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Sara felt bad for John. She knew he could never last as a councelor at a lake if he couldn’t swim! With a sigh she said “Well I can teach you if you want.’’ He thought for a minute. What harm what it do ? The next two nights they sneak out and teach him “Well now is a good time as ever.”John said. After they went back and changed into bathing suits , it was 9:00. Sara brought along a noodle tube for him to hold onto , “Ok first , do you know how to hold your breath ?” Sara asked. “Of course I do,” john replied while holding his breath to show Sara.”Ok, now close your eyes and hold your breath underwater and when you need air stick your head up . Sara said. John did it, without any problems.” Good ! Now ,hold onto the tube with your head above water and kick!” In no time john was swimming fine . The next couple days the weather was warm enough for everyone to go swimming. Sara and John walked together herding there group of kids to the lake .Sara leaned over and whispered ‘It will be ok . Remember what I taught you” into Johns ear . Once at the lake he jumped in with a splash with the kids following in . From then on John knew how to swim.

Maya Quade 3/12/13 The SAUCER I was riding my motorcycle on the highway through the woods delivering mail for my uncle’s delivery business when I saw a object fall from the sky and into the dense forest .I thought, not again Bailey, last time you totaled the bike !!! But the object just compelled me towards it. I couldn’t resist the pull of it, and before I knew I was there. King Chen What I found was surprising. The object looked like it was from another planet. The object looked like a flying saucer with tin foil wrapped around it. I didn’t want to get close to it but my curiosity got the best of me. As I was creeping toward it a bright light blinded me for a while. Then I passed out with the last image of three humanlike beings carrying me into the saucer shaped aircraft. When I woke up I felt like I was pinned to a table and sure enough when I look I was pinned to a table. It looked like a surgeon’s surgery table. I wanted to scream but I didn’t want to attract attention to myself. When I looked around I saw other human beings, out cold pinned to the same surgeons table with their arms strapped to it. Then I realized that whatever these “things” are, they were planning to experiment on us. Alexandra Garcia When I woke up a bright light was in my face. I was strapped to the gray metal table. I couldn’t move. There was a sharp needle stuck in my arm. I started to struggle and a silvery liquid seeped into my arm knocking my out cold. I was forced to walk up. I was scared to open my eyes to see the scary humanoid thing but I heard a girls voice it was shaky and scared. I slowly opened my eyes. There was a girl with a round face staring at me. Her green eyes looked at me with worry. “Get up we need to go!”She screamed. “Who are you?” I asked. “I’ll tell you later. We need to get out before the aliens come back to dissect us. We are the last people to be dissected. We need to get out of her before they see that we’ve woken up.”

I’m your guardian, and you were compelled to the ship because you are one of the few humans who have special senses to aliens and can stop them. That’s why they want to dissect you to look for what they can do to kill your special kind. I have a car nearby and we have to leave her NOW!” “What about my uncle?” “He knew this day was going to come and I already sent him a signal. Now we have to go.” “Fine.” We left running to the blue Subaru in the woods. Charlotte started the car and we’re back on the road. She drived on the high way. I knew I would never see this small town ever again. “Say goodbye to your old life Bailey. We’re on the run now.”

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I’m your guardian, and you were compelled to the ship because you are

e Screams

The sounds of screams intensified as I neared the door. Low, oaning, pleading, at first built to a blood-curdling pitch as the reams continued I cautiously touched the damp stone floor.

Click the door closed on me .It was just a tape recorder to lure e in . I was setup and captured !!I sat in there for about two day thout food or drink. I lost my voice from screaming for help. I reived a loaf of bread and water .From one of the jail guards .The ead was like—a spongy!

remembered what I learned in construction– Jail brick is made om a certain type of brick when wet it crumbles! So I broke off e of the hinges of my ‘bed’ so it went down with a angle and ld the bread at the end so I poured water on the bench, it went wn , and got soaked of and reused it. In about an hour I got two icks out . Enough for me to crawl out of . I was free , and I ran me To my mom and grandma and never got trapped again.

The Waterfall Water rushing screaming around me Screaming out all of its anger The rushing sound beats my ears Like a thousand drums The power of the crash is strong Always pouring down angry water The water that flows from the waterfall is calm It is at peace with it self Escaping from the rage of the falling water The spraying mist that calls it back to the waterfall But it never returns It just flows away.

