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Will 2012 12B


My birthday is the 24 of May.2004. hi my name is Will.I like footy when I am not playing footy I am playing on my will.

Healesville Sanctuary When we went to Healesville Sanctuary it wAs raining. We saw dingos, koalas, reptiles, kanggaroos, hawk, eagles, lyrebird, we wear wet.

Coach Approach My favourite sport was taekwondo because I do it. I am on white belt.

Kitchen In kitchen we make a lot of yummy stuff . I loved the soups I did’t expect when I cut my finger .

Easter hat parade In the parade .To make my hat I used a two cup’s ,two goggle eye’s feather’s and cardboard.

Chickens In science we have been finding about chickens . 9 of the chickens hacht but

I love chickens . I want to be a chickens . one of the chickens past .

Junior School Concert The Concert was on Wednesday at Mentone girl’s grammar . In the Concert I was Bob Marley . I needed to go on the boxes in time . My mum ,dad and nana where watching me and my sister . The concert went for about 1 hour . Our song was called reggae hey , hey .


In the sleepover i was next to Anish . We watch RIO it was a great movie when RIO was a baby . The next day we watch The Lorax . Anish was a great sleepover .



In Investigations we where measuring how tall we where .Anish was the tallest and Will E was the smallest and I was in the middle .


In the classroom we do maths my favourite . My favourite thing when we do maths are the sheets .

Swimming In swimming I’m in group 6 . I like swimming because it gives you exasize . In my group is Archer,Abby,Maria,Ruby,Esme,Jedd and Atamie .

Science In science we made slime . It was so cool if you ate it you will have to go to hospital . My won was so gory . We all used the same ingredients but they all looked different .