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SEO competition This is done in a bid to ensure that you come up in search results on most internet search results. It translates to having your posts rank among the top and it is first and foremost important for you to know just who your competitors are in the field. This will aid you to know the chances that you have of a good rank for the keyword. SEO Competition that is offered to you directly spells the availability of chances for you to make money with your content. The keyword results that you get when you put in your keyword is not always accurate since some of the listed sites are not keen on search engine optimization therefore do not stand a chance against you in SEO competition. This means that you have more chances if your articles are SEO compliant in the way that you write your articles. In case your search for a particular keyword yields high results then you should take it that there is market for you as long as your content is fully optimized for SEO competition. You should not let the large figures cow you into thinking that you do not have a chance in your standing with your competitors rather it should make you realize the activity of the keyword in the market. The search engines results are often an estimate therefore do not be surprised to see that not all the listings appear in the results. After all the number of people searching for the particular keyword is a pointer of the existing interest which should get you coming up with content to meet the need. Your content will be your selling point therefore, ensure that you optimize the keyword with great content so that your listing remains among the top of the ones that are most frequented. If you you want to put your SEO skills to the test, Blackhat World are running an SEO Competition. For further details visit

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