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From New Mexico to New Zealand, a world of Christmas celebrations awaits.

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“To travel is to live.” ― Hans Christian Andersen


Warm and Sunny Instead of Cold and Stormy Sabine Kinast Imagine lying on a sandy beach in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico getting tanned while at home it’s snowy, cold and the wind is blowing fiercely. This is how Angela Titchkosky spent one week in March, 2007. She stayed at the Catalonia Yucatan Resort Hotel where she attended a friend’s wedding. “The hotel was very good, there were like five different restaurants and three buffets.” The trip cost approximately $1600. When she was asked if it was worth that amount she said it was totally worth it because it’s so warm and sunny there. “It’s like having all of your friends pick up and go on vacation together,” said Titchkosky. The air in Puerto Aventuras is very humid. The temperatures reach the high 30s. There is also not a lot of rain.

They were served lunch at a traditional Mayan village. Some other activities that they did where zip lining, canoeing and swimming. Titchkosky also went on an evening cruse on a big, old pirate ship. The pirate ship brought them out into the bay where they were served supper. After supper there was a play on board.

There is a wide variety of things to do at the resort. The visitors have the option to swim in the big hotel pool or in the ocean. The resort has also

Titchkosky said that the biggest difference between Mexico and Manitoba where she lives is the weather. There it’s sunny and warm in March and here it’s cold, snowy and stormy.

planned day trips for the visitors. The Mayan Experience was the trip that Titchkosky attended. The group went

She highly recommends this place to others because this is the place for young and old. There is a wide variety of activities for everyone.

to some old Mayan ruins in Coba which was actually a big pyramid. They climbed to the top, down the other side and hiked into the jungle.


By: Sabine Kinast 4


Road trip with Chressy Fast By: Anna Guenther Chressy Fast is very familiar with road trips. She travelled for 3 days by car with her family of five to Ontario.

DVD’s, toys, and lots of snacks. The snacks would always be different and mixed up. For example, cheerios with a couple of chocolate chips and almonds would be a She prepared by packing everything the snack with different kind of color and taste day before. She made sure all the laundry was done and went shopping for food that to it. When kids get snacks with different they could bring along for the way. When it colors and shapes, it will keep them entertained throughout the whole trip. It was a comes to packing clothes, there is only so much that a person can take along. It also 14 hour drive, which she broke into 2 days. She and her kids made frequent stops to let depends on the length of the journey. her kids play in the park and jump around. When travelling everyone needs to be enRoad trips need to be memorable for everytertained in order to enjoy the trip. “We one, including the kids. Kids need to run brought along a portable movie thing, CD’s around sometimes! This way they won’t get that we could listen to and lots of books to so bored while travelling. “Road trips are look through and read,” says Chressy. really fun, although you can get bored When taking road trips there is also a lot to sometimes but then you can always just go see when looking out the window. to sleep,” says Chressy. Road trips will give She and her family rented hotels for the better memory that will last longer; and night and did not drive overnight. “We people actually experienced travelling more travelled during the day until it got dark than if going by car. Entertaining journeys by car will be remembered! around 9 o’clock, then woke up early the next day around 6:30,” said Chressy. When travelling with kids there can be a lot of stops. When Mrs. A. Titchkosky travelled to Edmonton by car with her 2 and 4 year old, she brought along a lot a different kind of things to entertain her kids. She brought coloring books, video games,


Can you trust hotel booking sites? Sabine Kinast These days everybody books hotels online. Some of the most popular sites are Expedia,, Hotwire and Travelocity. But can you really trust these sites. When Lilli Kinast goes on vacation she always books the hotels online on She really likes booking online. “I am a lot less stressed if I know that the hotel is already booked. You don’t have to worry about finding a hotel when you arrive,” Kinast said. Kinast doesn’t really trust these sites anymore after she got a bad hotel. “They described it like it was a brand new hotel,” said Kinast. She said that you have to read everything carefully. Kinast booked a hotel in Grand Forks on “The hotel looked very nice. All the information was there. There was a pool, a sauna and most important of all a clean room,” Kinast said. In the past all the hotels she booked where like they were described online. She was very disappointed when she saw the hotel. “The hotel was very old even thou on the pictures it looked new. The rooms were dirty and there were not enough towels. The sauna was very old and dirty. If I would have known that the hotel was like that I wouldn’t have booked it,” said Kinast.


Kinast said that she will still continue booking hotels online. She said that you have to look at the pictures carefully and don’t expect the hotel to look like the pictures. You should also read the reviews from previous visitors. Some reviews might be a little exaggerated but at least you know what other people say about the hotel.

Travelling through Central America with Mrs. Apperley By: Anna Guenther Mrs. Kim Apperley is a well-travelled woman who has travelled to many memorable places. One of the places that she travelled to is Central America. “These countries are not very wealthy, everything was cheap, therefore the trip was for a low cost,” says Apperley. Guatemala was one of her most memorable places she travelled to in Central America during a 6 week backpacking trip. Central America is surrounded by the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. According to, this is the most popular region for backpacking because the weather is warm is year all around, it is for a better price and there are beautiful vacation places to visit.

grown, picked, and ground. Other cool things to do in Central America are to go diving, see volcanoes, go to carnivals, museums and trek through rainforests. Spanish is the main language that is spoken. In Guatemala everyone basically eats corn which is formed into tortillas or tamales, black beans, rice and wheat in the form of bread or pasta. Seafood is also becoming more popular due to the improvements with refrigeration and transport. The main religion is Catholic in Central America.

