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WHO ARE WE? M R Scaffolding Services has developed a strong reputation in the market since it was established more than 45 years ago in 1974. The company has gone on to become specialists in providing access solutions to the construction industry. Founded by Michael and John Trayfoot, this wellestablished family business is run today by their sons, Matthew and John Jnr, alongside Operations Director, Frank Pickford. Over the years, the company has had experience in all manner of undertakings, from small scale buildings right up to iconic structures like London’s HMS Belfast, Claridges and the Russell Hotel. M R Scaffolding has a reputation for excellence and in 2017 was awarded the prestigious City of London Considerate Contractors Gold Award.

In addition to its core business of providing access, M R Scaffolding serves prestigious sites across London and the South East where it works with contractors and advertising agencies to create scaffold structures that can not only be used for ongoing building works,but can also incorporate focussed or branded advertising on facades. Branded advertising can be a good way for contractors to decrease project overheads and deliver aesthetically pleasing facades for the surrounding community to enjoy. In recent years, the company is proud to have been involved in the erection of the Superman Man of Steel advertising on St Paul’s Church in Hammersmith. This advert was visible from the A4 flyover and attracted extremely positive attention and feedback.

Rigidly attentive to best practice and safety principles, as well as regulations and industry standards, the company’s primary business is derived from providing access to buildings and facilities through the creation of scaffold structures that can be used for ongoing building works. Proud of the team it has developed over the years, the company works both on and off-site to deliver services by sector. These include commercial fit- out, transport, demolition, commercial new build, specialist structures and advertising. Good planning and flexibility are key to working successfully with each client and M R Scaffolding provides innovative ideas to maximise efficiency, tailored to each individual customer’s budget, whilst also delivering the best possible end result. To make this possible, the company stays at the forefront of technological developments and also meets the latest NASC (National Access & Scaffolding Confederation) standard TG20:13.

To remain at the forefront of scaffolding services, M R Scaffolding has recently undergone a major rebranding and expansion phase. The company has doubled in size over the past few years and is continuing to grow, acquiring major new contracts, within a competitive market. The company is able to deliver a wide range of design and planning solutions, offering their specialist expertise in commercial fitout services. Furthermore, because the company is able to deliver design and planning solutions, as well as passenger and goods hoists, beam hoists, scaffolding staircases and temporary roofs, M R Scaffolding has the flexibility and knowledge to be able to respond to the growing variety of requests from its customers. This success is down to the collective vision of the current directors and their ability to hire and retain highly trained staff, as well as having an ongoing in-house training programme.

Examples of M R Scaffolding’s services can be found throughout London and the South East. In instances where the customer in question is carrying out a building fit -out, M R Scaffolding will provide the scaffold structures needed for complex work to be carried out safely. The company also provides scaffold structures that allow for the raising of materials from ground level to the upper reaches of buildings, structures that create temporary stairwells on the inside of units and mechanical components for complex birdcage structures that provide access in and out of buildings where work is taking place. The company’s expertise, most importantly, extends to providing safe access routes for the general public. Careful consideration is taken at all times to ensure public safety, particularly in densely populated areas where the company ensure that correct structures are provided to allow the public to navigate around and through the affected site in a safe manner.

To reflect M R Scaffolding’s growing presence in the market and the size of contracts the company is undertaking, the company have purchased a new fleet of lorries and vehicles and have rebranded with a new vehicle livery and company logo, giving M R Scaffolding an even stronger presence in the growing construction market. M R Scaffolding is a family company and to reflect this, the vehicles have been named after Matthew’s and John’s parents and family as a symbol of M R Scaffolding’s desire to continue operating as a family firm. M R Scaffolding has over four decades of experience behind it and this has shaped the company into a well reputed and trusted scaffolding service provider. With a brand new fleet of vehicles and an increased number of highly -trained staff members, M R Scaffolding is wholly prepared and eager to take on any future challenges the construction industry may present, whilst continuing to provide the same first-class service that it has done for the past forty-five years.

