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Fractions are Part Awesome! By Riley Herron Mrs. Talib's Class

What is a Fraction? A fraction is a part of a whole Dictionary definition:no un, a part of a whole

Try this fractions word problem! I have 4 footballs. I give 1/2 of them to Riley. I give 1/4 to Sam. I give 1/4 to Charlie. Does my drawing match this word problem?

These are the mixed numbers. These are the improper fractions for my drawing: 2 5/12= 29/12 16 1/3= 49/3 1/8= 1/8 5 2/3= 17/3

Why do you need fractions in life? You will need fractions in life in these examples: You want to divide a pizza, cake, pie, or more How much will each person get? You will need fractions to figure out How many more quarters or periods are there left in the game? You have to know fractions to figure it out Question: How much pie is on the plate? Answer: 1/8 pieces of pie

Benchmarks Your benchmark will be1/2 Your fractions that you are comparing will be 1/4 and 5/8 Compare them each to a benchmark 1/4 is less than 1/2 and 5/8 is more than 1/2 5/8 is more than 1/4 Common Denominators Common Denominators are an easy way to compare fractions. Find the lowest multiple of the denominators in the fractions Example: Compare 1/4 and 2/9 Which is bigger? Common denominator:36 1/4=9/36 2/9=8/36 1/4 is greater!

Equivalent Fractions Dictionary definition: Two or more fractions that are equal to each other, but do not look the same Examples 1/3 and 2/6

Survey What is your favorite football team out of these teams? Ravens Redskins Eagles Seahawks Cowboys Broncos 49ers

Answers 1.3/11 2.6/11 3.2/11

1.What fraction of the class likes the Ravens and Cowboys? 2.what fraction of the class likes the Redskins,49ers, and Seahawks? 3.What fraction of the class likes the Eagles and Broncos? Answers are somewhere on page(you have to find them)!

Answe rs 1.3/11 2.6/11 3.2/11

Reflection This helped me understand fractions so much because I had to think really hard about fractions and is there is anything I don't know about fractions that I needed to put in this book so that you would know about fractions as well as I do and maybe even better than me!

Simplifying Fractions into Simplest Form

Unit Fractions A unit fraction is a part of the fraction

Here is how to simplify fractions: You divide the numerator and the denominator by the largest common factor of the two numbers Example:4/8 4 and 8 both have a common denominator of 4. 4 4=1 8 4=2 therefore, 4/8=1/2

On your own! Try to do these problems on your own. Make sure to read the questions carefully.

Hi! my name is Riley. I am a 4th grader at Norwood School in Bethesda,MD. I love sports, and my favorite team is the Baltimore Ravens. I dedicate this book to my math teacher, Mrs. Talib. Thanks for reading this book!

This is Mrs. Talib

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