Medina. Sadly I am the only child. But I’m okay with that. I like playing basketball and football. I also like to play games. And I like to hang out and talk. I’m also in the 7th grade. I also like beanies and food.

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Just because Just because I am Filipino Doesn’t mean I make dried mangoes Doesn’t mean I’m poor Doesn’t mean there are animals outside my house Doesn’t mean I go through floods everyday Doesn’t mean I eat with my hands Doesn’t mean my teeth are messed up Doesn’t mean I have chubby cheeks Doesn’t mean I have a accent you can’t understand Doesn’t mean I have very dark skin Just because… Written by Raymon Medina

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Unicorn Please don’t say that unicorns don’t exist. Hearing people say that just makes me go really crazy. Unicorns do exist. I don’t see why people say they do not exist. They do exist, they do! Why doesn’t anyone believe me! Here’s what I’ll do! I will go create a cool jetpack and go on top of the next rainbow! Hopefully that’ll work! Then I will take a beautiful picture of it, and people will now believe me! Hopefully this works! Right now I am trying to make this cool jetpack that will probably work! I just need a few parts and I’m almost done. After building my jetpack, I have decided to go and test it outside my house. It finally works! Now it’s time to go and make a change! A day has passed and now it is morning time. I finally see the rainbow. Now it is time to fly! I’m almost on top of the rainbow and I do not see it yet. And now, I’m finally at the very top. There it was. Right in my own eyes I see the beautiful unicorn. It was time to take a picture. Until I left my phone in my room. I was very sad. But now I have the beautiful image inside my head. But now no one would believe me. At least now, I have seen a unicorn. This is what it looked like.

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Who am I?

I am Raymon Medina I love food I like to play games I am Randy’s son I am Luisa’s Son I am a basketball player I am a beanie lover I am a bit of a nerd Page 6

I am chubby I am weird I am crazy I am funny I am squishy I am me :D

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The legend of Wong Chang Hang

Wong Chang Hang is a poor Chinese man. However, he was also a mixed martial arts specialist and a Jujitsu expert. But no one realizes that. The wealthy town people treat Wong Chang Hang like garbage. The emperor of the town was named Master Shefoo. He didn’t like people that treated other people badly. So he invited Wong Chang Hang to his palace to eat some food. They became very good friends and Wong Chang Hang came to the palace often One day the good emperor drank a mysterious potion. All of a sudden he turned into an evil emperor and started to steal all the town’s dumpling and noodles. The people became so hungry. Wong Chang Hang wanted to figure out what happened to the town. Wong Chang Hang went to the emperor’s palace and sure enough he saw that the good emperor was acting funny. He was shoving bowls and bowls of noodles and dumplings in his mouth. Wong Chang Hang wanted to see for sure rather if the emperor was okay or not. As soon as Wong Chang Hang saw master Shefoo breaking almost all the ancient stuff, Wong Chang hang then wanted to fight the master. Now Wong Chang hang did not want too, but it was best for master if he had to be fought. If master does not stop, this town will then burn into ashes! When Master Shefoo saw Wong Chang Hang , he immediately then starts to throw spears and other sharp objects just to stop Wong Chang Hang from help-

ing the town. As soon as one spear had hit Wong Chang Hang in the arm, Wong Chang Hang had now had to do it. He now had to do what was right for him. He then had to fight his only friend. Wong Chang Hang did not want to do it but he had to, too save the town from horror. So what Wong Chang Hang did was grab a sharp spear and tried to throw it right at Master Shefoo’s heart so he could just deal with it. But the Master Shefoo was to strong. Then Wong Chang Hang then proceeds to grab the ancient machete. There were no weapons left and that was the only one. Chang wanted to be wiser about using the machete because the machete has gone through a lot of decades and centuries. Wong Chang Hang then starts to sprint for more speed and power to try to slay Master Shefoo like he is going to make chopped dumplings. He then realizes Master Shefoo has disappeared. What has happened? Then there was master. Behind Wong Chang Hang. Chang can sense him. So quickly Chang slays him! It was for Masters own good. The town is happy and is now successful. But now the town has no emperor. So everyone in town now elected Wong Chang Hang as emperor of WinChai city. Soon months and months later, Wong Chang Hang was ruling so good that he began to rule the whole part of China. The End

