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2013 8 Grade Anthology Project

Outstanding stories from Ryan Edgmon

Ryan Edgmon Editor-Mathew Severs Publisher-Awesomeness Cover image by Google images 2013 8th grade anthology project: Outstanding Story’s from Mrs. Marsh’s Class A collection of writing by Mrs. Marsh’s 8th grade English class MMarsh Publications Huntsville, AR Thursday, May 16, 2013



Table of Contents Dedication My Weekend Favorite Movie Rainy Weekend Bio-Poem Murderous Sister Biography


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This book dedicated to Kip Edgmon


My Weekend Just a couple of weeks ago I had to go and take my hunters Ed class. I must have my hunters Ed card to do trap shooting. I had to go threw a 9 hour class on my Saturday to take this test. It was like another day at school, only at lest we were talking about a good subject. I didn’t say one word that day so I could pass the test. I made a 96%.


Favorite movie My favorite movie is Jurassic Park 3. It wins by a long shot! I love that movie because I have always been fascinated by dinosaurs. The hero of the movie was Alan Grant. He is a paleontologist and had been trapped on an island with dinosaurs before. That’s why Curby, the man who flew Alan and his friend over to Isla Sorna, the island, brought them along. Unknown to Alan, Curby and his wife lost their son parasailing near the coast of Isla Sorna. Honestly, Alan has almost nothing in common with regular heroes. He does have problems trying to get back to the coast to try to get rescued.


Rainy Weekend This weekend was very fun. We did have plans to go fishing, but mom’s boyfriend got sick so we canceled but that didn’t matter. Brannon was coming over and I just got one hundred rounds for my 12 gauge. So even though our plans were canceled, we were still going to have fun. We spent all weekend trapping and shooting. Mostly at cans but oh well. We still got to shoot. By the time the weekend was over, I’d shot 50 rounds of my hundred. I’m also getting 50 rounds for my 17HMR. Today so I’m happy.


Bio-poem Ryan Rebel, entertaining, adventurous, wild Sibling of Kip and Nikki Edgmon Who loves beautiful views, tall mountains, low valleys Who needs food, root beer, and a truck Who gives love, joyfulness, and enlightenment Who fears drowning, painful death, and torcher Who would like to see god and the Montana Rocky’s Resident of Hilltop and Mossville, Arkansas Edgmon


Murderous sister Back when I was one month old, I was laying in my crib. My mom went to do laundry and left me unattended. My sister, Nikki, was jealous of me and wanted me gone. While mom was doing laundry Nikki came and got me out of my crib. She was two years old. We were in the process of redoing the bathroom and there was a giant hole in the floor. Nikki carried me to the bathroom door. She dropped me to open the door. Well the fall hurt so I started crying. Mom and dad came running and caught her about to drop me in the hole. That was the only spanking she ever got.


Ryan Edgmon My name is Ryan Edgmon. I am a resident of the hilltop community. I am 14 years of age. I enjoy fishing, hunting, target practice, driving, watching movies, playing call of duty, and messing with my sister. I am a student at Huntsville middle school in 8th grade. My main goal in life is not to live a normal life. Do things that are exciting and dangerous. Otherwise your going to live a very boring life.



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