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How effective is the combination of your main product and the ancillary tasks?

The Main Task

The Main Task • Ahmed and I chose to make a film trailer for a film of the thriller genre which we both like.

Ancillary Task • Film Magazine

Ancillary Task • Film Poster

• When looking at our main task and the ancillary tasks wee can see that there are elements of each that can be effectively combined together. • For example we use the same font when writing the title in all of the Title shots.

• However there are differences between the individual title shots. • The trailer’s main title shot has a smoke effect moving across the back of the title

• However the Movie Poster has the faces of the three main characters edited into the text, it also has a bullet hole edited into the A.

• The Magazine cover also has its own aspects, it advertises itself under a name that we invented, “Exclusive Reviewâ€?, presenting things such as interviews with members of the cast, and the directors, we also advertise an opportunity for fans to get a free film poster inside.

Jamie's Evaluation Q 2  
Jamie's Evaluation Q 2  

Media evaluation q2