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G.r.e.e.n Global Revolutionaries Enforcing Ecological Necessities

By Al Arcand

Page 1.

Panel 1: Shows the planet Earth floating in the emptiness of space. The planet should be the focus of the panel and there should be little to nothing else besides it aside from the narration. Rebecca Green (Narrating)

The earth is our home. It can never be replaced.

Panel 2: Shows the earth starting to decay and melt away as the “camera� very slowly zooms in on it. Rebecca Green (Narrating)

Yet we make the world our dumpster and pollute it with our toxic chemicals.

Panel 3: Zooms in slighly more. It is oh so slighly revealed that the outer crust of the earth is pealing away revealing a sickening human skull. There should be a sense of great morbidity seen here. Rebecca Green (Narrating)

There's no question about it each day we're killing the earth through our neglect to care for it.

Page 2 Panel 1:The earth is now almost entirely revealed to be a human skull which seems to have vines growing in it causing the skull to crack in the places where the vines are. Rebecca Green (Narrating)

If we don't right our wrongs then very soon we will all die.

Page 3 Panel 1: Shows a leaky bathroom faucet seen in profile. The bathroom door is open and leads to Rebecca Green's bedroom sitting on the edge of her bed finishing up her studies watching TV. Rebecca Green apparently uses this bathroom as it is near her bedroom and has items you would normally find in a girl's own bathroom. The bathroom is however not too clean though it's not exactly a pig sty either. Rebecca keeps her tooth brush in a cup shaped like a frog. Rebecca Green is wearing a green sweater and blue jeans. Sfx (faucet)

Drip Drip Drip

Panel 2: Zoom in to the bathroom door leading to Rebecca's bedroom. The leaky bathroom faucet can still be seen but it is out of focus now. The reader should now be more focused on Rebecca Green. Although the television is not seen it can be heard. On Rebecca's bed a green back pack is seen. Sfx (faucet)

Drip Drip Drip


Michael DuTreb does not support alternative energy legislation that would provide clean air and jobs.

Panel 3: The “camera� has now zoomed into where the bathroom is not seen at all. The reader is now in Rebecca Green's bedroom. Rebecca Green divides her attention between her studies and television. Rebecca Green is reading a history textbook. Sfx (faucet)

Drip Drip Drip


Michael DuTrebb supports Big Oil. Don't support Michael DuTrebb Vote Donald Cenkins for Senator.

Panel 4: Shows that Rebecca Green is reading her history textbook specifically on Vladimir Lenin. Sfx (pencil)

scribble scribble


This ad paid for by G.R.E.E.N and the Donald Cenkins Committee.

Page 4 Panel 1: Rebecca's father knocks on Rebecca's open door (her room has two doors, one to her bathroom and one to the rest of the house. Both doors were open.) Rebecca puts her textbook in her backpack. Sfx (knocking)

Knock Knock

Mr. Green



Yeah, I know. I got school.

Panel 2: Mr Green turns off the TV in Rebecca's room using the remote control. Rebecca Green puts on her backpack. Mr Green is looking around Rebecca's room. Mr Green

I've got work today so you'll have to walk.



Panel 3: Mr Green notices the leaky faucet in Rebecca's bathroom. Mr Green

You left the water running again, Rebecca


My bad.

Panel 4: Mr Green goes to turn off the faucet. Mr Green

Seriously, water isn't cheap...


Yeah. I got it.

Panel 5: Rebecca casually waves goodbye to her dad Rebecca

Well. Later.

Mr Green

See you this afternoon.

Page 5 Panel 1: Rebecca Green leaves the house Rebecca Green (Narration)

My parents divorced five years ago. Actually it didn't really bother me.

Panel 2: Rebecca Green (Narration)

My mom cheated on my dad so I had no respect left for her.

Panel 3: Rebecca Green (Narration)

Dad never remarried and it always baffled me...

Panel 4: Rebecca Green (Narration)

How he could still love that harlot.

Panel 5: Rebecca Green waves to her friend Laila who is also walking to school Rebecca

Laila! Hey!


Hi, Rebecca .

Panel 6: Rebecca and Laila chat with one another as they walk to school Rebecca (Narration)

Laila and I had been friends since kindergarden.


Did you watch the news on the oil spill on the coast?


Nah, I missed it.

GREEN Volume 1 Issue 1 Scene 1  

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