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The Silurian Mask : Instructions

(Remember to ask a parent or guardian for permission when using scissors)

The cut-out - Use scissors to cut around the Silurian’s mask, following the dotted lines as

closely as possible.

Making the eye holes - Fold the paper gently in line with the eyes and cut out semi circles by following the dotted lines.

Securing the Mask - Place a piece of adhesive putty underneath the ear holes and stick a pencil all the way through. - Now, thread a piece of string or elastic band though each of the ear holes, from the back to the front. (Remember to use enough to fit around you head) and tie a small knot at each end. There you go, your very own Silurian Mask!

Silurian Mask  
Silurian Mask  

Make a Silurian Mask like what you see on Doctor Who...