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2013 8th Grade Anthology Project

Outstanding Story by wisa Alicia Jorbon

8 Grade Anthology project th

By: Wisa Alicia Jorbon Alicia Leon Huntsville, Arkansas Credits to google images

Table of contexts



The day after tommorrow


Making friends


Music and singin


Basketball, Volleyball, Football 11 Letter to myself


All about me


Acknowledgement I dedicate this story to my teachers and my friends that are always been in my life. I realize that writing this story would bring back so many memories.


March 3rd …“OH my goodness! Does my mom ever know how to settle down in just one place for like at least a year or two?” I asked myself that question every time I heard bad news about moving. I always knew that this day would come, I never really liked moving around the United States because I always thought that my best friends would very soon forget about me, I realized that best friends don’t forget about each other. Well I had no time to give hugs or kisses to all my hommies I had to take my seat in the grey hound before it left me behind. Day 2 March 4 th …We reached Wyoming and boy was I hungry I’ve always wanted to try this states food. Well my momma was the first passenger to get off the grey hound the look her face made me kind of worried if she was feeling

ok or what. I just hated it when my mother would always make that face, it gives me the chills like something bad about to happen. Day 3 March 5th ‌We were in Boise, Idaho and the bus broke down in the middle of the night. This city was quiet, very silent I didn’t even see a single person come out at night to probably get some fresh air. Man does this place give me the chills. We sat in the back of the bus to get away from the coldness,

because the retarded bus driver opened the bus door wide open to keep us wide awake. FREEZING! 4 hours later‌ It was 5:25 A.M in the morning still dark outside and FINALLY the other bus came we unloaded our belongings into the other bus and got settled down. At this moment my mother and I heard these lovely couple argue back and forth about something. Ugh! I hate to see parents argue over something not to be argued over.

Day 4 March 7th … Finally we reach Fayetteville and it was 3:45 in the afternoon. Hmmm Home sweet Home we reunited again. I was happy until I saw my mom’s Boyfriend coming to pick us up from the bus station. Phew! Man do I stank I needs to take a bath with warm water. We drove down the road to where my aunt lives at which was in Huntsville. Where here at last but where’s our home? I asked my mom in a curious way. She gave me respond, this is home sweetie. Oh my gosh mother are you serious mother why do have to live in this ragged place? I asked her again. She didn’t respond at all. Oh my gosh man does this apartment stank. I cared less about the smell and started unpacking my clothes for after I get done taking a bath. Ahhh man does This showering feel awesome I feel like I haven’t taken a shower for so many years. 15 minutes later… Man that shower was AWESOME!

I’m hungry now. But guess what there wasn’t any food except for rice and my mom and her boyfriend have been Gone since I got into the shower and that’s not very impressive.

Making New Friends So far I have made a lot of friends and that’s a good way to begin school. I have to be honest with you people but I actually think I’m cool when I see and hear peeps come up to me and say “WASSUP WISA?”/”HEY OR BYE WISA!” they make me

feel so special and coincided at the same time which is not a good thing. I love all my new friends that I have made this year. Well today it just me and my crew sitting at the lunch table just doing our thang. If you know what I mean. We were all eating until we heard DRAMA! It’s always DRAMA, DRAMA; DRAMA ERRDAY ain’t anybody got time for that. My two friends got into an argument over some retarded and now they ain’t friends no moh but errbody at the lunch table know that they’ll kiss and makeup but not in that way if you thinking like that Smh (Shake my head)! I also met someone that always got on my nerves even when she wouldn’t give me some junkie’s too eat during class. She is a very good friend but I always don’t get why people make fun of her, I mean the girls nice and beautiful. She may not be nice to y’all because y’all ain’t like her but she’s my friend and nothing will ever go in between

problem of wanting to argue at most of the time, true best friends go through hard time and forgive each other. This may seem like I’m a loser just for being friends with her but she’s Malina Meyers and take her for what she is. NOT for anything dumb.

Music and Singing Music is my life and my soul mate I’ve

always wanted to go out into this world and show my voice off but at times people that hear me just love mess

around with me saying that I ain’t got no talent but I can care less because I believe in myself.

Singing is one of my favorite subject I just love singing to those around me. They can keep their comments to the self if they think I can’t sing. But so far people say I can. Oh my goodness I feel coincided right now.

Basketball, Volleyball, Football I love playing sports. There are so many things you can learn out of playing sports. My first favorite sport from when I was little was basketball I loved seeing my brothers shooting hoops and so I tried

myself and got a hang of wanting to hold a basketball everywhere I go to Then by the time I got to 5th grade I started liking Volleyball its awesome seeing someone getting hit in the face with the ball. Football is my last favorite sport because last time I attended football I broke so many bones from a big chunky boy. Buts it’s fun to tackle others but not fun once I get tackled down to the ground.

Letter to myself: Dear wisa,

Right now I just turned 14 and I have 12 brothers and 6 sisters from the same mother and 4 step bro’s & 2 cruel step sisters that think there all that from a different mother. I have 10 nieces and 18 nephews it pretty much hard to take care of them just by myself because nobody else helps me. So how’s the family going? Well right now the family’s doing great and you know same old same like always. I miss how we used to chill during awkward moments just staring at da ceiling. I wish I was with at this time of day because it sho is boring yo. And to be ratchet hommie you can sing (Coincided)! I love yur beautiful voice lol I’m just so jealous of Yur singing you really needs get on American idol by the time you turn 16. LOVE: MYSELF( <3 )

All about me: Hi my name is Wisa Alicia jorbon, I just turned 14 Monday may 13. My favorite color is red. As you can tell because I always wear a red sweat shirt to school. I have a lot of siblings and my life is kind of screwed up with my annoying step sisters they always end up getting almost anything they want except me when they know that their more girls in the family. I love macaroni and cheese aha! I’m not trying to be rude at all but it’s the truth I Love FAT people. I love messing with their chubbiness its funny seeing them laugh if we touch or squeeze all that. I gotta momma and a daddy of course, but my momma gotta boyfriend which is so annoying and tries and acts like he a baby when he ain’t. There’s always a time when I wanna punch him upside da face. My

daddy up in jail for beating my momma to death Yup thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s right he beat her to death I know this things might be personal but its good to put it out there. I love everything in this world, even those around me.

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