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St George’s Express ISSUE 2: 17th July 2009

Welcome to our 2nd edition. We hope you like the second publication from your School News Team. The Team sadly say goodbye to some of its members who will be moving on to secondary school. Good luck to Brian Wachira, Rosie Murphy, Alison Hall, Holly Harnett, Isabella Janowski and Francesca Rozario.

We will be searching for new members in September, so if you will be in Years 3 to 6 and think you have what it takes to become one of our members, please speak to your class teacher in September.

Inside this issue: What’s It Like To Be Mr Morrissey?


The King of Pop Sadly Dies! Entertainment—Celebrity Facts, Embarrassing Moments, Game Review.

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Entertainment—Film Review, Book Reviews, Sudoku.


Entertainment—Jokes, Riddles, Sudoku.


Cookery—Recipe for Chocolate Crispy Cakes.


Sport—Tennis and Celebrity Football Fans


Sport—Football (Transfer Deals)




School Athletics


Year 6 Spectacular Performance of Aladdin at The Ryan Theatre, Harrow-on-The-Hill. This year, the year 6 children put together Aladdin for there school production with help from most of the staff here at St Georges. It was a great success and enjoyed by all. Well done to everyone who helped with lighting, choreography, music and other important things that made the performance so professional. We mustn’t forget that the children were the real stars of the show and a big congratulations to all of them. We all know it takes a lot of courage to get up and perform in front of more than 400 people. Mrs Rands, our school librarian, says: “It was

one of the best school productions I’ve ever seen.” To conclude, it was thoroughly enjoyed by all who saw it, and many people especially mentioned the parrot, Aladdin and Jasmine. The lighting created a warm atmosphere and the props were well organised. We would all like to thank Miss Elledge and Mr Morrissey Junior for organising and helping the children perform the way they did on Friday! One last word to describe the performance Phenomenal!

P AG E 2

What’s It Like to be Mr Morrissey? Interview conducted 18th June 2009. Q. How does it feel to have the main role of being headteacher? A: “I think its a great opportunity, and I love everyday that I come into St Georges. Everyday brings new experiences, new challenges and I spend my time with a great staff and a great group of children. I'm very lucky.” Q: How much do you feel the school has progressed whilst being a headteacher? A: “I think the school progresses every year. I think that this year we have got the best group of teachers and teaching assistants that we’ve ever had, but I know that next year it’ll get even better.” Q: What important jobs are there in being a headteacher? A: “I suppose the important job is the budget. I have to look after the budget which is over 1 million pounds every year. I’ve got to be good at allocating resources, I’ve got to be good at talking with parents, meeting with parents because that’s important, I need to be good at making sure that our results are always very good because we’re accountable, and I need to be around the place to support people.” Q: Do you stay to do work after school? A: “I do. I left at quarter past seven on Monday. On Tuesday I went to the funeral of one of the children’s mother in the school, that was a late night. On Wednesday we had a governors’ meeting so it was after nine o’clock by the time I left. But on Friday I play football so I leave

fairly sharpish on a Friday. I always leave by about half past four on a Friday to get to my football team.” Q: Do you feel you could make the school any better and in what way would you do this? A: “I think the school can always be better. I think that the opening of our new sensory room will improve the school and I think the outside prayer garden will be a big development for the school. I think our children have a voice in the school but I think we need to look at more ways in which our children’s voices can be heard.” Q: For how many years have you been head teacher? A: “I’ve been head teacher for over 22 years. This is my second school as headteacher. I was head teacher of a school in Euston before and that was the school I went to as a child.” Q: Did you enjoy being interviewed? A: “I did, thank you very much!”

P AG E 3

King of Pop Unexpectedly Dies! Mi cha el J a ckso n (the King of Pop) unexpectedly died on 26th June 2009. He was age 50. He died in his Beverly hill’s mansion. The sad news shocked the nation and left many fans disappointed. Michael was to perform 50 concerts in the UK at the O2 Arena. Before his private funeral, attended only by his family, there was a public memorial service attended by many famous stars and the general public. This was on 7th July 2009.

