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The Final Metempsychosis Chapter 1 Scene 1

Page 1 Panel 1: Shows a metallic trashcan in a back alley. Next to it is some wooden two by fours. Some of which are broken in half though they aren't broken evenly. Nearby is a trail of drips of blood that gets thicker as it moves away from the reader and further into the alley. Panel 2: The panel follows and focuses on the trail of blood Panel 3: The trail of blood leads to a beaten and bruised man who has been shot in the leg and hip. The man wears a nice tuxed that has been roughed up and torn. The beaten up man is the protagonist.

Page 2: Panel 1: The beaten up man is then violently kicked in the face SFX


Panel 2: The beaten up man falls to the ground SFX


Panel 3: Shows about six teenage hoodlums looking down at the man they beat up. A couple of them are armed with the wooden two by fours. One of them has the man's girlfriend in a choke hold with a cleaver knife to her throat. The leader of the group who stands in the center has a Mac-10 machine gun.

Page 4 Panel 1: Close up of the leader with a condescending smirk as he looks down at the beaten up man Panel 2: The beaten up man (the protagonist) grovels at the feet of the gang leader. Protagonist

I'll pay you anything. Please...just stop this.

Panel 3: The leader laughs a little Hoodlum Leader


Panel 4: The leader has an rageful glare in his otherwise calm looking eyes Hoodlum Leader

You tthink I'll forgive you that easily?

Panel 5: Zoom out to show the hoodlum leader still looking down at the beaten up man. In the background the hoodlum with the cleaver knife holding the girlfriend hostage is seen. The hoodlum leader does not look at them. Hoodlum Leader

Trash her.

Page 5 Panel 1: The beaten up man gathers up his strength to try and run and stop the hoodlums from killing his girlfriend Protagonist


Panel 2: The protagonist is stopped in dead in his tracks as he is bombarded with bullets from the Mac 10. However despite all the gunshots there is absolutely no sound in the panel. Protagonist


Panel 3: Shows the protagonists girlfriend screaming. However no sound is heard Panel 4: Shows a profile view of the hoodlum leader shooting the protagonist full of bullets. There is still no sound. The protagonist is falling to the ground. Panel 5: When the protagonist finally does fall to the ground and the hoodlum leader has stopped the sound of the Mac 10 is finally heard. SFX


Panel 6: Blank panel except for the sound of the girlfriend screaming Girlfriend


The Final Metempsychosis Scene 1  

First scene of The Final Metempsychosis