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Newsletter . Issue 1 . Summer 2013

As we come to the end of yet another financial year, I’ll bet, like me, many of you are reflecting back on your business performance over the last 12 months. As I was going through the figures with my accountant I couldn’t help but think not only about our own and our clients’ successes, but the bigger picture too. The Swans will be heading to Europe next season as winners of the Capital Cup; Cardiff will be making their debut amongst the Premierships’ elite next season; and Wales won the Six Nations (despite a dodgy start). The economic climate is showing signs of improving, though the recovery will be slow and bumpy for us in Wales. Going forward, at Mrs Bucket we’ll be looking to consolidate on the 114% growth that we’ve enjoyed over the past year. With the expansion of our Cardiff Operations team, we’re planning to develop relationships with more of our clients and upping our Customer service, while going for Investors in People. So watch this space! We’re also looking to introduce a specialist carpet and floor cleaning service after receiving frequent enquires from a number of clients. Can we help you improve your premises with these services? With these plans in place, I thought the best way of sharing our news and updates with you is through a customer here it is! I hope you find it interesting reading and your feedback and any contributions are very welcome. Just email me at

Rachael of Mrs. Bucket Cleaning Services

Congratulations to Masterchef finalist

Dale Williams Cooking Influences

We clean Dale’s offices in Cardiff and we thought it would be great to find out a little bit more on his journey. What am I doing now? I recently appeared on MasterChef 2013 and it turns out I did ‘ok’. I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to compete in Masterchef and I’m looking to further the experience by pursuing opportunities in the world of food. Currently, I own a recruitment agency called Yolk which I established in 2009, the business is a huge part of my day to day life and I love being instrumental in it’s growth and development and being part of a successful business.

I’m diverse in my approach to food and have a wide skill-set, however my two areas of passion are in the ‘French Classics’ as seen on the program and hearty slow cooked ‘BBQ’. I’m passionate about new experiences and with that I’m always chasing new flavour combinations or sensations. I’m passionate about matching the right drinks with foods and I’m passionate about sharing food with people. For me food is social and my passion is socialising with people and food being an integral part of bringing those people together.

Entering Masterchef I entered the competition to test myself, I thought, ‘I wonder if I’m actually any good?’ Family and friends encouraged me and a big factor was that if I actually did well, I might be able to introduce food into my life on a more regular basis in a professional sense.

I’m currently working on the forthcoming MasterChef book with Natalie and Larkin, we’ve put blood, sweat, tears and then some into making it the best book it can be and we can’t wait for the launch later this year.

Cooking for John and Gregg as a duo was fantastic because I thrived on the criticism as it drove me to improve but I also lapped up any praise as ultimately that’s what you want to encourage you furthermore as the competition continues.

My Cooking Background

It’s an emotional time throughout the competition and you grow close to the other contestants, it’s a difficult thing balancing the emotional side when you’re working with these people and supporting each other, yet also competing. I developed close relationships with Larkin, Saira and Natalie as we went through so much together but I also met some friends for life in earlier stages. You know who you are!

Cooking doesn’t run in my family professionally, growing up in a traditional household my mum is the inspiration behind home cooked family food and this has transpired into both my sisters and I being keen cooks. Discovering my passion for cooking has been a gradual process, mainly gained from sharing and spending quality time with family and friends in the home from a young age. This has been paired with a desire to spend my spare time visiting new and exciting restaurants and travelling to destinations renowned for their quality of cooking and where food is considered a way of life. In addition my passion comes from within, a love of tasting food and that feeling of experiencing new flavours and food cultures. I think passion in anything is sometimes hard to quantify in terms of its origin, with me it’s just there and food is centric to the way I live my life.

Cooking Ambitions I hope to be kick starting some exciting food related projects currently in development. I want to transfer my business success into the food industry on a national level and it’s exciting times.