The Chain Letter September 24,2009 was a unusual day. I was home, browsing my email when I got it. It was a chain letter. Not Knowing what is was about I opened it. It read: greetings reader THIS IS A CHAIN LETTER. YOU HAVE 24 HOURS TO SEND IT TO 5 PEOPLE. IF NOT SENT YOU WILL BE CHAINED! I didn’t answer it, well because I swear this reminds me of that movie…

The next day I wasn’t worried on my way to work, or when I got the call that a man was trapped in some sort of cellar out in the country part of town. I went down into the cellar, and was greeted by a man wrapped in chains, stuck to the floor, taped and was trying to yell something at me.”Ben?” I said. He was a friend of mine .Then a rag of chloroform covered my mouth. Before I knew it I woke up, chained and dangling from the ceiling .I wasn’t taped though .Struggling, crying .I thought about what had happened the last 24 hour. Here I am now, trapped in chains, but why? I see a masked man coming towards me.” What do you want from me?!’ I said. Then man held up a piece of paper, the email that was mysteriously sent to me. Then for about 20 minutes he explained how people who use technology should be chained and burned because technology runs the world.” But why! Why do this to people who don’t deserve it? Well, if you did the simple task and forward it to your friends and loved ones we wouldn’t be here, would we? “he said. I said nothing more.

Pouring lighter fluid on me and taking out a lighter he walked a couple spaces towards me and stopped turned around, turned off the lights, and SURPRISE!!!The lights went on. He took off his mask revealing the Chief of Police! Speechless I stared at him.”This is y our 150th mission, and I wanted it to be a surprise. I set it up like that movie you love, the chain letter.”” He let me out and people started coming in with snacks and drinks. Not like the movie. When I went home later that night the message was deleted.

The Jacket Billy was riding a horse one day when he lost his favorite jacket. When he realized he lost his jacket he got furious! He

decided to tell his parents that he lost it .He was glum and cursing to himself on the way home. When he told his parents he lost his jacket they gave him money to go to a Target to buy a jacket .He loves his new jacket . But the next day Billy was tending to the cows and the trampled his jacket . Again he goes back to target to get a new one .This time he left it outside accidentally and a tornado swooshed by and took his jacket with . This thing kept happening over and over till one day his parents didn’t have anymore

The day that I got my foot suck in a wastebasket

I was doing homework when I got my foot stuck in a waste basket. It was painful, and it made me upset. I tried to shake it out, didn’t work .I called for my mom and she helped yank the basket off my foot .We threw out my old basket and went to target to buy a new one.

Nowadays my foot never gets stuck because my new and improved wastebasket has a lid that keeps feet out of my waste basket. I learned that sometimes old things need to be replaced with the new.

The Great and powerful crusader Anya of King of Kings One day Anya was on a island counting coconuts. When a nyan cat flew by! “Hello kitty cat. “ She said .Then it flew down. “It’s me cupid! I have horrible news. Jayson and his evil army of the undead emo zombies are on a ship coming towards here! We must build a wall and cannons to destroy them!!” cupid said. There are exactly 8,600,417 coconuts on this island. Let’s build a wall from them!” I will go get them Cupid said with his ninja fast moves he got all the coconuts in five minutes!!’ You are fast!” Anya said with astonishment .Then someone came crashing through the thick underbrush of the rain forest. It was the Mayan chopping crazily with her machete!!”HI! PEOPLE!! JAYSON IS COMING TOWARDS

Once she saw the enemy ship, she laughed. It was a paper mache’ boat! She grinned and set off her first cannons. Pow! A whole half of the ship went down. Pow! Again! Pow Pow! They Jayson swam A shore, all of his crew sank with the ship. “Why did you do that?!! ” Jayson said with no emotion. ” You were going to attack us.”Anya said confused.” I wanted to have a duel with you “ Jayson replied. “Oppsie daisy, tee hee “Anya said while blushing . A little while later our friends, Jayson, Anya battled each other , while Cupid , the Mayan , and Auburnberry (R.f.s.t.s.a The 3rd)watched and laughed while Jayson was getting his butt kicked. All was good that day for Anya the great crusader of kok . Meanwhile in the depths of a cave some where below that island The quail , Jaysons arch brother enemy was plotting against them . What will happen next??

Tomorrow Today is now a falling sun The day is done Tomorrow will be found The day will be fresh, It is a beautiful sound Resting silently we await for tomorrow The sun shines with no sorrow. What is tomorrow? What does tomorrow have for me? What will happen when tomorrow will be today? Tomorrow is our dreams and hopes But it has its ups and down like grassy slopes It brings a new day a new slate But right now it’s late Worry about nothing not even tomorrow Where there’s only hopes and no sorrow.

The Chicken ( It’s a warm sunshiny morning in the country home of the Persons. Ma and Pa are planning the day , while the three boys are running about the living room . Recently a month back they got a kitten at a fair . The cat was named Meki and they used her to catch mice . Meki became friends with a chicken, Cluckie in the barn and that day something strange happened.) Ma—I can’t wait ! It will taste so yummy later ! Pa—I’m going to go get our best and put it in a cage. (Pa leaves the room and get Cluckie and comes back with her in a cage) Meki– Mew? Mew? Mewww mewwww? Pa– You darn cat !This is OUR chicken ya hear me? Off with ya!!! Ma– Hey hey now . The cat won’t eat the chicken . If you want I can go call the Hillbillys from up the road to stay here and watch the chicken an cat till’ we get back? Don’t be so short fused!

