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2008 Scoring Rubric for Multi­Genre papers  Papers are to be graded “holistically” A 90­100 Overall Requirements (Checklist)

B 80­89

C 70­79

D 65­69

F 65>

Generously exceeds requirements

Meets or exceeds minimum  requirements

Meets all requirements

Falls short of meeting  requirements (missing 1­2  required pieces)

Far from meeting requirements  (missing 3 or more required  pieces) 

Several superior pieces Consistently “quality” work

Several very good pieces Consistently “satisfactory” work

Generally “satisfactory” work Some less successful and perfunctory  pieces

Some satisfactory work Many “perfunctory” pieces

Mostly “perfunctory” or  unsatisfactory work

Interesting mix of genres  Good use of figurative language,  symbolic language, metaphors,  etc.;  Stylistically sophisticated, with  language that is precise and  engaging; a notable sense of voice Exposes something interesting  about the author; Thorough notes that consistently  explain, elaborate, and add to  genre pieces.  Well proportioned  to genre pieces.  

Mix of genres Uses figurative language, etc.;  Fluent and original, with evident  awareness of altering language for  different goals; individual voice  evident  Exposes something about the  author

Few genres Language mostly commonplace,  prosaic; Coherent but basic use of language;  individual voice emerges  occasionally; Superficial topics, little learned about  the author

Only perfunctory genre mixture; Poor language use; inconsistent  coherency; little sense of  individual voice No insight about author

Incomplete “Simplistic” depictions and  language; Language is incoherent and  inappropriate No insight provided

Thorough notes frequently  elaborate, explain, and add to  genre pieces. Generally well  proportioned to genre pieces. 

Some notes provide elaboration and  explanation.   Inconsistent attempt  made at proportion. 

Minimal notes with little  elaboration and explanation. Not  proportionate. Notes restate ideas  in genre pieces.

Missing or minimal page notes  that add little or nothing to the  paper.  

Thematic Organization

Successfully unified thematically clearly organized

Shows obvious effort to “unify”  paper Clearly organized 

Shows minimal­basic effort to  “unify” paper Occasionally inconsistent

Disorganized and shows little  unity

Not unified Incomplete

Connective Pieces

Has strong and creative  connective pieces which develop  theme and meaning

Care shown in connective pieces  which often develop meaning and  themes

Connective pieces are poor or  irrelevant and rarely add to  development of meaning or themes

Few connective pieces, or pieces  do not connect to main pieces or  themes

No connective pieces, or pieces do  not connect to other pieces.  

Formatting and Appearance

Creative, interesting layout and  appearance Well formatted and typed Good use of pictures or other  visual supplements Genres are formatted accordingly

Evident care for final layout with  creativity evident Well formatted and typed Pictures used to supplement pieces Genres appropriately formatted

Basic presentation and layout with  hints of creativity Well formatted and typed Some pictures used, not necessarily  in conjunction with theme Genres not formatted appropriately

Little care evident in final  appearance Not typed/ poorly formatted No pictures

Essentially no errors in  conventions

Occasional convention errors that  do not hinder comprehension

Occasional  convention errors that  sometimes hinder comprehension

Shows minimal effort in final  appearance Poor formatting/ typing No pictures/ other graphic  supplements Genres not formatted  appropriately Frequent errors that hinder  comprehension

Overall Quality of Pieces

Creativity and Personal Expression  in Language Use

Page Notes

Conventions and Mechanics (Spelling, Grammar,  Usage, etc)

Little evidence of proofreading,  etc. 

Name ________________________________________                                                   Circle one: 

Final Draft

Rough Draft

Rubric For MultiGenre Papers  

For grading rough and final drafts

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