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Fantastic Fractions By Jack Marriott Math Teacher: Ms.Talib

About Fractions! To learn and do fractions you have to know what it is.

Fraction-a part or amount of(a whole) something.

Fractions are parts of a whole Simple fractions would include 1/4,1/2,1/3,1/5, and1/6.

Parts of a fraction

đ&#x;‘ˆ Numerator

â˜? ď¸? line đ&#x;‘‰ denominator

Wholes and Parts

Sixteen wholes and one- third One eighth

Five wholes and two thirds

Two wholes and five-twelths

Problem I have a pizza I want to divide it into 8. I would like to eat 1/4 of the pizza. How much do I eat of the pizza?

Easy and Hard

What makes fractions hard is when you subtract them,add them, and when they are improper fractions.

It's usually easier to divide fractions on a circle.

1/16 1/8 1/16 1/4


Fraction booklet Equivalent fractions: An equivalent fractions is a fraction that is equal to a simple fraction for example 3/9 is equal to 1/3 because 9 divided by 3 is 3 so 3/9 equals 1/3. A trick to find an equivalent fraction is to divide the numerator and denominator. Mixed number:

Improper fraction: An improper fraction is a fraction with the numerator bigger than the denominator. An improper fraction is equal to a mixed number, an example is 20/5 is equal to 4 wholes.

A mixed number is when there's a fraction with a whole, an example is 6 2/3 which means six wholes and two thirds.

Adding Fractions: When you add fractions you add the numerator of one fraction to the numerator of the other fraction you are adding. When your sum is a improper fraction you just convert it to a mixed number or a simple fraction.(use equivalent fractions)

What is your favorite candy bar?

Kit kat Hershey's 100grand Rocky road Three musketeers

What's your favorite candy bar? Kit kat: 3/20=0.15 Hershey's: 8/20=0.40 100grand: 2/20=0.10 Rocky road: 2/20=0.10 Three musketeers: 5/20=0.25

I dedicate this book to my math teacher Ms.Talib and my tech teacher Ms.Thomas.

The most challenging thing about fractions is when you have to divide and multiply them. I hope you have fun learning more about fractions!

Good bye!

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