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What I have learned about technologIes In the process of constructIng thIs product?

CAMERA The most important technology that we have used is the camera and the tripod. We learned how to develop different shots and angles using the camera, such as close ups, mid shots, pan and whip, match on actions and many more.

BLOGGER We made a blog where we would post everything new that we have done such us, our videos and what we are in the process of doing next. I found this very useful as other people could go onto our blog and comment on anything they liked or didn’t like. This is our blog, TER Productions

ADOBE PREMIERE ELEMENTS The first time I used ‘Premiere Elements’ was when we finished filming our preliminary task and had to edit and add effects to it. We have used ‘Adobe Premiere Elements’ programme to edit parts of our movie trailer which we didn’t need at the end. We also used this programme to add special effects to our trailer, such as when our female character is running through the woods the scene looks black and white, and her flashbacks of the male character also had effects added to it; when he was falling into the lake we made sure the falling action was in slow motion.

SOUND I have found copyright music and sound we could use in our film:, this is the website we used to get our sound effects for the movie. We needed to get creepy sounds which would make the audience feel in suspense and scared.

YOUTUBE After we have finished editing our film, we created a YouTube account posted it so we could get comments from people who have watched it and see how many views we got in the end. I have learned how to add tags onto the video to explain the effects of each shot.

ADOBE PHOTOSHOP We used ‘Adobe Photoshop’ when we were in the process of creating our logo’s (TER Productions and Sunset Productions). We used this programme to add pictures and add other bits to our logo.

Evaluation question Turan  
Evaluation question Turan  

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