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8th grade anthology project!!

Outstanding stories by Kaylee Hult

Cover image courtesy of Google Images 2013 8th Grade Anthology Project: Outstanding Stories from Kaylee Hult A collection of writing by Kaylee Hult Hult Publishing Inc. Huntsville, Arkansas Thursday, May 16, 2013

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Pages: 1) Title page 2) Table of contents 3) Acknowledgements 4) Pig rescue 5) Honey bee, honey bee, can you help me? 6) What would life be without rules 7) Two most important rules in school 8) Hope 9)


I want to thank my wonderful mother for the shelter and food she provided for me my whole life. The problems we have we always work out. She is always there for me! I also want to thank god f0r the wonderful family he has blessed me with. Also my dad that may have a ruff life but, will love me no matter what. For my annoy little brothers that I could live without, but…I rather not! My grandparents that have helped with my struggles and have always loved and helped me. I want to also mention my best friends Rylee Clark and Shanie Harvey. Yeah we do fight a lot... But we get through it. These girls know everything about me and there is nothing I can’t tell them. Thank you teachers and everyone else for helping me through this year. But most of all I want to thank the people that have bullied me, because now I realize sometimes it’s better to be the bigger person and walk away! Once again, thanks everyone!! I love you!

Pig Rescue

One chilly fall night I woke up to a loud noise coming from outside. A loud screeching noise filled my ears. I listened for a few more seconds and decided that the noise was my pot belly pig. I could tell right away something was attacking him. I looked at the clock, 11:30 p.m. my mom should be home soon. Panicked and scared I shook my brother awake and screamed “The pitbulls are attacking the pig!!�. Jay grabbed his coat and ran outside. Still in our pajamas the cold wind pierced our skin. There we saw the pig and the three pitbulls. I tried grabbing Aphrodite and Macie off the pig while Jay grabbed Trooper. Finally Macie and Aphrodite let go and there owners took them home. Exhausted and scared we carried the pig to our chicken house and cleaned him up good enough so my mom could bandage him up when she got home. Exhausted I went inside knowing the pig was now safe. But with the thought of doubt that it will ever be the same again.

Honey BEE, Honey BEE, CAN YOU HELP ME? Oh honey bee, oh honey bee Can you help me? Stuck in a tree, lonely as can be My leg is stuck in the sweet honey Oh honey bee, oh honey bee Can you help me? My name is Dunny No not Sunny! Oh honey bee, oh honey bee Can you help me? Fly high above the tree At the top you will see me! Oh honey bee, oh honey bee Can you help me?

What would life be without rules? Life without rule would be chaotic! There would be more violence and deaths. Nobody would listen or respect each other. Drugs would be commonly sold to children and other addicts and adults. The world would be unorganized. Local towns that once were main tourist attractions could turn into main terroist attractions. Streets would never be safe again. People who you thought were reliable and trustworthy could turn into major criminals, and no one could stop them. Rapes, an and murders would be overly common. Parents will never be able to keep their children safe ever again. Hate, distrust and dishonor would fill the country.

Two most important rules in school!

The two most important rule in school in my opinion are: 1) No bullying 2) No weapons on school premises I think no bullying is the first most important rule because everyone should be treated equal. No one should be picked on for any reason. No matter if its skin color, wardrobe, looks, personality, or any other reason. Bullying could lead to a tragic loss of a life of self-esteem. The rule for no weapons or drugs on a school premises is a very important rule because it can help prevent violence. Also the chance of other kids getting exposed to drugs and alcohol could be reduced. Violence often is a result of drug or alcohol use and the availability to weapons could lead to acts of violence.

A terrorist on the bus!! It was a typical summer afternoon. I was walking from the library to the train station. I walked to the ticket booth and then straight to my bus. That’s when I noticed a strange person was following me. Immediately I panicked when I saw he was also boarding my bus. To me he looked like no ordinary person. A young Asian guy with a bandana and a knife in his pocket following a 14 year old girl on a train was not a typical thing you see every day. A soon as I got on the bus I scanned for a safe place to sit away from him. Finally I settled next to a young mom with twins and an old man. After the train started moving I noticed the young Asian man going to the drivers cabin. I thought to myself “ maybe he is just a worker.” 10 mins later the guy comes back out and pulls out a gun. 13 shots were fired. I had one of the twins in my arm and was laying under the sit. I heard the second baby start to cry when I realize the mom had been shot. i picked up both the babys and held them tight as I heard the man say that the train was being held hostage and it was a terrorist attack, accidently I screamed “ noooo!!!” and I heard a shot being fired, then… the whole world went black. I awoke 6 days later in a hospital. Not

knowing how I got there. But also not caring. I was safe. Wait‌ where are the babies?! Ohh man, here I go again‌

Hope Trusting, caring, never giving up Moving forward against the wind Always trusting in God Trying to be the best you can. Having faith in everyone you meet Trusting in friends and family

Author page My name is Kaylee Morgan Hult. I am an 8th grade student at Huntsville School in Huntsville, Arkansas. I enjoy swimming, cooking, and outside activities. My dream Is to be an actress. Later on an life I would like to be a nurse or veterinarian.