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What i need: 10 cups of mud 15 fish eyes 5 rotten ostrich eggs 12 of grandmas choped undies 5 cups of toilet water unflushed 7 cups of powdered cockroaches a jar of toe jam 2 cups of sheep poo 1.Spoon the mud carefully into a bowl and whisk until fluffy. 2.Dice each eyeball into quarters and tip into bowl,get an adult to dice them. 3.Pour powdered cockroaches into the bowl and the undies as well. 4.Poach the rotten eggs and place slowly into the bowl. 5.Boil the toilet water for 2 mins and pour into the bowl. 6.Whisk the ingredients together fast and tip into cake tray and put in the oven. Preheat 710 degrees for 5 days,be careful very hot when taking it out. 7.When ready spread over top with the toe jam. 8.Sprinkle sheep poo randomly for extra flavour.

3 kg of liver 10 liters of horse snot 5 pig brains 7 rat eyes 11 chicken hearts 2ml possum diarrhoea blender pot champagne glass 1. Chop roughly the liver in to a pot. 2. Marinate the chicken hearts in the horse snot. 3. Add the seven rat eyes with the liver. Also rip apart the brains and boil them as well. 4. Stir until brain cells rise to the surface. 5. Once you have finished marinating the hearts blend them in a blender with all the other ingredients for five minutes. 6. Pour the smoothie in to a champagne glass and drizzle the possum diarrhoea over the top.

Half a cup of spider venom. One cup of spider blood. One teaspoon of diced snake eyeballs. Two teaspoons of bright green snot. Two frog legs (optional). One bat intestine. Three blood sucking leaches. Half a cup of mouse poo. 1. Roughly mix the half a cup of spider venom with the cup of spider blood. 2. Chuck in the teaspoon of diced snake eyeballs gently roll the mixture into the bright green snot. 3. Leave the leaches to dry in the sun for about two weeks make sure they are dead. 4. Then stuff the leaches with the bat intestines and sprinkle with fresh mouse poo. Chuck in a blender for two minutes on high. 5. Pour the thick mixture in a tall glass and put the frog legs on the side for a decoration.

7 cups of snake skin 1 pig intestines 18 cups of horse poo 8 cups of mosquitoes 50 cups of nits

1.Get a big bowl and put the 50 cups of nits in and cover them with the horse poo. 2.Put the 8 cups of mosquitoes on top of the horse poo. 3.Then put the pig intestines on top of the mosquitoes. 4.For the topping put the snake skin on the top of the meal and cook for 45 minutes at 140ยบC.

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