“Our family have provided access solutions to the construction industry for over 45 years. Our clients trust us to deliver scaffolding solutions on time and to budget. Since Matthew and I took over the business in 2014 we have rebranded, doubled our turnover, every day we are continuously learning” – John Trayfoot MD

M R SCAFFOLDING 2.0 Disrupting the traditional scaffolding world since 1974

STRUCTURE M R Scaffolding Services is led by its three directors, who oversee Commercial, Health & Safety and Operations Divisions. Each client is assigned its own team, which ensures that the individual client’s specific needs are met. Every team is responsible for its own success but operates under strong management. In this way, the company is able to provide a responsive service to its long-standing, satisfied customer base.

“What we do is called relentless innovation. What our clients see is a reflection of what we believed” – Frank Pickford Operations Director

M R Scaffolding Services is located in Croydon, South of London where all operational services are centred. Croydon is also the site of our comprehensive yard which provides logistical services, materials, equipment and supplies. It is also our vehicle routing hub - routing our eco-friendly lorry fleet to serve materials to all our sites. Our Commercial Office is situated just off London Bridge, in the shadow of the Shard, which gives our members quick and easy access to all our sites and, of course, the ability to provide a swift response to all our London-based clients. With staff reporting directly to John Trayfoot, our business model allows fast, high-quality decision making, thereby dispensing with time-wasting approval chains. This means that key staff are able to build and nurture close relationships with our clients and provide a truly personal service. Collectively, all teams are responsible for meeting our combined turnover budget with a total workforce of over 100 employees, a number which is continuously growing. All M R Scaffolding Management teams, Planners, Contracts Managers and Contracts Supervisors have risen internally through company ranks. This gives our members an in-depth understanding of every aspect of the company’s business. It not only encourages close teamwork and a sense of belonging, but also the feeling that what each individual contributes, really matters. The fact that we are a close-knit team, with some of our members having worked together over many years, means we are ready to meet the changing landscape of modern day building methods head on, whilst being dedicated to making the industry incident and accident free. Disrupting and subverting the industry dinosaurs, M R Scaffolding Services arrives at your doorstep with a culture and practice of scrupulous compliance and risk management, meticulous project planning and trustworthy, sound financial management and controls. Young and relentlessly innovative, M R Scaffolding Services is able to deliver whatever it takes.


John Trayfoot MD & Commercial Director John sits at the helm of the company managing and directing growth and guiding all commercial activities. He also ensures that all corporate financial affairs are scrupulously compliant and accurate

Matthew Trayfoot Director Health & Safety Matthew ensures MRSS is committed to constant high performance and innovation. He drives our crucial Health and Safety culture, ensuring regular training of all employees and scrupulous safety inspections are carried out on all of our sites

Frank Pickford Director Operations Frank provides MRSS (and our clients) with solutions on all site and works operations, ensuring that all technical innovation meets the exacting standards of the UK construction industry

OUR SERVICES READINESS & EXPERIENCE Fit out & New build From our Croydon depot, M R Scaffolding Services specialise both in turnkey scaffolding erection and strike, as well as system scaffold hire services to some of the UK’s largest commercial fit-out contractors. The company has provided extensive retail fitout access scaffolding for large multi-lift new build and refurbishment work. M R Scaffolding Services places the utmost importance on the safety of its employees and the general public. We pride ourselves on our commitment to become a leader in the Health and Safety sector of the industry. We provide full protection to the public, including foam wrapping on all tubes, debris netting or shrink wrapping to the lifts above and pavement protection. We regularly provide scaffolding to public access areas and are able to guide expertly and assist our clients through the permit procedure with the local council, advising on the restrictions of the permit and solving any issues that may arise.

Hoists & Lifting M R Scaffolding Services can supply a range of construction hoists and are able to deal with most hoisting requirements for the temporary works space. We can advise on hoist selection, installation and also provide a competitive quotation. In addition, we can produce tailored designs for hoisting on virtually any site.

