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June 2013 Volume 13 Issue No. 4

A newsletter for the families and friends of Holy Angels School

Congratulations and Good Luck!

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We accomplish great things with God’s help. Psalm 60:12

: Mr. Matthew Montenegro will be pursuing further studies, Sr. Laurencia will be assigned at St. Charles School and Sr. Delia will be the Religious Education Director of our parish to take the place of Sr. Anita Torres, who is retiring.

Mrs. Jessica Angeles, Dance teacher

Sr. Jeanette Loria, O.P., 2nd Grade Teacher

KINDERGARTEN The Safe and Caring theme for May is “Follow Your Dreams�. Kindergarten has been talking about hopes, dreams and wishes for their futures. The following student work is a sampling of their wishes for the future and why they would like to be what they have chosen. We hope you enjoy.


5th Grade Dreams I want to be an NBA star with the Golden State Warriors. Even though Filipinos don’t grow that tall, I will practice my skills so that my dream will come true. By: Edward B I want to be a therapist because I would like to help people feel better and help them to walk, run, jog and jump again as they did before. Please Holy Spirit please lead me to reach my goal in life. By: Ysabelle B My dream is to work at the Zoo because I love animals. I like to feed and pat them. I would also like to work at an aquarium because I enjoy watching different kinds of ďŹ sh swimming. By: Tomizo C My dream is to be an architect because I like to design houses and build towers. I will study hard to reach my dream. By: Addison C I really like to be a scientist because I want to learn more about space and how the universe works. I would like to discover new planets. First, I will study hard so that my dream will come true. By: Dominic C My dream is to be an astronomer because I want to learn about stars, planets, space debris and more. Lord, help me to achieve my dream. By Nathaniel C I would like to be a basketball player because I love to play basketball. It is my passion to play this sport. I would like to be a vet too because I love animals and I hate when they are hurt. By: Marissa D My dream is to be a pediatrician because I want to help kids who are sick. Also if I have children and they get hurt, I can help them. Actually, my parents inspired me to become a doctor. By Jaime E In the future, I want to be a professional dancer because this is what I was striving for since I was four years old. I will be performing at the American Ballet Theater and have a job at the Westlake School for the Performing Arts as a ballet teacher. I think my future looks very bright. By: Mia F My dream is to be a musician because I have interest in music. My favorite instrument is piano. I played piano at a young age. Life offers many exciting things, but I think I made the right choice. By: Lester G I want to be a zoologist. I love animals and I would like to learn their character traits. I also like to be a vet because I want to save animals. Please God help me to achieve this goal. By: Mariangelica H My dream is to be a ballerina because I like doing it. I have lots of lead roles in the Ballet School where I am .I pray to God to help me reach my goal in life. By: Tiffany L Continued next page

Fifth Grade Dreams (Continued from previous page) In the future, I would like to be a volleyball player in the Olympic or an artist because I love them both. By: Jessica L I would like to be a basketball player, because I want the people to watch the teams play against each other . I really enjoy this sport . By Terrence M My dream is to be a therapist for heart failure because I would like to help my dad and all the people with heart failure . Help me God to achieve my goal. By: Gabriela M I want to be a teacher because I want to help kids learn new things. It’s a great feeling when you teach children. My teachers at Holy angels show me good examples of being a teacher. By: Angeline M When I grow up, I want to be a movie director because I love watching movies, episodes, filming, and I am good in using cameras. I also know how to do effects and write plays. Holy Spirit, guide to reach my goal in life. By: Anne Desiree M I would like to be an astronaut because I would like to explore outer space and see how it is like in spacecrafts. I’m fascinated in the stars and planets. Help me dear, Lord to reach my goal. By: Aaron M I would like to be a teacher or a dance teacher’s assistant for the little ones because I love to dance and to share my talents with the children. By: Aizza-Rose M My dream is to become an astronaut because I love to travel in space and to explore all the planets. I would like to see all the beautiful stars and to study them. By: Justin N In the future, I want to be a professional basketball player in the National Basketball Association. I chose this because I want my country, the Philippines, and my family to be proud of me, and plus if I make it, I’ll be the first Filipino player in NBA. Please help me God to achieve my goal. -Fike P. My dream is to see me as a Marine Biologist. I have always loved the water and all the creatures inside it. Only 15% out of 100% of the world’s ocean is discovered and I want to discover all that. Lord, Jesus help to do better in my work so that I will be able to reach my dream in life. By: Sofia R My dream is to be a musician because I like to listen to a lot of music and I thought it would be fun to make my own music. I also love singing and trying to teach my self to play instruments. Lord, help me to follow my dreams and to be a good child all the time. By: Julianne S I would like to be an engineer because I like to build gigantic and beautiful houses and buildings. I chose to be an engineer because I’m good in building blocks. I pray to god to help me succeed in life. By: Jacob P When I grow up, I would like to be a marine. I dreamt this because I like to serve my country and to help people. Lord, please help me to improve my study habits so that I will reach my goal in life. By: Ricky R My dream is to become a video game designer because I want to make people have fun and let them play video games with their friends. Another reason why I chose to be a video game designer because I like playing video games and I have many ideas for games that can be played by anyone. Please guide me Lord through everything. By: Shay S My dream is to become a pediatrician so I could help others, epecially children who are sick. I like to help sick children to be well so to enjoy life .Holy Spirit please guide me in the right direction to achieve my goal. By: Bianca Y