Michael’s solid gold coffin was shown although no one expected it. His brothers carried the coffin in to the hall and each wore a white sparkly glove. It is not known how he died but his medicine has been taken to be examined. His daughter made a very

emotional speech saying "I just wanted to say, ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. And I just wanted to say I love him so much." She then collapsed into Janet Jackson’s arms, sobbing. He was the greatest singer alive, as fans describe him. R.I.P

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Entertainment Celebrity Facts—Did You Know? Miley’s obsessed with brushing her teeth and won’t eat anything green. Miranda is afraid of heights.

Ashley Tisdale once bet £100 that two girls were looking at her because they liked her dress, not because they recognized her. She lost the bet! Keisha from the Sugarbabes once spent £1,000 on a pair of shoes.

Emma Roberts loves to keep fit by playing volleyball.. Zac never showers. He cleans himself with baby wipes.

Corbin is half Italian and his favourite chocolate bar is a Twix. Leona Lewis used to work as a waitress at Pizza Hut.

Embarrassing Moments! Mrs Garcia O n c e M r s Garcia was at her mother-in-law’s house and was sitting on the sofa with crossed legs for a long time. Then her mother-in -law asked her to turn on the T.V. She stood up but forgot

that her legs were crossed and fell over, Next thing she knew was that the tea, as well as the cake, was everywhere! “When I was 9, I was a townsperson in the St. George’s



Game Review—Mario Kart on Nintendo Wii Mario Kart is a great racing game. It is fun to play with someone or on your own. It is brilliant on the Nintendo Wii because you can get

Caption describing picture or graphic.

a steering wheel to go with it, although you can just use a Wii remote instead. I would give this game 5 stars.

Rumpelstiltskin. At the end of the play we were told to bow on the stage, two people at a time. I was partnered with Georgina O’Donnell and when we bowed at each other, our heads banged together! My mum and dad had front row seats and every one laughed at us, I was so MORTIFIED!”

P AG E 5

Film Review: Night at the Museum 2 (Battle of the Smithsonian) This incredible movie is an American comedy starring Ben Stiller, Amy Adams, Hank Azaria, Robin Williams and more.

replaced by interactive holograms. The exhibits are being moved to the Federal Archives at the Smithsonian museum in Washington D.C.

Two years after Larry Daley defeated the three night guards plotting to steal The Tablet, he is now head of Daley Devices inventing devices such as the Glow-in-the-Dark Flashlight, and the Oversized Dog Bone. He finds that the American Natural History Museum is closed for upgrades and renovations, and some of the museum pieces are being

On the last night, Larry meets the museum pieces such as Teddy Roosevelt, Rexy the Tyrannosaurus Skeleton, and Dexter the monkey. He finds out that several exhibits, including Teddy, Rexy and the good Pharaoh Ahkmenrah and his Tablet are not moving to The Smithsonian museum. Without the Tablet of

Ahkmenrah, the other exhibits will no longer be abele to come to life. The next night, Larry gets a call from Jeddahdia, saying that Dexter stole the tablet and that Pharaoh Ahkmenrah’s older brother, evil Pharaoh Kahmunrah is attacking them. Larry goes to Washington and visits the Smithsonian museum and helps his friends get rid of the evil pharaoh Kahmunrah . This is a fantastic enjoyable film to watch!


Recommended Reads Marshmallow Magic and the Wild Rose Rouge by Karen McCombie This book is a very good book and it can be found in the School Library. There is a girl called Lemmie Ferguson who has two best friends. She also has a very special sister called Rose Rouge. She always tells her friends what a good time she has with her sister. She also has a very special secret. She has a special sort of magic. Then one day she tells her friends a very special secret about her sister. If you want to find out the secret you will have to read the book to find out.

