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Mickle Life

Edited by: Taylor Morgan

October 2013

Robin Mickle Middle School

Issue 1

Mickle Clubs

by: Taylor Morgan & Dawson Schwertfeger

Newspaper Club If you like to write, join the Mickle Newspaper Club! It is run by Mrs. Hying in the media center on Wednesday mornings at 7:15. You can join when we start writing our second issue this year. If you have any questions on how to join Newspaper Club, you can ask Mrs. Hying.

Student council If you want to join, you can talk to Mr. Bartels or Mrs. Mueller. They meet on the first and third Thursday of every month in the media center. It is the best club for getting to know other students in your school. You get to do a lot of fun things such as playing games and

raising money for your school. Also, you get to do fun projects like making posters. Mrs. Mueller said that this they will be doing more team building activities that all grade levels will do together.

Yearbook Club

Thank You Cards for Walter Reed by: Taylor Morgan & Hannah Ray

During the week of September It is run by Mrs. Searls and it has already started. They 23-27, it was student serve week for the district. Mrs. have already been working on the yearbook, but if Mueller said, “This is a district would like to still join, you can talk to Mrs. Searls in room 125. In yearbook club you get to help design the initiative in all grade levels to volunteer for their comyearbook and take pictures for the yearbook. If you munity.” At Mickle, students have any ideas of pictures that should be in the yearwrote letters to veterans at book, let Mrs. Searls know! Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for the Student Homework Club Serve week. They decorated cards thanking all the veterans It is run by Mrs. Ainslie in room 209 and it is afterat Walter Reed for their servicschool on most days except PLC days. If you have es who were injured in battle. questions you can ask Mrs. Ainslie.

New Teachers at Mickle By: Taylor Morgan, Opinion and Mickle Life Editor

opportunity to make a difference in peoples’ lives.

Mrs. Benjamin

Ms. Cerny

She last worked at the YMCA, and before that in Colorado at South High School. She teaches P.E. and health at Mickle and this is her fourth year teaching. She likes the students and faculty at Mickle. She wanted to add about herself that she played basketball for Colorado State University- Pueblo.

She last worked at the Irving recreation center. She also used to student teach at Lux. This is her first year teaching. She teaches Life Skills to all grade levels. She said that at Mickle, “I like the students and staff I work with.”

Mr. Butcher

She is from Orlando, Florida and used to be a Social/Emotional Counselor for Orange County Public Schools. She is the 6th grade counselor at Mickle and has been a counselor for five years. She said, “Mickle is a great place to be.” Also, she loves that the kids and staff are very friendly and everybody is welcoming.

He used to be a para at Lincoln East. This is his first year teaching and he does 6th grade special education. He said he likes all of the students and how they are easy to get along with and down to earth. He said he is excited to come back to Mickle because he went to school here. He thinks this is a really good

Music Groups at Mickle

By: Taylor Morgan, Opinion and Mickle Life Editor and Hannah Ray

Band If you’re curious about band, it started at the beginning of September along with morning practices on Tuesdays at 7am and after-school practices on Wednesday at 3pm. Remember- if you are in band you must attend one of these rehearsals. You also must go to once a week to your band lesson with either Mr. Brown or Mrs. Pfoltner if you are in 6th grade.


Mrs. Janvier

If you are in 6th grade and you still want to join orchestra, this is what you should know. The 6th grade orchestra meets on Thursday mornings at 7am in the band/orchestra room. Also, 6th graders have a lesson once a week during school. You can still join, and if you have any questions you can ask Mr. Packard. 7th/8th grade orchestra is a class during 4th period every day.

Jazz Band 8th graders who play a band instrument can be in Jazz Band. It is directed by Mr. Brown and if you have any questions about it you can ask him. They have practices on Friday mornings at 7am in the band/orchestra room.

Ms. Exstrom

She just graduated from the UNL and this is her first year teaching. She used to work as a waitress at Wilderness Ridge. She teaches 6th grade intervention and strategies. She loves her students and staff and how friendly they are. She also likes how the staff is willing to help if she has any questions. Ms. Hanigan She last taught in Texas at Spring Branch Middle School. This will be her first full year teaching, and she teaches Special Education. She said that at Mickle, “I like all of the friendly staff and students.”

Choir All-School Choir this first quarter is singing A Patriotic Tribute. Second quarter will be all-school choir singing Once Upon a Holiday, third quarter will be singing The Power of One (Anti-Bullying), and fourth quarter will be doing The Wizard of Oz. 8th grade choir is a class that is every day. If you are an 8th grader and would like to join, you can ask Mrs. Johnson about it in the music room.

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