What Will Holy Angels Be Like in the Future? By: Fourth Grade FinBackpack

gerprint Scannist 200 Robot Chair 6000 Foodinator 5000 By: Eduardo L, Gabby L, Brandon N, Leah S

By: Alana B, Iea Jei B, Andre R, Elijah T

Inventors: Ashley C, Justin L, Wilka M, James W

By: Abigial D, Austin L, Ian P, Annabelle R

By: Alison B, Isaiah D, Adrian Y

By: Alyssa B, Cecilia L, Brendan U

Twins Day By Seventh Grade On May 21 Holy Angels students celebrated Twins Day as part of Spirit Week. Most of the class participated. Boys and girls liked the idea of coordinating matching outďŹ ts. Time and preparation was obvious. Shopping trips were made. Long conversations about accessories were discussed. All in all, students said that this day was fun because they could match up with close friends. There were six pairs of actual twins. There were also groups as large as 11 students who dressed up. Even students who wore their uniforms were counted. Seventh graders loved Twins Day!

Each year we learn many new things whether it is spiritually, academically, or worldly. SIXTH grade has reflected on just that: It is easier to make and trust friends when you know that you only have a limited time to be together…..mariann l We should do our homework ahead so our teacher can check our work, or if we need help, we can always ask the teacher for help……justine t To not over think things because I will forget everything that s needed for tests……nathaniel d Taking 3 weeks off of school is pretty hard because you have to finish your schoolwork and homework the day you go back to school…….natalie c I learned to make a volcano out of a 2 liter soda bottle and dough and how to make it explode with mentos. I also learned that friendship is the closest bond you can have besides family. I also learned that if we stop, think, pray, and choose we can always make the right decision……. isabella l You should do your work ahead because you might not have time later on if you re doing practice for sports or you re going somewhere that day…..elizabeth c If I focus on my work, I can get it checked and then I will not have as many books to carry at the end of the day……rafael m I learned that bows are so pretty that they can help brighten up a classroom….jolly-johwyn c I learned that I should be more organized, so I don t lose my school supplies like I usually do….. cheri ann t I learned that we should always see the bright side of things, like Mrs. Nordman. ….justin g I learned that Mentos + soda = party……max g When learning something new, it s good to ask a lot of questions to understand it better………. arabella p I learned to pay attention in class or you get an “F”…..patricia u I learned that if we are really quiet, Mrs. Nordman will let us listen to the radio and sometimes we get to sing along. Its really fun!.......esiah g Using my time wisely will help me get ahead in my work…..julia a I learned that making new friends is a good thing and that you should always listen to your teacher so that you can be ready for the test. ….karina e I learned that I really love Math…..jamie p I learned that making new friends is easier than I thought it would be……sinead h I learned to take notes in order to achieve a better understanding of the lesson……kamille f I learned that managing your time is important because you are able to get your work done faster and have time to spend with others…..dominic f I learned to put a plastic bag in your desk as a trash can and empty it later…..ryan r I learned that true friends are always there for you when you need them……..jaylen n I ve learned that if I finish my work early, Mrs. Nordman will correct it, and give it to me if I have a mistake…..keilani v I learned to always do our work on time and never to be lazy…..angelica d I learned not to yawn in class so I don t get in trouble by the teacher. I have also learned that we should never drink anything except water at our desk……khobe a I learned how to use my time wisely to get good grades while participating in a sport…..jasmin j I learned about running for student council. …..jorden c I learned when to do an outline and I have always wanted to learn that. I also learned to take my time to receive a better grade. I learned to focus so I can get work done…..roshan t I learned that I should be enjoying the times that I have during each moment in this school year…..brandon r If I can do my work as slowly and neatly as possible, Mrs. Nordman will check my answers in my homework…….alexis b

Goodbye, Class of 2013 Goodbye Holy Angels, I will miss you. You’ll always be my second home. –Sean A

with the challenging obstacles in life. Thank you so much Holy Angels! I will miss all of you! Goodbye! -Aisling H