Going Greener Being ‘green’ and environmentally friendly is now a huge issue across the world; governments must achieve certain targets for recycling waste and large businesses and organisations are all expected to have their own targets and environment policy in place. This is also true of all cleaning businesses. Those in the contract cleaning industry, no matter if they focus on domestic or commercial cleaning, must ensure that all their premises adhere to environmentally friendly standards, but they also must extend these promises to the customers to ensure peace of mind. A company with strong ethics concerning the environment will always be deemed more reliable. So I thought you would like to know that at Mrs Bucket we are committed to ensuring that all reasonable steps are taken to deliver only sustainable products and services to all our clients and that only sustainable products and services are purchased from our suppliers. If you would like to know more about our sustainability policy or, more importantly, if you want us to supply you with information for your own Corporate Social Responsibility Report, please let me know.


Peter Umbleja


A very young 60!!


Managing Director of BPU Chartered Accountants

Joined: 1983 Responsibilities? I work for SME clients across a wide range of sectors and disciplines and specialise in providing consultancy services, identifying business issues and advising on how to maximise growth potential and tax efficiency. My MD job involves ensuring that my team of 30 staff and co-directors achieve our business objectives.

What do you most enjoy about your job and what do you most hate? I enjoy meeting and advising like-minded business people on a daily basis and getting involved in initiatives in the local business community. I hate timesheets!

If you could have any job in the world what would it be? An airline pilot.

Who do you most admire in business?

Buy 1 Get 1

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My co-director Mike Bishop - we have been in business together for 30 years!

What would you do differently career wise if you had your time over again? Taken the time to learn Welsh.

What advice would you give to anyone looking for a career in accountancy? Accountancy is not just about numbers - it is about people and relationships. In any case obtain a relevant degree and ignore the stereotype I have never met a boring accountant!!

Thank you Peter!

How do you spend your well earned holidays?


new? MAXINE COLES-PARRY Operations Manager, Cardiff Meet Maxine Coles-Parry, the latest recruit to join our expanding Cardiff Operations team. Maxine, who is originally from Pontypool comes on board as Operations Manager for the Cardiff area, having completed a Law Degree at Swansea University. Her responsibilities include the management of the cleaners and supervisors, liaison with clients and conducting the regular spot checks at all contracts, which is unique to our commercial cleaning service.

Dan, our Tender manager will be spending his summer holidays this year travelling from John O’Groats to Lands End - by bicycle!!! His journey will begin on Thursday 10th July in ‘Sunny Scotland’ (well hopefully for him) and finish 10 days and 1,047 miles later. Dan will be completing this epic ‘personal’ challenge as a solo cyclist and camping along the way. He has been training hard for this so we really do wish him the best of luck (even though we think he’s mad)...

Good luck Dan!

We asked Maxine a few questions to get to know her better! ●

Her favourite film: Jurassic park

We thought we’d have a bit of we’re asking you what you think this picture is:

Person she would most like to meet: Magician Derren Brown

Place she would most like to visit: Australia

Which famous person would you like to be for a day and why?

We’ll publish the answer in the next issue, along with a new ‘What is it?’ photo.

Alex polizzi- she is a strong business woman who knows her craft inside out. She is creative, thinks outside the box and is not afraid to take risks. She is an inspiration to women like me and I aspire to be like her one day. ●

Good luck!

How does cleaning compare to the world of Law? The cleaning world suits my skill set a lot more than law. I love having daily interactions with clients, problem solving and how I am challenged on a daily basis. I learn something new every day with Mrs Bucket; not just about business but about myself. I imagine that I will be doing so in years to come. She would also love to do a sky dive and one day work towards starting her own business.

Thank you Maxine!

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If you want to have a guess, email me at The first correct answer will get a £10 Marks & Spencer voucher.

 01792 886 665 EMAIL:

Mrs Bucket News- Summer 2013  

What an Amazing 12 Months it has been - Take a look at our recent company News and Whats going on in Mrs Bucket HQ!

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