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It ’ s Mrs Bucket ’ s birthday!

Keeping in Touch — Issue 5

We are now 8

Welcome Aboard!

A message from Rachael

We’d like to say welcome aboard to the new cleaning staff who have joined us since the last issue:

Hi Everyone, what a great few months it has been. Just to give you a quick update we have won 8 new contracts across Swansea and Cardiff. We have secured our first School contract so this is great news for the business and we hope it will open up more doors going forward . We are now working towards Investors in People and this means we are working towards our business goals by investing in our team– That’s you!!!!!! I would also like you to keep an eye out for new staff, whether you have friends ,family or know anyone looking for a job when you pick the kids up from school, please put them our way! Should any of you like to speak to me direct regarding any concerns, improvements or recomendations then please call or text me on 07870 254937 . Thanks for your hard work!

Rachael x



Vanessa Rees Kelly Res Claire Coleman Laura John Jenna Norman Charlene Howe Beth Rogers Victoria Smith Emma Gibbs

Chris Hearn Carwyn Perkins Tracey Roberts Irena Rudnicka Enzo Romani Anna Skowron Jill Gould John Brayley Sammie Alade Hannah Hurlow Fiona Williams Michelle Stephens Ashleigh Breen Melanie Barrow Ewa Bartusiewicz Samantha Leonard


Tania Smith Penny John Igor Horvat Frantisek Mikula Martyn Wilson Ian Brockway Samantha Preston Christine Sheppard Deborah Law Julie Anne Rees Jimmy Skinner Susan Garret

Mrs Bucket HQ ! Here it is! Our first shop front. For those of you who don’t come to the office due to location we thought we would put a face to the name . This is our Head office based in Pontardulais in Swansea. Call 01792 886665 if you need to speak to anyone.

£100 Staff Absence Reward Scheme The Staff Absence Reward Scheme was introduced in December 2012 to reward the most reliable staff members. Two lucky (and reliable) staff members will be chosen at random each quarter and will both win £100 worth of vouchers for a store or shop of their choice… Yes a £100! All you have to do to be in with a chance to win £100 is not take any unscheduled holidays (sickness) in the quarter. It’s that simple. CONGRATULATIONS ! This quarter’s winners are Gail Wilby from the Cardiff Commercial area and Susan Rees who works sites in the Swansea area. Gail chose Morrisons vouchers and Susan Tesco vouchers.

Top Tips :Stripping and Sealing Remove all Small furniture (chairs, bins, and desks) Apply stripper with a mop and buff with a coarse pad whilst the floor is still wet. Leave to dry. Apply undercoat with a new mop and wait to dry Apply Floor polish with Mop, buff with a soft white pad Apply 3 plus coats of polish for a really SHINY finish– Put furniture back when dry Go home and put your feet up!

DOMESTIC NEWS For some of you this will be the first newsletter you will have received, please read all sections as there may be useful information pertaining to pay, holidays etc. GROWTH As our Domestic client base grows ... So does our team, thus I would like to welcome to all our new domestic team members, we hope you are all settling in to Mrs B and are enjoying your new position. Reports from your colleagues have been very encouraging...and thank you to our existing team for nurturing and looking after your new colleagues. The growth of our Domestic sector would not happen without your much appreciated hard work and professional attitude. Welcome to Vanessa—our new mobile cleaner, I’m sure by now most of you will have met Vanessa, who steps in to assist you in times of team member absence. Vanessa has proved to be a fantastic asset to the company—Thank you Vanessa :) STANDARDS Don’t forget—We are the number 1 cleaning Team in South Wales and we need to uphold that title! Disappointingly I have received several complaints from clients over the last six weeks re standards of cleaning—lets exceed our clients expectations! go the extra mile, clean the fridge, clean inside their kitchen cupboards etc. Above all communicate, communicate, communicate—ensure that you are using the Task Booklets and Communication Booklets at each clean and every property. On the whole reports from your clients have been positive, but it’s all in the rapport that you build with your clients, even if they are not present when you clean this can be built by using the communication booklet. CHECK SCHEDULES Should something look amiss on your schedule— please question it with me asap or should you have a clean on your schedule that you do not usually undertake, please ensure that you take appropriate steps to ensure that you can gain entry to the clean—ie are keys needed or will the client be at home. Should you be providing a clean as cover for an absent member of the team, please ensure that keys are returned in order for your colleagues to gain entry at the point of the next clean. If you are taking annual leave please ensure that keys are either passed to your clean partner or brought to the office in adequate time.

