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n a m u H t n e g i Intell

By: Dakota Nguyen Grade Level: 10 Information and items made mostly by me while some were group projects Teacher: Mrs. Drew

Table of Contents Page 3 - Me Collage Page 4 - All About Me Page 5 - Power Point Chapter 4 Step by Step Page 6 - Superhero presentation Page 7-8 - Photo Editing Page 9 - How its made Project. Page 10 - Access Database Page 11 - Dream Vacation Project Page 12 - Sun Chips Label Project Page 13-14 - Waterslide Project Page 15 - Benefit Gala Letter Page 16 - Cartoon Convention Nametag Page 17 - Group Newsletter Page 18 - Battleship Page 19 - Chapter 6 assigning Clustered Cone Chart Page 20—Travel Brochure

Travel Brochure

Chapter 6 assigning Cluster Cone Chart

Me Collage


Group Newsletter

All About Me

PowerPoint Chapter 4 Step by Step

Cartoon Convention Nametag

Benefit Gala Letter

Super Hero Project

Photo Editing

Water Slide Project

Water Slide Project

Photo Editing

How its Made Project

Sun Chip Wrapper Project

Dream Vacation Project

Access Database

Dakota Nguyen Portfolio  

Computer Application II Portfolio