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Ive got 1 rabbit and 1 dog .


The paper kept braking Anish was the raper we lost

My hat kept on falling off it was quite small. It was not a proper hat it was a hat tha Around your had texter , foil ,cardboard and pencil.

And hit the wall

There petro scott coco yocko tiny thay are very very small there are 2 black ones ones brown and the rest are yellow


At the start I was really nervous but when they opend the curtains it was ok. will was Bob marley I did well so did everbody else. The whole concert was about a family going on holidays around world.


My favourite thing was the thing that had strawberry in it It was strawberry crumble. Also I liked making it as well and I also liked the pizza and leek sup

Me and anish wonce dug up a lot and a lot of grass and weeds it was really hard because it was hot aswell