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Curriculum for Excellence Maths and Numeracy Experiences and Outcomes Second Level MTH 2- 17b I can accurately measure and draw angles using appropriate equipment, applying my skills to problems in context. Links to current 5-14 Planners D9.6

Key Learning Intentions

Learners’ Experiences / Possible Contexts Consider: collaborative learning, creativity, problem solving/investigative approaches, use of ICT, links across the curriculum etc.

We use protractors to measure angles.

Key Vocabulary: Angle, protractor, measure, estimate, vertex, scale.

Before measuring an angle we estimate its size (using clues such as “is the angle acute?”).

I can estimate the size of Use a protractor to draw and measure different types an angle. of angles – acute, obtuse, reflex

Measure angles in pictures and photographs and in When measuring angles, we objects around the classroom place the protractor on the Sort into appropriate category vertex of the angle. http://www.woodlandsWhen measuring angles it is important to know which (angles games) scale to read.

Success Criteria

Evaluation and Next Steps

I can name and identify a protractor.

I can place the protractor in the correct place for measuring an angle. I can identify the correct scale to read for my angle. I can measure an angle (accurately to ±2º).

We use protractors and rulers to draw angles.

I know to use a ruler and protractor to draw an angle.

When drawing angles, we use a ruler to draw one arm, measure the size of the angle using a protractor and then use the mark from measuring to draw the other

I can draw an angle (accurately to ±2º).

Angle, Symmetry and Transformation


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Curriculum for Excellence Maths and Numeracy Experiences and Outcomes arm. After drawing an angle we check we are correct by estimating the size of the angle we have drawn.

Angle, Symmetry and Transformation

I can estimate the size of the angle I have drawn to check my accuracy.


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Angle, Symmetry and Transformation MTH 2-17b