Pa– Bah. Whatever floats your boat you old goat. ( Ma glares at Pa for a second) Ma– Well then. I will go call them up . Go round up the boys. (Ma goes into the kitchen to the phone and calls the Hillbillys. Commotion in the living room starts to qut down . Meki goes over and stays by Ma’s feet. Ten Ma hangs up the call and finds in the living room all the men and boys of the house are ready and sitting on the couch .) Ma-They’ll be here in ten minutes. Let’s head out then . ( everyone waits on the couch when there is a loud knock on the door. Pa goes over and opens it and)

Scene 2 ( The Persons have left, giving the house in charge of the hillbillys.It has been a half an hour since they have left, Susan is in a rocking chair, knitting in the dining room watching the chicken . Bob is looking the house for lost change and jewelry .) Bob:Ter’ think hat they ain’t got annnyy jewery layin around.Geez ! Susan: now now Bob. Them probably put it up somewho to keep it away . (Meki walks in) Meki: Meoww? Mowmow? Bob and Susan: Git git!GITGIT GIt OUT OUT YA VARMIT RODENT!! (say with anger and disgust) (They start chasing her with a broom and wooden stick) (They all run around the kitchen and Cluckie the chicken wakes up and is startled ) Cluckie:Bawk BAWWWK baWWKK BOKKKKK! Susan: Er BOB!EERR WE DID DESTROY THE KITCHEN YOU !! GET THE VARIMT ER READY !(yelling and bawling (They knocked over cabinets ,a table , and destroyed the kitchen And they ran outside) Bob: Ha tricked yer! (the door closed you could hear it lock) Meki:*Oh gosh … well little do they know through the garage is a kitty dorr and if I go up the landry shoot I land right in the kitchen behind cluckie!* ( As Meki plots and plans a way to get cluckie out , Bob and Susan

Scene 3 (This starts off with were we left off ,Meki is waiting and planning a devious scheme sitting out side .) Meki:*Hmmm I think I am going to “try” to open the doors and windows. Thennn walk away , “crying” and go through my kitty door to clucke and get her out!* (Meki goes about trying to open the doors and windows, and crying and scratching . Susan walks over to a window from the inside and screams) Susan: GET WAY!!GOT BOTER SOMEWHO ELSE!!! Meki: Mew? (Susan walks away Meki does A\also , and Meki goes to the back of the house to the kitty door at the garage) Meki:*Heheheheheheehehhehehe!* (she walk through the kitty door!) Meki:* Quietly tip toe tiptoe ! Ok good Meki now go up the laundry shoot…..* (She goes up quietly with humor) Meki:*OKOKOKOK!!!Lets peek out!* (Sees no one and waits for a minute ,walk into kitchen and goes over to the cage containing Cluckie) Meki:*Hi Cluckie. Lets bust you out!!! (Switch to view of bob and Susan in the Mr.’s And Mrs.’s room searching for valuables ) Bob:ERG! Nothin gold ere’ . Shame . Well— Susan ere that!? (Faint metal clanking sound) Susan– Na. I just ear and idot blabaring ! Bob: GRRRR woman!!!! Im going to go see . (Bob walks over to kitchen area and opens the door that’s a little bent and messed up from when they chased the cat.)

Scene 4 (Bob opens the door and Sees Meki and Cluckie go into the laundry shoot) Bob: GERRRRAAHGRERER! (He charges and tries the go down the laundry shoot but dents and breaks it with anger) Meki and Cluckie:* What are we GOING TO DO!! ( they are in the garage running towards the garage door) Meki: the kitty door! We will go through there and the hide up in a tree !! The hillbillys have good noses and would find us anywhere else with the hunting noses. If we hide in a tree they won’t be able to fish is out! Cluckie: Ok (we see bob and Susan running up to the tree coming from the house and jumping and barking at it like wild dogs) Meki: OH NO WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO!!!MY PLAN WASN�T FLAWLESS!!!!!!!!!! Bob: Come ere little chicken! We need to fry you before the Persons get home Meki: HISSSSSSSSSSS! Susan: YOU really Believed that we was gonna babysit some chicken and a varmit ! Bob:No Way!! Now be good little pets and come down here!! (These lines with Susan and Bob say them with anger and yelling) Mr. Person: What do you think you are doing to my animals!? (the Persons appear when Susan last speaks) All the Persons: GET AWAY FROM OUR CHICKEN! (Bob Susan run away) THE END