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Daniela- Hi, I’m sitting with the one of the best pop singers of the moment, nothing more and nothing else than Lady Gaga. Daniela- Hello, is a pleasure to be with you, so I have a few questions to ask you. You look like a normal girl really? But with this is happening in this few days what is your reaction? Lady Gaga- I just went to love music, at the end of the day the music is the most important to me, I wake up in the morning with tears in my eyes and I write a new song, and I think about the future and the next record, and how I can make the stage to the performance to drive it again, I was born to make music, I was born to see my artistic visions, I was born this way. Daniela- Jajaja so you say that you do on 2011 was the album of born this way, and now what do you bring for this 2012, what is your gold? Lady Gaga- I just wanna keep going, I’m not as the gold obsessas I’m process,I just want to keep writing music and looking for to a new album and going on tour, I can’t wait to see the fans, and I have million of ideas, I Just feel honestly very blissful to be an artist and live to making what I do. Daniela- So what I see you are someone who likes to sing, dance, act, make music and videos that really you do very well. Form what I see in this few years. Lady Gaga- I enjoy film and like that and my videos but I’m not an actress, so I don’t like to be an actress I just go to a school for many years but I don’t was a tremendous artist, I just, I don’t identified with that to be an a public figure o to do everything I’m a good artist. Daniela- Jajaja so if I see you in a movie I will tell you, what it’s worn with you jajaja. Lady Gaga- I will tell you if you want to buy tickets. Daniela- Jajaja of course I will buy tickets; I will be on the front of the stage. Well I have you Vin Magazine and I saw your photos, who will you choose to be in this photos? Lady Gaga- Oh Gosh, I think I couldn’t say it is so embarrassed to chooseone. Daniela- Really? jajaja Lady Gaga- I don’t know, it’s funny to see the other day the fans outside of the hotel ask me to dinner and I promise

that when I come back to my tour I will pickup to eat on McDonald’s. Daniela- And you will do? Lady Gaga- Yes jaja. Daniela- Well to finish this interview I don’t know what do you do with the hands and your mouth like a monster I always want to do it. Lady Gaga- Jajaja okay like a little monsters and do it like that. Daniela- I consider that I’m a little monster. Lady Gaga- Well we are all little monsters. Daniela- Oh I know this very well, thank you lady gaga, the time is finish and I would say thank you for your attention and for this interview. Goodbyessee ya.

(Music: Marry The Night-Lady Gaga) BY: Daniela Amador Covarrubias. 303 #1.

Entrevista a Lady Gaga.  

Daniela Amador Covarrubias entrevista a Lady Gaga.

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