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Amazing Fraction Book By Alan

Mrs. talib

This book is about fractions

Fractions are really fun!

A fraction is part of a whole.

There can be fractions that the numerator and For example denominator number but have the same value called equivalent = fractions

Some Examples!

2 5/12 = 16 1/3 = 1/8 of pie=

5 and 2/3 =

Fractions can be useful when you need to split things with another person. I used fractions to cut a cake. There were 8 people and then you split the cake into 1/8. You can also split almost anything

Like pizza or cheese. Almost anything

Fractions are usually easier when the numerator are the same

The numbers that are in circles are called NUMERATORS

In life at one point you need to use fractions Example If you have one cookie and you have 3 people including you. How many pieces does each person gets? Answer: 1/3 of the cookie

Fractions are easy. But here are some tips In fractions only the numerator changes and only the denominators change if they are different.

Favorite color

Here is a model

This graph is easy to look at and i never knew that blue would win! That is what surprised me!

I hoped you liked this book. Fractions are hard sometimes and I know it, but no matter what problem you face you just need,to belive. It is hard like if the denominator or numerator are different, but once you got a hang of it then you get better at it! This is all that I know so far but i hope that you learned something new about fractions.

Well now you know about fractions. . . Im going to have some FUN

If you have 14 apples and you need to share with you and your friend how many will each person gets if the equal amount?

If you have 10 slices of pizza and you have to share it with 3 people how many slices will each person get?

You have finished you are great at fractions

I dedicate this book to Mrs. Talib because she thought me all about the fractions i have learned so far.

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