My Sister Jodie by Jacqueline Wilson My Sister Jodie is a very popular book. The story is about Jodie Wells and her younger sister Pearl.. Jodie is outgoing, confident, and cheeky. Pearl is exactly the opposite– a good student, very tiny and VERY mouse-like. She does what her parents tell her, unlike Jodie, who seems to always get into trouble. Their mum and dad are struggling with Jodie, thinking she’s a bad influence on Pearl.. Everything changes when their parents are offered a job each at a boarding school. Jodie and Pearl must come along too. After a magical summer with only a few pupils to share the school with them, the real lessons begin.. Pearl is scared

she’ll be the one with no friends, while Jodie will be as popular as ever. But as the first day ends, it is Pearl who is blossoming, and Jodie who is struggling…….. Want to find out more? Then read My Sister Jodie, available in the School Library now!

Sudoku (Difficulty Level is Medium)

P AG E 6

More Entertainment


Jokes How do undertakers speak? Gravely What’s yellow and aways points north? A magnetic banana

Why didn’t the grape snore? It did not want to wake up the rest of the bunch

Fsh Why did the man bring a ladder into a bar? The barman said the drinks were on the house

What has twenty legs but can’t walk? 10 pairs of trousers

What do you call a fish without an eye?

If the red house is red the blue house is blue, what colour is the green house?

What do you call a elephant that flies? A jumbo jet

Riddles blue. The lamps are blue, the curtains are blue. what colour are the stairs?

See through

How do you escape?

There are no stairs

If you are stuck in a room with an unbreakable door and you have only a piano.

If the police find a man who’s hung himself from a very high ceiling with just a puddle of

In a bungalow everything is

You use the keys from the piano.

Sudoku (Difficulty Level is Hard) Sudoku is a Number Puzzle that requires no mathematical knowledge. (no adding or multiplication). It is based upon Japanese style crosswords where you are required to use logic to place numbers onto a 9x9 grid. To solve the puzzle you must make sure that every column, row and 3x3 box contains the numbers 1 through to 9. Almost all of the puzzles can be solved using logic alone and there is no need to guess. A puzzle can take from 20 minutes to 2 hours to complete depending on its level and your experience.

water as evidence, how did the man reach the ceiling? He stood on a huge block of ice

If the red house is red, the blue house is blue, what colour is the green house?

P AG E 7

Cookery Chocolate Crispy Cakes Before you start:

2 Add the breakfast cereal to the melted choco-

Ensure any loose hair is tied back. Wash your hands Make sure the surface is clean. You will need: Large bowl Large saucepan Wooden spoon Teaspoon 12 paper cake cases Baking sheet Ingredients: 225g (8oz) milk chocolate

late and stir until the cereal and chocolate are mixed evenly.

85g (3oz) cornflakes or rice crispies.

1. Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan of simmering water. Stir the chocolate from time to time until it is smooth.

3 Spoon the mixture into the paper cases. Stand them on a baking sheet and leave in a cool place until the chocolate melts. 4 Leave to set for one hour.

P AG E 8

Sport Serena wins Ladies Wimbeldon Singles 2009

This was the fourth meeting for these two in the final and in a rematch of last year's final, Serena emerged as the winner. This is Serena's 11th Grand Slam title and her third Wimbledon title.

Serena Williams defeated her older sister Venus Williams to win the 2009 Wimbledon title.

Federer Claims Victory Over Roddick

greatest male Champion, as he beat Andy Roddick in a four hours and 16 minutes match to claim his sixth Wimbledon title. It was also a record 15th Grand Slam title for the Swiss master, beating the total of Pete Sampras who was in the Royal Box along with fellow champions Bjorn Borg and Rod Laver.

Roger Federer became tennis's

Celebrity Football Fans Did You Know?

Tom Hanks supports Aston Villa.

Usain Bolt supports Manchester United. Prince William supports Aston Villa.

Sylvester Daniel Craig supports Liverpool.

Stallone supports Everton.

Ricky Hatton supports Manchester City. Brad Pitt supports Manchester United.

Michael Jackson was an Exeter City

P AG E 9

This Summer’s Hot Transfer Deals Michael Owen has completed his surprise move to Manchester United after the free agent signed a two year deal with the Premier League champions.

Real Madrid have completed the signing of Brazilian playmaker Kaka from AC Milan on a six year deal. The fee has reported to be £56 million. He said “I wanted to stay at AC Milan but the world crisis affected my decision.”

