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2013 8 Grade Anthology Project

Outstanding Stories by: Alexis Barbee

[Anthology] Cover page courtesy of Google Images Huntsville Arkansas Thursday, May 16, 2013 By: Alexis Barbee

[Table of Contents] Page 4: Acknowledgements Page 5: Jabberwocky Page 6: Responsibility Page 7: Leaving forever Page 8: Letter to self Page 9: 12 Angry Men

Acknowledgements This book is dedicated to my loving mother. She is always there for me no matter what. She is very sweet at all times. She is always fun and crazy! This is to show her that I can succeed! Thank you for everything you do; between taking me to games, feeding me, giving me a home, and just being a loving mom.

On The Road Again The farthest I have been is Missouri. I have been to Branson four times and some other place in Missouri. Every time I have been it was with the church. I met so many people; both sweet and rude. One girl I met named Aspen was very humorous. She was always cracking jokes it was hilarious. She was also very sweet and told me everything. We became very close over the weekend where we stayed in a motel. After about a month we lost contact, and I haven’t talked to her since. Another state I have been is Tulsa, Oklahoma. That’s when I went to both an outdoor zoo and an indoor water zoo. My advice is to travel as much as possible! You never know what you will see or who you will meet!

Responsibility Responsibilities we have at school are keeping up with things. Every day in each class you must have a binder, paper, a book, and pencil. If you don’t have your materials then you’re out of luck. Some responsibilities we have at home are doing your chores. Things like; clean your room, do dishes, do laundry, and etc. These are what my responsibilities are.



I didn’t know exactly where the train was going. After paying my fair, I simply stood on the platform waiting for it to whisk me away to somewhere, anywhere but here; and that’s when it happened, the train stopped and I got off. Before me was nothing byt a blanket of fields and flowers. The beautiful sight brought tears to my eyes. It’s what I imagined; beautiful and peaceful. I leap and jump and twirl and run, then fall to the ground in the middle of the field, and I stay like that for what seems like hours. The scent of the flowers is stronger than strong; it felt like home sweet home! I watched the say bye as the moon said hi. I counted the stars as they shined so bright.

Dear Alexis, Now from 1st grade my grades improve more and more. I try keeping my grades up and sometimes I fail other times I succeed! I am doing what I absolutely love which is cheer. And I always wonder if I still will be when I graduate. I sure hope I don’t give up on what I love. I’m dreaming of college. It’s what I’m looking forward in the future. In high school I want to succeed at everything. I hope to have an after school job, have good gra des, and have a driver’s license! I really would love to graduate from both high school and college. I want to go to a college with good education. I would study on how to be a dentist or doctor or even an accountant! I hope I don’t give up….maybe I’ll even decide to do something better. Today our society is bombing! Our futures are falling through our hands. The government is not only poor, it’s horrible. Maybe through the years it will get better, but then again it could get worst. Taxes and gas prices are high. In some places a gallon of gas is around 4 dollars, and almost every day it increases! My fear is that I will lose everything I loathe and love. Please continue don’t give up on mine (our) dreams. Always remember you are better than letting everything slip away. Try your best to graduate. Then when you do, go to college. And again never give up!!!! Love, Alexis Barbee (You)

12 Angry Men I am the defense attorney for the boy on trial for killing his father. Is the boy a felony, or is he not? Some questions I need answers for is how did the woman see the killing from far away without her glasses? How could the old man hear the yelling over an ear screeching El train that’s passing by? And how does someone see exactly who was in the hall when it was too dark to even see? An old man testified to hearing the boy yell, “I’m going to kill you!” Then five seconds later heard a body fall. At this time an El train was passing by. Anyone who has ever lived there would agree that El trains make load ear screeching noise. Now how could he hear over that? A woman said she saw my defendant kill his father through the window. This is a woman that can’t see anything without her glasses. She proclaimed that she couldn’t slee p so turned and looked out the window. Do you wear glasses to bed? No you don’t, meaning there is no way she could have saw anything but blurs. The last witness said he heard yelling so went to check it out, and saw the boy running down the hall. All he could really see was a figure because the hall was dark. My defendant is not guilty! There is no way you can argue with that. Now the jury needs to deliberate and make a unanimous decision.

All about Me What inspires me to write about some of the things I do is cheerleading, my friends, and my family. My mom inspires to do most of the things I do, she is always telling me if you don’t try something new then you will never know how it would have gone, That if I don’t try it I will be curious about it for the rest of my life. That is what made me stop and think and put time in my work. My friends push me to try my best in everything whether its cheerleading, writing, etc.


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