M R Scaffolding Case Studies

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Project: Mabledon Place Client: ISG Description: Heavy Duty Hoist Run Off to 11no Floors & Roof. Hoist • 2000kg Passenger & Goods Hoist

Project: Berwick Street Description: A challenging project for MRSS due to the works being carried out next to the highly popular, Berwick Street Market and also the fully occupied residential housing blocks. Exterior and interior scaffolding provided to continuously meet the clients challenging construction schedule. This scaffolding was enclosed in shrink-wrap, a personal touch was added with the clients logo being printed onto the faรงade. All installed by MRSS trained operatives.

Project: Mayfair Library Client: Heeran Construction Description: Independent access scaffold with Ubix Temporary Roof for repairs to brickwork and roof. The front elevation was wrapped with a montage of the library printed on it which was supplied and installed perfectly in-house by M R Scaffolding Services operatives.

Project: Science Museum Client: 8 Build Description: Heavy Duty Scaffold to support a large lifting beam to enable materials to be hoisted to the roof areas. Lifting beam and system access staircase installed at roof level to allow materials and personnel safe transfer.

Bridged access scaffold to perimeter of roof extension. Due to the building fabric specialised chemical ties were used to secure the scaffold, Hoist and HAKI staircase in place.

Project: 69 Leadenhall Street Client: Parkeray Description: Fully boarded Independent scaffold to full perimeter of building for facade works. This exceptional scaffold earned M R Scaffolding Services the City Of London Gold Award for this particular installation. Challenges at the time included the massive impact created by the construction of the new super highway and road works running on Leadenhall & Fenchurch Street which led to significant logistical issues for the project.

Project: Google - Handyside Client: BW Description: Internal heavy-duty lifting beams for installation of staircase from ground floor to the sixth.

Project: Eastgate House Client: Overbury Description: Independent access scaffold to full perimeter with pedestrian protection gantry forming clear public access. Enclosed perfectly with shrink wrap sheeting and hoarding installed by M R Scaffolding Services trained operatives.

Project: Dreadnaught Building Client: Willmott Dixon Description: External Full independent access scaffold to the full perimeter, fully enclosed in scaffold sheeting. Various system access staircases installed for site personnel. Internal An impressive birdcage scaffold using Bridged ‘X’ beams installed over existing entrances, forming safe access for site vehicles and personnel, This was due to an additional floor and roof being installed at higher level.

Project: LDF Structures Client: Parkeray Description: Bespoke scaffolding and design input to create this unique structure which was installed for the London Design Festival.

Project: St Martins Place Client: Willmott Dixon Interiors Description: Fully independent access scaffold to full perimeter for window replacement and roof protection. Scaffold Sheeting and Frame installed in-house by M R Scaffolding Services operatives. Hoist run off installed to full height to allow materials to be transferred to roof level and desired floors. Bridged HAKI staircase erected to full height forming access to roof level. Internal propping and heavy-duty protection platforms erected to allow structural alterations.

HMS Belfast 1991

Michael Trayfoot in front of HMS Belfast in 1991’

Project: HMS Belfast Description: M R Scaffolding Services first proudly completed this project in 1991. In 2018 they took part again in the restoration of this iconic London landmark and national treasure. Both times supplying access to the ship’s funnels for painting and repair work.

Project: Project Denim – Horsham Client: Overbury Description: Fully boarded independent scaffold for replacement of windows and painting works. System staircases installed to each elevation. Hoists • 1000kg Goods Only Hoists Installed.

Project: Knights Park, Kingston University Client: Overbury Description: USA Students Visit - Texas A&M University Department of Construction Science An educational trip for seventeen students and professor Steve Rodgers. Steve manages the construction science department at Texas A&M University, educating students about the construction industry. Steve came across M R Scaffolding Services on a holiday with his partner, which he bumped into our Director Matt Trayfoot. Steve arranged a student visit to the UK, and we made sure they was welcomed with open arms to our projects, one being Kingston University. The students and Steve loved the fun filled day we organised for them, designs were provided to the students and they got to see the outstanding structures in person. The day was a real eye opener to all, and they all got a personalised #TeamMR Gift pack at the end! Professor Steve Rodgers: ‘M R Scaffolding and Matt Trayfoot educated Construction Science Students from Texas A&M University in a very gracious way. Matt escorted us to two separate Overbury job sites and introduced us to the project managers who toured us around each site. A huge Texas thank you to M R Scaffolding from the Texas A&M University Department of Construction Science!’

Project: Knights Park, Kingston University Client: Overbury Description: Fully independent access scaffold installed to full perimeter for replacement of windows. Ubix Temporary Roof System installed to two large roof areas with a total covering of 2775 m2. (45m x 35m = 1575 m2) (75m x 16m = 1200m2) Various bridging sections supported from structural columns at low level to allow all entrances to be kept clear. Hoists Heavy duty hoist run off installed to full height to allow materials onto roof level • 2000kg Passenger and Goods Hoist • 1200kg Goods Only Hoist

Project: Weeks Hall Client: 8 Build Description: Fully boarded independent scaffold to full perimeter. Shrink Wrap Sheeting and Frame installed inhouse by M R Scaffolding Services operatives. Hoist • 1200kg Goods Only Hoist

Project: Rye Lane Client: Frame Property Services Ltd. Description: Fully boarded independent scaffold to perimeter with temporary roof.

Project: Client: Value: Description:

The Principal Hotel –Russell Square S&T £3.2 million External A twin stacked cantilevered cabin gantry was always required for this project to keep the road below accessible. Safelinx board retaining systems were installed to prevent trips and falls and to minimise warping of the boards (this is now common practice across all M R Scaffolding Services jobs). Fire rates shrink wrap sheeting was installed to prevent falling debris and ensure a high level of aesthetics at all times. Internal The lightwell scaffolds strict requirements meant that no scaffold tubes could be grounded. Bespoke shear bracket plates were researched by M R Scaffolding Services due to band and plate ties not being feasible. The lightwell scaffold incorporated two temporary roofs which were also shrink wrapped.

Project: Bloomsbury Theatre Client: Overbury Description: External Bridge beams installed at low level to maintain clear public access and form heavy duty loading platform above. Hoarding and lighting installed by MR hoarding services at low level forming adequate protection as required. Cantilevered heavy-duty gantry forming twin stacked cabin support. Hoist run off to full height and lifting frame servicing gantry level. Cantilevered Gantry to the Front Elevation for supporting: • 2000kg Passenger & Goods • 2000kg Power-traverse Beam Hoist • 6 Welfare Cabins Internal Fully boarded access birdcage to the whole theatre auditorium with various lifting beams installed and System Staircases.

Project: Client: Value: Description:

Lyric Overbury £2.1 million MRSS were engaged to the lyric project to provide an access scaffold which enabled the client to install glass panels from ground floor, up to the thirteenth. An emergency exit needed to be maintained at all times during the construction period, MRSS provide a public access staircase complete with fireproofing. A heavy duty cantilevered high level platform was installed to aid the removal and recasting of the twelfth floor slab. This had a 10kn M2 loading capacity due to the removal of the five-ton cladding panels which were replaced with glass panes. Eight Metre 450mm Layer beams were installed upright to the end of X beams, providing a high level protection screen/outside support scaffold. Hoists • 3000kg Goods Only Hoists • 3000kg Power Traverse Beam Hoist • 1200kg Passenger and Goods Hoist

Project: Custom House for Excel DLR Client: Dyer & Butler Description: Cantilevered access platforms with protection fans supported from existing steel members with hoarding frame installed at low level and lighting supports fixed to underside of beam work.