Railway & Underground We have specialised operatives who are RISQS (formerly Link Up) certified. This allows us to work on the Network Rail Infrastructure. We are a RISQS approved company that certifies us to tender for work in the rail environment. We are certified for TfL (London Underground) and Network Rail.

Shrink Wrapping & Hoarding We are able to provide everything from full wrap through to printed branding to any scaffold system, while ensuring strict compliance with the latest fire standards. Shrink wrapping provides a premium fully sealed, skin-tight finish which has many applications from dust containment to weather protection. We provide hoarding for many complex projects. Each design is approached individually and the company collaborates closely with our clients. We also support all branding and image needs.

Heritage We can provide specialised designs and deliver access scaffolding and hoarding on English Heritage and National Trust sites. Our scaffolders and supervisors have the experience, knowledge and sensitivity required to ensure full access facilities while simultaneously ensuring protection around these delicate buildings while working on these sites.

Infrastructure Projects M R Scaffolding Services provide safe and appropriate infrastructure project scaffolding capability. This capability extends from building works access, to the users of road, rail line, or waterways.

Demolition We are able to provide design and advice on protection, propping and support structures on complex demolition projects.

HOW WE DO IT At M R Scaffolding Services we want our clients to feel they are dealing with a close-knit team. On some big projects it is easy to get lost in the corporate processes where everything is contractually driven. The sheer scope can be overwhelming at the best of times. At M R Scaffolding we have an amazingly supportive back-office team, whose skill and efforts cannot be overstated in the daily running and co-ordination of the business. The team ensure that all our people have what they need to serve our customers in the best way possible and they provide exactly what is wanted, when it is wanted. The members of our back office team are seemingly invisible in the rush of day to day business dealings but they are at the hub of our company, working at the front line as well as providing continual background support. They are our first responders who help to manage and deal with changing deadlines in the blink of an eye. They are always there to answer your calls. They ensure we work to the highest standards and eliminate wastage. The back-office team are in charge of all legal, HR, certification and administrative work and are also in charge of credit control, managing wages and paying our suppliers on time.

Surveying & Estimating A dedicated estimating team look after all aspects of quotations and tenders from inception to award. The company’s surveying team takes care of all works orders and variations. They ensure your QS team always have accurate valuation data and timely cost and completion status.

Design & Project Management Our in house design team is known for its swift turnaround of design drawings. We pride ourselves on being able to produce the majority of drawings for our clients within a few days. Good planning is essential in our business and on the back of this we are able to deliver a first-class service to all our clients, ensuring that our projects are installed in the safest possible way and on time.

Erection, Hire Inspections & Strike All our Site Operatives and Operations Management are trained, experienced certified Scaffolders, from COTS trained operatives to Advanced SSSTS/TWS Scaffolders. Our NEBOSH led inspectors ensure safety and working standards are compliant at all times.

Efficient Software Systems The ability to communicate and record swiftly and accurately is of paramount importance to the smooth running of our company. Over the 45 years the company has been operating, we have built and refined the way we conduct our work to offer the best possible service to our clients. Our newly implemented software system, allows us to manage and refine our everyday processes, which in turn, ensures that everything we do is at a consistently high standard. In this way, we are able to constantly monitor our work, leaving little room for error. The system also allows us to record and capture data in real time which improves traceability, allows for accurate checks and in turn, increases our efficiency and productivity. Simply, our system, which is compatible with any mobile device or browser, saves time and can be relied upon to capture all data. M R Scaffolding Services understand the importance of keeping our clients fully informed at all times and this system enables immediate communication between our teams and our clients.

“Although MRSS has evolved and expanded since we took over in 2014, we remain very much a family business. Safety is at the core of our company’s values and we constantly strive to be market leaders in providing safe, innovative solutions that meet all of our clients’ needs” – Matt Trayfoot Director


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