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A Workshop by Susan Lenz

HOT! Exploration in contemporary fiber arts

Above: Three pieces created by Susan Lenz while teaching “HOT” in workshop settings GOALS: • an introduction to heat-activated processes using painted adhesives, metallic foiling, household irons, soldering irons, and experimentation with various fibers • an introduction to hand stitching and/or free motion machine embroidery as a contemporary design tool • mounting a finished fiber creation and other information about professionally presenting framed fiber arts • stimulating creative responses for fiber arts explorations Finished Product: At least one completed project, mounted into a provided 8” x 10” professionally cut mat

Provided Materials: basic ground fabric, threads, chiffon overlay, metallic foil, heattransfer adhesive tissue, needles, polyester velvet, “scraps/fragments/fibers”, mat, foam-centered board, plastic “stick-on” hanger, pins, felt backing, thread and yarns Provided Class Supplies (as needed): scissors, staple gun and staples, use of a sewing machine, stretcher bars, tacks/staples and staple gun, 2-way tape, resource books, irons (6), ironing boards (6), release paper, heat guns, soldering irons, heavyduty extension cords, power strips, iron cleaner, bibliography in handout form, previously cut 8” x 10” mats with 4” x 6” openings etc. WORKSHOP OUTLINE: Session 1) Introduction to heat-activated processes for fiber arts. Demonstration. Student exploration. Session 2) Hand stitching and free motion machine embroidery demonstration. Continued student exploration. Session 3) Demonstration of mounting and matting/completion of project. Final discussion. Instructors teaching qualifications: Susan Lenz has taught fiber arts, including a variation on this workshop, through the South Carolina Arts Commission’s “Artist-inResident Program from 2002 – 2006. She has conducted similar workshops for art teachers in several public school districts as well as the MAT (Masters of Arts in Education) program at Lander University (2005 to present). Her workshops gave been part of the educational programming at the Columbia Museum of Art, Saluda Shoals Park Foundation, The Studios of Key West, and the Society for Contemporary Crafts in Pittsburgh, PA. This is an exciting area of fiber arts quite lively in Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, some areas in the US and elsewhere. The possibilities are endless and the steps involved can generally be done in just about any order! This provides each student dozens of ways to handle the materials and succeed in creating a unique fiber arts piece. Many of the exploratory techniques are applicable to other media, especially mixed media collage. It is FUN, fast, and very rewarding! The workshop is spent being creative! Each student will create a finished, matted original fiber work.

Fof14 lenz hot workshop  
Fof14 lenz hot workshop  

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