Should Citizens of America Carry Firearms? Citizens of America should have access to firearms to be able to protect themselves or hunt for their family if they have a hunting permit. Also citizens would have no protection in a crisis that police can’t get into. Having firearms can lead to very useful protection as well as hunting tools. One reason why gun control should be allowed is because it would offer protection. Even though there were many shootings citizens can protect themselves from shooting if they had guns with them. Citizens should be able to receive guns strictly for protection purposes. Also having firearms can help support your family. People can use guns to hunt animals for food if they have a hunting permit. In addition, citizens of America should carry firearms because it would help them get food. Some people may be very poor and rely on hunting to get food for themselves or their family. In conclusion firearms should be allowed for the safety of citizens. Firearms can be used to help families get food if they are poor. Citizens of America are responsible enough and can use guns for good reasons such as protecting themselves or hunting for food.

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My Adventure with Chuck Norris

One day I was really hungry. So, I decided to walk to Burger King. When I arrived, I went to the open register. The girl at the register was named Sheniqua, which I thought was a beautiful name for a girl. Then, a mysterious man with a mask came in and robbed the whole place. He even took my money! So, I decided to run away before I got hurt. Suddenly, Chuck Norris appeared out of nowhere and fought the man. Sheniqua got her money back, Chuck Norris went home to make kung-fu video workouts, the cops arrived and captured the robber, but I got left out. I never got my burger. Later on that night, I turned on the TV and saw the news. It turned out the robber, the infamous thief, Buster the Bandit, escaped. He robbed McDonalds, hotels, etc. A week later, companies didn’t have enough money to keep going because of Buster. He kept on stealing, and soon the town was too poor to support itself, and might go bankrupt. I decided that it was going too far, I needed to put a stop to buster. But, I couldn’t do it alone.

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I went to the karate store, owned by the man who had trained Chuck Norris. He himself was too old to fight Buster, but his shop hadn’t been robbed. I bought a ninja suit (I wanted to look cool as I saved the town) and found where Chuck Norris’ dojo resided, I Kicked in the door, imploring Norris for help. He accepted my offer, and we ran to find Buster under cover of night. We calculated where Buster would be going. We decided he would return to get his revenge on Burger King. We got there, and sure enough, he was there. Chuck and I went furiously into battle. Buster managed to get me in the face, and Chuck was being pushed back and was sure to fall soon. I heard a whisper in my ear, telling me to eat. It was Sheniqua! I finally had gotten my burger! I ate it and immediately got rejuvenated just as Chuck was kicked to the floor. As Buster spit on him, I roundhouse kicked him from behind, shouting “K….O!” as I did. I made Buster submit to my powers, and he finally showed me the stash of money. The day ended with a ticker tape parade, and I got a signed copy of one of Chuck Norris’ best workout CD. Best of all? I wasn’t hungry anymore! By Raymon Medina, Kristal Lam, and William Bombosch

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What’s wrong with me? The fog set at midday. The fog was so thick; it was like one of those creepy horror scenes. Everything was all blank, and it felt like someone was following me. So I kept walking until I hear a weird, scary, voice coming from a distance. It felt like the voice was getting closer and closer to me. Like it wanted to eat me, or capture me. Then it stopped talking. I thought it was gone. Until I have turned around and saw it. I began to run as fast as I could, and finally saw my house. I ran to the door and put the key in the hole as fast as I could. As soon as I opened the door, I locked my door as fast as I could. Then when I went up to my bedroom, I saw a huge mess. I was wondering how this happened. But now, it seems like a ghost was here last night. I couldn’t sleep for the past 2 hours. And I didn’t know what to do… 3 a.m. and I still can’t sleep. So I decided to sit outside the balcony. Right in my own backyard, I found five raccoons. This was unacceptable for me, so I decided to turn on the sprinklers. When I went back inside my house, I saw a strange man. I think it was the man that was here last night. I tried running, but everywhere I go I see him! Then I tried to take a good look at him. He was 7 feet tall, maybe even taller, with 4 arms, and with a very nice suit. In my eyes, he had a blank face. Whenever he got closer, static started to appear in my very own eyes. I began to panic even more! So I decided to go under my sheets and try to go to sleep again… It was morning now. I looked at my clock next to me. It was 3:00 in the afternoon. Looks like I had a very long sleep. I kept questioning myself weather last night was a dream, or reality. I was a bit worried. To get my mind off it, I went down for some good breakfast. Then suddenly I get a call from a buddy asking if I want to go on some yacht of his. Since its summer I should go. Plus, it can help me not worry about what happened last night…