People all travel for different reasons. “I enjoy everything about travelling,” says Apperley. “Learning about different cultures, languages Central America is a fantastic place to go for a and seeing how the rest of the world lives and vacation. The entire area is covered in volca- see what life is to them is a big reason why I noes (many are still active) and the rainfortravel. It offers you learning, not out of books ests are filled with wildlife. “Each time you but with real experience.” When travelling to travel you can experience something totally Central America it can provide benefits that different,” says Apperley. Central America has will last a life time. “When I travel I get a many different things to visit and explore. greater appreciation for other people and The Panama Canal is a famous destination to what they deal with. I get a different perspecvisit; the locks at the canal raise ships up from tive on things and this all comes down to empathy,” says Apperley. the Pacific and then lower them back down again to the Caribbean. Most travelers like to explore the coffee plantations which are famous for their coffee (in Costa Rica), touring the plantations and seeing how the beans are



Anna Guenther



From New Mexico to New Zealand, a world of Christmas celebrations awaits. A girl on a donkey leads a candle-carrying procession past San Miguel de Allende’s shops festooned with piñatas and poinsettias. When they stop before a Spanish-colonial building and break into song, you realize you’re witnessing the reenactment of Joseph and Mary’s search for shelter that takes place in the days leading up to Christmas. Whether your winter holiday trip enhances your yuletide nostalgia with traditions, sparkly lights, and nippy air or makes a radical break from it—by, say, taking you to warmer climes or a quiet, farflung hideaway—breaking the habit of staying home will always reward you with a Christmas you’ll never forget. With that goal in mind, we’ve rounded up diverse, exceptional places to get you in the spirit of taking off.

becues. But it’s also a great time to be hiking the rainforest of the Kaikoura mountain range or on the waters of Kaikoura Bay, one of the most biodiverse marine environments on the planet. It’s the summer home of sperm whales, fur seals, dusky dolphins, and pilot whales, and all it takes to commune with them is a boat and a bit of perseverance. South America has weathered the global recession better than most regions, and it’s not hard to see why. Brazil in particular is peppered with off-thebeaten-track gems that offer a true escape, like the coastal Portuguese colonial town of Paraty, about 140 miles south of Rio. Its friendly locals, cerulean waters, exceptional beaches, and exotic-bird-filled jungles may make you forget what holiday it is altogether. Like we said: unforgettable.

Quebec City is one of our favorite historic destinations for the holidays. The narrow cobblestoned —Lee Magill streets and stone architecture of the walled city, founded in 1608 by French explorer Samuel de Champlain, make it as romantic and European as it gets on this side of the pond. Add to that a proclivity for snowfall and an abundance of top-notch bars and restaurants, and you may wish the New Year could be postponed. But the appeal of warming up over the holidays is undeniable, too. For the die-hard contrarian, Kaikoura, New Zealand, ought to do the trick. It’s the height of summer there at Christmas, a holiday most often celebrated outdoors with backyard bar


Travel arrangements- Travel Agents Anna Guenther What’s better: making travel arrangements on your own or going to a travel agent? Most people like to go on vacation where they can have a great time and save money. Saving money starts before you are on vacation; it starts while you are planning your trip.

I suggest that you take the time to do some research online where you can find great deal such as: best price hotels, best vacation spots, top places to see, museums to see, restaurants to eat at and places to explore and visit. I encourage you to explore the followAccording to, people go to ing websites for making your own travel ara travel agent to book a vacation because it rangements: and roadtripoffers a new perspective. Travel agents know more and are better connected than you and Make your travel arrangements on your own have access to benefits that can often beat somewhere you can get access to the interprices available online. They provide a safety net. This way you will save money and you net that you simply won’t get by booking can go to places that you enjoy and that you think are best for you! yourself or buying insurance. Others make their travel arrangements themselves because they like the challenge of doing online searches for the best deals for vacation plans. In my opinion, I think it is better to make travel arrangement yourselves because then you know exactly what to expect and how much it will cost. There are enough websites on the internet that you can go to and find great deals on where to travel and to find airline tickets at a better price. When researching for travel arrangements you have the freedom to build your own vacation and set it up in a way you feel best comfortable with.