Manche ster United accepted a world record fee of £80 million from Real Madrid for Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese international said, “I’ve always wanted to play for Real Madrid since I was a kid.”

Manchester City have completed the signing of ex Manchester United striker Carlos Tevez on a five year deal, for £25.5 million.

Immanuel Adebayor has been granted a work permit to join Manchester City in a moved believed to be £25 million. However the Togo international still needs to agree personal terms with the Club.

P AG E 1 0

Cricket England Cling On Against Rivals Australia

England managed one of the great Ashes escapes by drawing with Australia on Sunday. Their last pair, James Anderson and Monty Panesar clinging on for 69 balls to make the game safe after a day of gnawing drama and intensity. Both teams now travel to Lord’s for Thursday’s second Test July:

in the series. England’s joy, after finishing the game on 252 for nine, was Australia’s frustration and afterwards their captain, Ricky Ponting, complained that England had stretched the spirit of the game by twice sending on 12th man, Bilal Shafayat with spare gloves for Anderson – a

16-20 2nd Test, Lord's 24-26 v Northants, Northampton 30-3 Aug 3rd Test, Edgbaston August: 7-11 4th Test, Headingley 15-16 v Kent, Canterbury 20-24 5th Test, The Oval 28 ODI v Scotland, Edinburgh 30 1st Twenty20 international, Old Trafford


classic ploy.


1 2nd Twenty20 international, Old Trafford 4 1st ODI, The Oval 6 2nd ODI, Lord's 9 3rd ODI, Rose Bowl 12 4th ODI, Lord's 15 5th ODI, Trent Bridge 17 6th ODI, Trent Bridge 20 7th ODI, Chester-le-Street

Inside Story History of Headline the Ashes The Ashes is a Test cricket series played between England and This story can fit 75-125 words. Australia. It is one of international Selecting pictures or graphics is an important part cricket's most celebrated of adding content to your newsletter. rivalries and dates back to 1882. It is Think about your article and ask yourself if the piccurrently every two years, ture supports orplayed enhances the message you’re trying to convey. Avoid selecting images that appear to be alternately in the United Kingdom out of context. and Australia. A series of "The Microsoft Publisher includes thousands of clip art Ashes" consists of five Test matchimages from which you can choose and import into your There are also several toolsunder you es, newsletter. two innings per match, can use to draw shapes and symbols. the regular rules for international Once you have chosen an image, to the Test-match cricket. If place a it close series article. Be sure to place the caption of the image

is drawn then the country already holding the Ashes retains them.

would be the quest to regain the Ashes.

In 1882 after a match at The Oval in which Australia beat England on an English ground for the first time, the obituary said that English cricket had died, and the body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia. The English media promised the next English tour to Australia (1882–83)

Australia currently holds The Ashes, after beating England 5–0 to regain them in 2006–07.

near the image.

P AG E 1 1

School Athletics Morning On Tuesday 14th July 2009 the juniors at St George’s went up to Harrow School’s athletics track to have a sports morning. The weather was very diverse throughout the day, first it was hot, then raining and then hot again. The events were: . Sprint . High Jump . Long Jump

.Javelin . Longest Throw . Accuracy . Collecting beanbags .(year 6) 400 metres There were sports that they had in the Olympics and some they didn’t, It went from long jump to collecting beanbags. One game was just throwing tennis balls as far as you could and

the highest amount of points given was nine. After everyone had finished their events year six ran the four hundred metres. Aaron (6E) was leading for almost the entire way but David Hall (6E) overtook him and won it. However St Bernadette’s were the final winners because they were the first house for everyone to cross the line.

Our sports reporter, Stephen Lally, was unfortunately absent when this photograph was taken. Look out for him in the next edition.

The School News Team would like to wish you all a great summer holiday and look forward to producing another paper for you in the Christmas term. We would also like to wish all our Year 6 children Good Luck in their new schools. Thank you for reading our paper.

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Issue 2 - 17th July 2009  

Issue 2 - 17th July 2009  

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