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I felt like the man could not cross water. The only way to do so would be to teleport! I snickered, being glad I could enjoy my fun in peace in the sun. After I was done, I had forgotten about what happened. I got of the yacht and went to the bathroom down a long hall at the harbor. After I left and tuned a corner, a blank, pale face appeared, and the world went dark. Later on, I met up with my friend. Sooner, I found out it was a high school reunion on a yacht! I saw all my high school friends. It made me so happy. Everyone was married and had precious kids. Well me. I’m currently taken right now. Or am I? Soon we began to go out into the sea… Soon, when we sailed in the middle of the ocean, I saw lots of smiles on people’s faces. I felt like smiling too. So what I decided to do was to take a little dip in the pool with a bunch of former classmates. I was having a lot of fun, Lots of ladies and men having so much fun. Oh how I miss those crazy high school days. But now, I have remembered about that creepy night. Though sitting in the sun made me forget. Until I heard the motor engines make some weird noise… Looks like something got caught in. And now we’re stuck in the middle of the ocean. At least we have lots of food and water. We can figure something out, right? That’s what I thought, until we the whole yacht was going down. I was so worried. Thinking, why do all the bad things happen to me? Soon, the people on the boat including me didn’t know what to do… As the flood waters continued to rise, I lost my sight underneath the water. It was a weird feeling for me. I started to feel very woozy. Then in a blink of an eye I have passed out…

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When I woke up, I found out I was washed out on an island all alone. I think 3 hours past and I didn’t know what to do. I forgot for a sec on how I got here. I think I needed some sleep. But how would I sleep? It’s all sandy and there’s no mattress to sleep on. I was wondering where everyone else ended up… There I lay. On the dry sand all alone. With no food. No water. I think I was going to pass out. Maybe even die. I didn’t want my life to end like this. Until I heard the beats of drum get closer and closer to me. Should I run? Or is it some African tribe? So I decided to take a closer look… And there it was, a nice resort. I think it was the Caribbean or something like that. I guess I washed up on the other side of the island and I guess I didn’t know that there was a very nice resort right here. Man, how amazed I was to see this beautiful resort. I’m glad I ended up here, because I would have never survived. But the only problem is, I don’t have any money. But I remembered I had a credit card. Maybe there was some money in there too! So I decided to go back to the island I was washed up on and look for my wallet… There I was in the island I was washed up on. I was trying to look for my wallet. Then I saw it. It was all wet. But I didn’t care about that. All I cared about was looking for my credit card and money. I found my card. But the money was all soggy and wet from the flood. But it was okay since I had a twenty in my wallet. So I decided to let it dry… Glad I had my card inside my wallet. And I’m also glad there’s an A.T.M. at this resort. I think I was in Hawaii since I lived in the suburbs of Japan. I should have told you that in the beginning though… I got money out of the A.T.M. just in case. So I decided to into a hotel. I decided to rent a room for a few days. Maybe even weeks.

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Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade YO Yo. Now Dwyane Wade is professional b-ball player. Even though he has two rings, he is way better. He was rookie of the year in 2004. And his listed height is 6’4 He’s from Chicago, Illinois Has 2 rings. Now that’s a joy. And also has 2 children. And they are boys. Now he studied and studied at Marquette University. And now he is playing with the big three. In 2006 finals. He was MVP! Page 17

His name is Dwyane Wade! He’s the man with the 2 rings! His name is Dwyane Wade! He is very rich and has many things! His name is Dwyane Wade! He was the 5th overall pick in the 2003 NBA Draft! His name is Dwayne Wade! Whenever he jumps, he blasts out of the back. Now he is a very good basketball Player. And I know he could do better! And I know. And I know. AND I KNOW! He. Likes. CHEDDAR. (I’m not sure if he likes cheddar.) Page 18


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