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Operation: Trial by Fire Volume 1 Chapter 1 Scene 2

Page 1 Panel 1: Close up of the hoof of the horse Queen Jezebel is riding on as it is trodding along. SFX

Klip-klop klip klop klip klop

Panel 2: Shows a battle weary Queen Jezebel riding the horse. Her tired troops follow her on foot. SFX

Klip-klop klip klop klip klop

Panel 3: Queen Jezebel and her troops enter through the gates of the M'yon Kingdom.

Page 2

Panel 1: A young boy about seven years old spies Queen Jezebel and her troops returning from battle Panel 2: The young boy then sprints over and yells in excitement Young Boy

The Queen has returned! The Queen has returned!

Panel 3: The young boy's mother sees her son get excited and is wondering what the fuss is abouts Young Boy's Mom

The troops are back...?

Panel 4: The young boy's mother starts to get excited herself Young Boy's Mom

The troops are back!

Panel 5: The young boy's mom races over to the troops Young Boy's Mom

My husband!

Panel 6: Young Boy's Mom Panel 7: Queen Jezebel is gazing off into the sky.

Oh, gods! I pray to you! Please let him be alive!

Page 3 Panel 1: Queen Jezebel looks down at the young boy's mom as if acknowledging her was a hindrance. Panel 2: The young boy's mom waits anxiously to hear news of her husband. Panel 3: Close up of Queen Jezebel's mouth at a 3/4ths view as she speaks. In the background the battle weary troops are seen. Queen Jezebel

Your husband is...

Panel 4: The young boy's mom looks like she's about to cry Panel 5: An exhausted Colonel Weltzers creeps into the panel while supporting the husband on his shoulder. Queen Jezebel turns around to see Colonel Weltzers and the husband. Colonel Weltzers

Panel 6: Queen Jezebel smiles gently.

Your husband is a little worn but still in working order.

Pages 4 and 5 Panel 1: Splash panel of the wife running to embrace her husband who's slung onto Colonel Weltzer's shoulder. Seen from a distant profile view. Panel 2: The wife cries tears of joy as she squeezes her husband Husband

I've missed you so much. How is our son doing?

Panel 3: Shows the young boy running excitedly towards his dad Young Boy


Panel 4: The family all hugs and it's a heart warming moment Husband

Thank the gods this war is over. Now we can finally return to peace.

Panel 5: Colonel Weltzers watches the family and smiles warmly. Panel 6: Colonel Weltzers takes a glance over at Queen Jezebel Panel 7: Queen Jezebel is calm but there is a sense of distress and that something is troubling her.

Operation: Trial by Fire Scene 2  

2nd scene of operation: trial by fire