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A fraction is a part of something. An example is if you have a pie split into 8 pieces. You eat 6 pieces. What fraction did you eat? 6/8 because you ate 6 out of the 8 pieces.

This is a fraction with a circle whole. It shows 6/8.

This is a fraction with a square whole. It shows 6/8.

1. I use pizza in my everyday life when I order pizza. What fraction of the pizza is missing.

I also use key lime pie in my everyday life when I east key lime pie.

And I also use chocolate in my everyday life when I eat chocolate. What fraction of the chocolate is dark?

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1. 1/6 2. 2/6

Are Fractions Easier or Harder than Addition It depends which grade I am in. In later grades fractions are easier because once you get to know fractions they are really easy but, I learned addition way before I learned fractions. An example is that in first grade I could do 1+1 but I could not do 1 1/3 + 1 1/3.

Equivalent Fractions An equivalent fraction is two or more fractions that are equal in value but not in pieces. An example is 2/3 and 4/6. Improper Fractions An improper fraction is a fraction that the numerator is the same or bigger than the denominator. An example is 12/4.

Mixed Numbers A mixed number is a whole number and a fraction. An example is 1 1/3.

Adding Fractions You add fractions by adding the numerators. An example is 2/4 + 3/4 = 5/4 = 1 1/4.

What is your favorite sport in the Olympics to watch? Speed skating Curling Ski jumping Slope style Alpine skiing Figure skating

1. What fraction of the people chose slope style? 2. What fraction of the people chose figure skating, alpine skiing?

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1. 14/21 2. 7/21

This project helped me understand fractions better because it made me think harder about what I put on each page.

I think the most challenging thing about fractions is multiplying fractions because I always get confused about whether to multiply the numerator or the denominator.

This project helped me on adding fractions because I thought harder about adding fractions.

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I dedicate this book to Mrs. Talib who taught me fractions.