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Fanta!ic Fractions By: Serena Hong


A fraction is part of a whole

1/8 =

5 2/3 =

Emma and her math class is having a math party. She brought in 3 pizzas (the parts that are shaded in are how much they ate.) how much pizza did the class eat?

Linnaea some one else in Emma class, brought in 3 chocolate bars and her class ate some of the chocolate bar. How much chocolate did the class eat?

Answer: the class ate 2 5/12 of the chocolate Serena brought in 17 cookies and the parts that are shaded are how much people at the math party ate. How many cookies did they eat?

Answer: Emma's class ate 2 1/4 of the pizza

Answer: the class ate16 1/3of the cookies

Everyday objects that include fractions I have 12 pencils and want to bye pencils that are $1 each. If I bought 5 pencils and want to spend all my money on pencils what fraction more do I have to bye?

Emma is doing an arts and crafts project and needs 5 pieces of paper. She has already used 2 pieces of paper what fraction of paper did she use?

Sara ordered pizza for her class party there were 8 pieces in all and her friends ate 3 pieces. What fraction of the pizza did her friends eat?


Are fractions harder? I think that you should learn how to do multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, geometry before you do fraction. It would help you understand fraction's better. It would also make doing fractions easier. So if you don't understand the the things that we are doing learn your facts first, and try again!

Shortcut, Tips, and Procedures A shortcut for adding fractions is finding the least common multiple. If it said do 1/3 + 2/4 that you would think what is the least common multiple 3: 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24 4:4,8,12,16,20,24 The least common multiple is 12 so you would do:

Answer: 5/6

What you saw me doing just now is called simplifying for instance if the answer is 2/6 it is not in lowest terms yet. So you would first think what is the highest common factor? The answer is 2 so you would do 2 2= 1 then you do 6 2= 3 so the answer is 1/3

Once you have learned how to do most of the things I have shown you, you can start the graph here. What's your favorite season? Chose what is your favorite season!!!

A graph of the survey I did

Fraction form of the survey

Try to simplify all the answers!

What I thought Nothing surprised me because I knew that people would chose summer. But I thought that more people would chose winter because you can play in the snow!

This can be helpful in life because learning peoples internists is important. Also it was really fun taking the survey!

How to multiply fractions! How to multiply fractions

Now the number simplified is:

If you know how to multiply numbers this will be easy for you. First you do 3x5=15 so 15 is the numerator that is the number on the top. Then you do 6x5=30 so 30 is the denominator. So the answer is 15 30

Dedications I dedicate this book to my teachers Mrs. Talib and Ms. Thomas

I also dedicate this book to my parents and my friends Linnaea and Emma.

I hope you have learned every thing about fractions!

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