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Of Mice and Men Revision Topics Characters • Appearance • Significant events • Background knowledge • Relationships with others • Significant dialogues • Changes in character throughout the novel • Human behaviour ­

Themes ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­

Loneliness Isolation Fear Discrimination Foreshadowing and Fate Dreams  Power Women Violence 

Cycles of life/ death Settings 1. Soledad 2. Salinas Valley 3. Crook’s bedroom 4. Bunkhouse 5. The bush 6. America/California

Language and Imagery  Nature (ch 1)   Candy’s dog (ch 3)  The mouse (ch1)  The colour red (ch 2 and ch 5)  The heron and the snake (ch1 and 6)  Death (ch 5 and ch 6)  The fight (ch3)   Light and dark (ch 4 and ch 6) Technique Significance of the title The novel as a moral message Significance of context  Start and the end of the novel Steinbeck building tension throughout the novel Your response to the text ­ Is it a “sad” novel? ­ How do you feel about the treatment of:  The disabled/infirm?  Women  Mentally challenged

Social outcasts ­ Do you feel that the issues raised in the novel still exist? ­ How successful would this story have been as a play text (as it was  originally intended)?  

Of Mice and Men revision summary  

Your response to the text ­ Is it a “sad” novel? ­ How do you feel about the treatment of: The disabled/infirm? Women Mentally challenged La...