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How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary task? Question 2 Evaluation

Main Product • Our music video is based on a boy who has a lot of different material things, as the lyrics tell us, but is in love with a girl he isn’t able to be with. So the music video shows him singing and her dancing as well as shots of them together. • We wanted to use different colour schemes to make it more interesting and to make a reference to the original music video of 'Audacity of Huge'. • These main factors of our music video are also linked into our ancillary task.

Digipak • • • • •

Our digipak is very similar and links very well with our music video. The front is of the main character, so people understand that he's the artist and that this album is made by or sung by him. At the back there is a clear picture of the girl of the music video, which is also linked to the advertisement poster that we made. Then there is a picture of her smile with the text saying: 'So why don't I get you?'. This relates to the song and the smile makes the text relevant. Then the two other pictures of him just reinsure his importance to this album. On the CD itself, you see the different colours and lights. This is a clear reference to our music video with the different colours used and the lights that the girl dancing in front of.

Advertisement • The advertisement poster we made is of the girl's eyes looking in the camera. This poster sums up our music video and our digipak quite nicely, as there is again a colour scheme used, to make the poster more purple and her eyes bright green. These colours are also used in the music video and in the digipak. Also the close up of her eyes refers back to the music video and the digipak, where this is also used.

Advertisement Poster

Cat's Q2 Evaluation  

Question 2 of media evaluation.