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2013 8th Grade Anthology Project

Outstanding stories from Edwin Palma

Cover image courtesy of Google images 2013 8th Grade Anthology Project: Outstanding stories from Edwin Palma A collection of writing by Edwin Palma

T-C Publication Huntsville AR Thursday may 13, 2013

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Acknowledgements I dedicate this book to my 8th Grade English Class I learned lots of thing even if I didn’t read my books and pass some of my test.

Twelve Angry Men Writing It was a hot summer’s day I the city of New York I am a defense attorney my case today was a boy accused of killing his father with a switch blade knife. The court room was hot there were no windows or fans the boy looked to be in his teens he was skittish, and a little uneasy. The Judge ask how does the defense pled we answered “not guilty”. When the trial began the prosecution was making some good points than it was our turn we explained evidence didn’t line up like the prosecution witness wore glasses and couldn’t have possibly seen the murder take place when they just got out of bed, no way could they have put on their glasses fast enough to see it take place. I proved my case about the evidence that pointed to my client didn’t line up and thus my client must not be guilty of the crime. On the summers day in New York I won a case for a boy who was not guilty of his crimes.

Letter to Myself in twenty years Dear, Edwin In the next three to five years hopefully you do something like go to college or join the army. If you go to college study to be an engineer so you can finally work on armored vehicles or cars. Maybe you’ll go to APAC and with grandpa David driving bulldozers and heavy equipment. Do something in your life don’t be a person who doesn’t work for anything they have. Sincerely, Yourself p.s Open your eyes you have your whole life ahead of you and don’t do anything to be sent to jail.

The day a strange dog bit me One day after getting off the bus I was walking to my aunt’s house a dog started to follow me I turn throw a rock at it so it would go away it came back I told it to come here and when it did I saw it didn’t have a collar on its neck . So when I reached for it the dog grabbed on to me arm and started to maul me I knocked the dog in the head with a stick to get it to stop when it did I ran to my aunt and I was bleeding pretty bad from my arm it took 30 stiches to sew it up and that’s the day I got attacked by a dog.

Biographical sketch I am a student at Huntsville middle school my name is Edwin Palma I enjoy the football program here I meat lots of people here that are very cool and some that aren’t I have been in a lot of trouble here but some of the teachers help me out so I don’t do so bad that’s why I love this school.


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