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How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages


I used ‘Abode Primer Elements’ and on this I was able to create these effects on my video such as; colour wash’s fast and slow motion. Split screen upping the hue and satiation


I also used a tripod on a number of times to have the camera absolutely still.

I chose to use a standard camera for shooting my video, as being in the woods it easer with a tripod, as well as the battery lasting longer for my shoot.

I did a number of different camera shots, such as, long shot, low angle, close up, handheld by the actor him self and zoomed in.

Research & Planning

Without having the internet I would have struggled to do my own personal research and would have had to watch a lot of TV, and wouldn’t have the direct option of what I wanted to look at. Technologies has helped me a lot though my preparation. I was able to go onto the internet and look at music videos on YouTube, and record labels websites such as EMI, to see what the newest music videos contain.

My email to Harris’s manger asking for permission

My Artist

I did a lot of my planning by researching Calvin Harris, I was looking at his music videos on the internet, and his management, I also looked at other similar artists and bands to get a bit more information on their genre of music ect.

Evaluation Prezi - I started off by trying to create a prezi, but with being in school struggled to use it, as it takes up a lot of memory, and slows down as time goes on.

YouTube insight - I checked out my insight to see my view's of my music video, and from where most of the views are coming from.

Cassie Q4  

Evaluation for media