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Evidence 44

Four agents. Four origins. Four disciplines. Chance opportunity brought them together in one city. This book is evidence of that encounter, evidence of their skill and evidence of Asia.

For all the little people.


4 Photographers

Petter Joel David Garth


4 Origins

Europe Australia orth America Africa

New Grap

4 Disciplines

Film Maker Media Artist phic Designer 3D Artist

Evidence 44 Evidence 44 is exactly what it appears to be. A collection of 44 photos by 4 foreigners living and working in Asia. It is evidence of the time we have spent here and the things we have witnessed. It doesn’t pretend to be objective. We each bring our own tendencies, prejudices, skill sets and influences to our work. These both inform and inspire what is here and of this we are not ashamed. One thing we have in common is our passion for photography and fascination with this place. It is full of breathtaking beauty and heartbreaking horrors. But each of us, for now, is enjoying the experience. We will take it with us, wherever we may go.


Name: Petter Eldin Codename: P Dog Mission: Divide and conquer Available: Special assignment Currently: Undercover

Artist statement:


Name: Joel Louie Codename: -Mission: Tactical analysis Available: Immediately Currently: In a Rock Band

Artist statement:


Name: David Fox Codename: Agent Fox Mission: Reconnaissance Available: If it’s interesting Currently: In hiding

Artist statement:


Name: Garth MacIntosh Codename: G Mission: Destroy the enemy Available: But not easy Currently: KungFu fighting

Artist statement:

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Evidence 44  

A book of photographs from asia by 4 people from everywhere...