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2013 8 th Grade Anthology Project

Exciting Stories by: Jasmine Kirk

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2013 8 th Grade Anthology Project: Exciting Stories from Jasmine Kirk

A collection of writing by Jasmine Kirk

JKirk Publications Huntsville, AR Thursday, May 16, 2013

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Visiting Friends


A Strange World




My Exciting Adventure


My Future Self


Author’s Page


Acknowledgements I am grateful to my aunts and uncles and cousins who I had fun with when I visited in Utah to see them. What a fantastic experienced I had on the trip!

Visiting Friends Two years ago I went to Frisco, Texas for thanksgiving. My family and I went to have thanksgiving with my mom’s friend. The first thing we did when we got there was that we went to my mom’s friend house and of course my mom’s talk to them for hours then finally we went to a hotel which they bought it for us. The hotel only had 3 beds. Then when it was thanksgiving we went to their house and ate thanksgiving with them. Then the next day we were leaving and we went back it was fun staying in Frisco, Texas.

A Strange World I didn’t know exactly where the train was going. After paying my fare, I simply stood on the platform waiting for it to whisk me away to somewhere, anywhere, but here. And that’s when it happened the ground began to shake and instead of looking at the train tracks I was staring at a Village. When I got there it was strange like the pigs were green and the houses were decorated with candy. Then I saw a girl flying on a broom. The water look like milk chocolate and people were swimming in it. To me the Village was like a fairy tale like that I woke up and I was in a different world. I knew the things in the Village couldn’t be possible but it is. I thought it was only a dream but when I stepped on a rock, it hurt then I only knew I wasn’t dreaming. Then I saw the most beautiful house. The house was a big mushroom. It smelled of lavender and vanilla. Then I turned and kept walking to tour more of the Village. I saw a pig talking to this kid, the pig was really actually talking in a human voice. It was totally strange. Then I went on and I came to a dead end then I turned around and then the ground began to quake. I closed my eyes and when I opened them I saw the train tracks in front of me. At the Village I had an awesome adventure.

Justice Most people act out of fear for our own safety because most people don’t want to mess with bad people and some of them are scared of bad people. Most people want to stay away from bad people for their safety.

My Exciting Adventure I traveled to Utah to visit my Tia Elisa and Tio Martin and their kids. It was a fun experience and I learned that things in Utah aren’t really expensive because I saw that a house was for sale for 50 dollars. I also went to Denver, Colorado to see my Uncle, Aunt, and my cousins. My advice would be go travel and meet new people and to have some fun.

Dear Jasmine, When I was little I played a lot with my siblings. I would have a lot of fun when I was little. Now I barely have any fun and I act mature at school and at home now. I wish I was little again but since I’ve grown I have more responsibilities. When you grow more and more you need to act mature. The thing that I view of my life is ok. I would like to view myself of a person who succeeds a lot. I would like to have a good attitude toward other people because if I have a good attitude them my life would be easier. In the future I would like to go to college. I feel like I should go to college and have and education so I can do what I want to do. I wanted to be a doctor that is a surgeon. I want to be that because I like helping people. I don’t get grossed out by blood, blood does not bother me. Whenever I see blood I never throw up or say gross, because blood does not bother me. If I don’t go to college I could get a bad job. When you go to college you can get a good job. You won’t be poor and living in the streets. If you go to college you can have a good house and a good life. When you go to college you won’t regret it.

Sincerely, Jasmine

Author’s Page

My imagination inspired me to be more detailed and to tell things that are not true, which makes it more adventurous. I lived in Arkansas my whole life and I am a good writer. I loved writing because I can write what I want. My stories sometimes are fiction and sometimes they are non-fiction. If my stories are fiction then they are going to be long, because when I write fiction stories I put my whole imagination in the story. I just love writing fiction stories.