Commercial News Onwards and upwards This quarter, Mrs Bucket Cleaning Services has expanded further and has maintained most its existing contracts. Our customers are very happy at present and that is purely down to your hard work and dedication to the service we seek to deliver to our customers. However, we must not become complacent. New Spot Checking System

At Mrs Bucket we always find room for improvement and we have found that the system used to perform our site checks is not as efficient as it should be. As a result, we will soon be using a system where your sites and performance are graded by colour. Red indicates that there are issues that you must address immediately, amber indicates that the area concerned is ok but can be improved upon and green will indicate that that the standard of cleaning you are delivering is excellent. The operations managers will also provide you with feedback on the areas that can be improved upon. Overall this will allow you to clearly identify any weaknesses in your performance so they can be improved upon. As managers at Mrs Bucket, all we would ask is that you act on this feedback. If you do so not only will you achieve the 'green grade,' but we will also be delivering a first class service that we know you are capable of to our customers. Keep up the hard work and I am sure we will go onwards and upwards if we continue to do so.

Maxine and Kim

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US ! 8 Years Old, we’re getting on....

8 years ago in September we set up our business. Rachael Flanagan our Director was 18 and had £20 worth of flyers and that’s how the business started. We are committed to growing this business and retaining the best staff. If you would like further development within your role then speak to your manager !

Meet Cardiff Supervisor Jonathan he will be helping to carry out spot checks, deep cleans and working closely with Maxine! We always like to find out a bit more about our staff and here’s some interesting about our NEW supervisors! Favourite biscuits: Chocolate Digestives Favourite TV programme: The big BangTheory Favourite food: Honey glazed chicken Place/country would most like to visit: The Vatican What he likes to do in his spare time: Spending time with my family, walking the dogs and keeping fit

Meet Carwyn our Swansea Supervisor who will be working closely with Kim on your sites and helping with Deep cleans! Welcome Aboard both! Favourite biscuits: Jammy Dodgers Favourite TV programme: Sons and Anarchy Favourite food: Fillet Steak Place /Country would most like to visit: LA What he likes to do in his spare time: Spending time with his family, training and playing darts and pool.

Did You Know… We are currently working towards the Investors in People Accreditation... And we need your help!!! Investors in People (IiP) is about achieving your business goals through investing in your work force - that’s you! We want everyone to understand our companies Vision and Values (see attached) but more importantly we want you to believe in them and promote them. By achieving our Vision; and adhering to our Values we will help create a more successful business and improve not only our job security but our promotion prospects too...

Comments and Feedback We’d love to get your feedback and any suggestions for future issue’s of this staff newsletter. Just give Jo a call on 01792 886665 or send her an email at

Please read ( a nd

Investors in People (IiP) is about achieving our business goals through investing in our work force - that’s you! We want everyone to understand our companies Vision and Values but more importantly we want you to believe in them and promote them.

Our Vision Our vision is simple; we aim to be the first choice cleaning service provider in Wales.

Our Values Professionalism Reliability Quality Relationships

Your Contribution... We need you to help us become the first choice cleaning service provider by been Professional and promoting our values... We need you to engage with your managers about how we can improve the Quality of our work... We need you to be Reliably consistent in your delivery of service... We need you create Relationships with our clients...

...In return we will Continue to give you performance Feedback when we do our site checks... We will continue with our Absence Reward Scheme, We will continue to listen and act upon your Recommendations about how we work... We will to continue to grow offering increased Job Security and Promotion Prospects... If you have any Questions or Queries regarding IiP please contact

IiP Continued... In order to be awarded the IiP accreditation our business practice will be assessed by an independent adjudicator. The adjudicator will interview managers and staff to ascertain whether everyone understands what it is the company is striving towards and whether they know how their efforts contribute to the successfulness of the company... 20% of the Mrs Bucket workforce will be randomly selected for interview; Will you be called forward...??? You might not realise it but... As a company we really do try to promote a positive, productive and rewarding environment for you to work in... Let me explain what we do... When we recruit you we give you specific training and induct you to the company via the Cleaning Academy. You have direct access to your line Managers who Support you in your service delivery. We conduct regular site checks giving you Feedback on your Performance and identifying how well you are doing or alternatively highlight areas that we feel can be improved We continue to Encourage and Reward those staff members that prove themselves to be reliable via the Staff Absence Scheme. We Keep you Updated as to the latest developments within the business via this newsletter. We send out Staff Questionnaires asking ‘what is it like working from Mrs Bucket’ and we act upon your Feedback and Suggestions. In summary we really do value you as an employee; we hope that we provide you with a working environment that suits your needs and in return we hope that you will continue to support us in achieving our Vision and promoting our Values...

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