I might be leaving, but the journey has just begun. There may have been so many things that occurred throughout the year, but it was a leading to something new. -Elijah B (Ej)

Goodbye Holy Angels! I have had the best time here. I have made lots of family here and I will miss them a lot. Thank you once again and GOODBYE! -SHAHZAIB K

Goodbye Holy Angels, you’ve done me good. Thank you for everything you have given me, and the support for whatever decisions I have chosen. I’ll miss you. -Georgia B

Goodbye! Don’t Miss me too much! –Aaron L

Thank you Holy Angels for teaching me how to love correctly towards everyone. You will always have a place in my heart. These nine years have been unforgettable and I want to thank everyone who has been part of these nine years. Thank you and goodbye! -Rita C Goodbye and thank you Holy Angels for all the support and thanks that you have given me for the past nine years. I will always remember you in my heart and keep on going forward. -Theodore C I am only going to say bye to Holy Angels because saying goodbye means going away forever and I am not ready to say goodbye just yet. Thank you for everything. I will always cherish all the memories. I will always remember you. I LOVE YOU <3 -Kirsten C Thank You Holy Angels for teaching me to stop, think, pray, and choose. You have prepared me for the future and I am very thankful for that. I will miss you all! Goodbye. -Sebastian C Goodbye Holy Angels. I might be graduating and leaving this place forever, but I will eventually come back… to pick up my brother. This place will always be in my life. I will miss you so much. Goodbye my friends and thank you for the eight years of experience you have given me. -Elizabeth D Thank you Holy Angels for 3 wonderful years. You have taught me a lot of things and I am prepared to move on. You will always be my second home. -Alyssa D Goodbye Holy Angels. I will definitely miss my second home. You have taught me many things to be prepared for what’s coming and I appreciate that. Thank you for giving me 9 memorable years! I will miss you all! -Megan D

Bye Holy Angels, I will miss everything here. This has been a great home for me. I will cry when I leave. Bye HA I love ya –Zion L Thank you Holy Angels for being my second home. I’ll miss the teachers, staff, and students for being there for the last nine years I’ve been here. Thank you and goodbye! -Moses M It’s been a long journey, 9 years in the making. Words can’t express how thankful I am to have such an amazing experience here at this school. I’ve grown and I will continue to grow, with the love, support, and morals my family here at Holy Angels have taught me. -Andre M Farewell Holy Angels. I will never forget any of you! Love you guys! –Coleen M (: Goodbye everyone. I wish you the best and good luck in all that you do. I’ll miss you guys! Love you! -Reyna M :) Thank you Holy Angels for the great nine years. It’s been fun through thick and thin. I will miss everyone. Farewell and may the odds be ever in your favor! -Luke O Thank you Holy Angels for letting me meet new friends who were just strangers. And for all the memories I had here. -Ryon O Farewell Holy Angels. I wish everyone the best for the rest of the years you are here. Thank you for giving me some of the best memories. I’ll miss you and I will never forget you! -Jessica P THANK YOU FOR THIS VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY WONDERFUL YEAR, THAT I VERY VERY MUCH ENJOYED. GOOD BYE. -NIGEL P :D

From the first time I walked in, 5 years later and I have had the best experience in my life. I will miss all the things that Holy Angels has helped me accomplish. Holy Angels has brought some of the greatest people into my life, and for that I could never be more thankful. Thank You Holy Angels. I will always miss you. J -Noel D

Thank you for this wonderful, good year. I hope that everyone does well in future years. Good-bye Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Ohara, and other people. -Jacob R bye bye all

Holy Angels, thank you for everything you have done for me. Goodbye to each and every one of the faculty, staff, and students. I will definitely miss the school I have always loved, the school that prepared me for the challenging obstacles I have to overcome later in life. Thank you once again and you will all be always in my heart. -Joshua G

Goodbye HA, these 9 years have been very memorable and I hope this won’t be the last day I’ll see this school. -Craig T

I can’t even express how much I am going to miss Holy Angels. You guys are my second family. Thank you to the teachers, staff, and students for making my nine years here the best. I will bring with me the memories we have shared over the years. Love you all!J -Bianca G I am so grateful that I was a part of this school community for the past 8 years. I have learned a lot in the academics area and I have also learned how to deal

Thank you for the wonderful school year. I’ll miss you all. Farewell. (But I will probably visit)-Kathleen S

Thank you Holy Angels for the wonderful 5 years. I had a great time. I’ll miss you all. I’ll never forget this school. -Candice T Goodbye and thank you Holy Angels and the Class of 2013. I love you and I’ll miss you. <3 -Kathy V Goodbye and thank you Holy Angels. I love you and won’t forget you. Thank you Class of 2013 for all the memorable times. Good luck in all your future endeavors. <3 -Maya V

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