Traveling Shots or Not? Sabine Kinast

have diseases that you could get. Don’t go

These days lots of people travel around the world. The question that lots of people ask themselves is: should I take the shot or not? It’s everybody's own choice. I am against the shots. One reason is because you don’t know if these shots can damage your health.

there unless you really have to go there. For example a common disease in Africa is Malaria. Malaria is spread through mosquitoes. If you decide to travel to Africa, travel smart. Bring a mosquito net to put over your bed. Also bring lots of bug spray. This will help keep the mosquitoes away. You should also try to stay in rooms with screens on The main reason why people take the shots is to protect themselves from different diseases. Before the window. Avoid wearing strong perfume or after– shave because the smell attracts mosquitoes. people travel they usually get vaccinated. Most Try to wear long sleeved clothing at dawn and doctors recommend the shots. There are shot for twenty different diseases that most doctors recom- dusk because that is the time where these mosquimend. Travelers should also be up-to-date on their toes are most active. routine immunizations before they travel. Don’t take the vaccine shots because they can damage your health. There are lots of countries There are some countries or regions where you that don’t recommend the shots. You could go to need proof that you got the shots or else you will one of these countries instead of those countries not be allowed to enter. where you have to get the shots. If you make that Why would you go there if you know that there is choice it will be better for you. a high chance that you can get the disease? These are some reasons why people take the shots. I however am against the shots because like I mentioned earlier these shots might damage your health more than they actually help you. You might be allergic to the stuff that they give you without even knowing it. Studies have shown that sometimes the vaccine itself can cause the disease that you want to be protected from. Vaccine also has some mild side effects like reactions at the site or a fever. My advice to you is to avoid going to countries that


Letters to the Editor I think when travelling you should always make sure that you get your shots taken for your own protection against any unwanted illnesses. Taking the shots may help prevent the illnesses that are in the different countries, from getting passed onto you. When travelling you will want to stay healthy so you can actually enjoy your trip. Shots are important, and the benefits outweigh the risks and costs to it. The process is very simple you just need to see a doctor and find out which vaccines to take and then you should be safe. Taking vaccines will not only prevent you from getting sick but also then the people that are around you will have a lower risk of getting sick. I am definitely for taking vaccine shots be-

I disagree with the article “Travel Arrangements- Travel Agents”. I think you should book your vacation with a travel agent. It’s better because than you are 100% sure that your hotel, flight and all the other stuff is booked. It might cost a bit more but at least you don’t have to worry about something going wrong while you are booking your vacation. Travel agents help you find the best vacation place for you. If you don’t really know where you would like to go, they will help you find the right place for you. You will also be less stressed because you know that someone with experience is helping you. Travel agents will also try to find the best hotels, activities and sights for you to see. You might never have thought of visiting the places that the travel agent might recommend to you. I recommend everyone to book your vacation with a travel agent. Sabine Kinast


Top 8 Tourist Attractions in Canada Sabine Kinast I have traveled through much of Canada and I really enjoyed some of the places. I have been in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. Here is a list of the top 8 tourist attractions. 8. Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre This is a museum where you can see some creatures that lived long before us. There is a 40 footlong mosasaur named Bruce. The admission fee is only $8 for adults, $5 for students and $16 for family of five. 7. The Forks The Forks are a national historic site. It’s located where the Red River and the Assiniboine River meet. There you can go shopping and dining. In winter you can go skating on the longest natural frozen skating trail in the world. 6. Manitou Beach- Saskatchewan Manitou Beach is a natural salt water lake. You can float on the water either in the lake or the indoor pool. Some activities that you can do there are swimming, hiking, shopping and golfing. 5. Spruce woods Provincial Park Spruce Woods Provincial Park is a great place to go hiking. There are lots of activities for you to do like hiking through the forest and on the sand dunes, canoeing in the Assiniboine River and Camping. 4. Edmonton Mall West Edmonton Mall is a very large mall with lots of stores. The mall also has Amusement/ Theme parks and a Water Park. You can also watch seal shows and ride on roller coasters. 3. Clear Lake This is a beautiful lake where the water is very clear. Some of the activities that you can do there are swimming, boating, waterskiing, fishing, canoeing and kayaking. You can also go on cruise on a 95 passenger boat. 2. Banff Banff is a beautiful place where you will see lots of mountains, lakes and wild animals. You can drive with your car, or hike to see the nature and wild life. There are lots of activities for you to do like hiking, canoeing, skiing, rafting and a lot more. 1. Niagara Falls Niagara Falls is the most powerful waterfall in North America. It’s one of the most famous waterfalls in the world. There are lots of great restaurants and hotels for you to stay at. 16

How to Be Safe When On Vacation Anna Guenther  

 

Take your vaccine shots before you go to a different country because then you will have less of a chance of getting the flu or any other diseases. Bring Sunscreen and sun glasses just in case that where you are travelling to they might not have these supplies there and if it is very hot there you can get lots of sun burns. Take with emergency phone numbers of trusted friend because you never know you might need to call them and tell them something private or that you need help with something specific. Always know the surroundings of where you are going on vacation because if you don’t know what it is like there then you won’t know what to expect and your vacation might not go as planned. Make sure your wallet/purse is with you at all times just in case of an emergency fire somewhere and to make sure no one has stolen your private stuff. Never carry large amounts of cash because you might lose it and someone might try to take it away from you. Bring first aid kit just in case an accident/injury. The place where you are staying at might not always have the first aid kit.




Entertainment Road Trip “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” ― Augustine of Hippo




“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.” ― Anaïs Nin, The Diary of Anaïs Nin, Vol. 7: 1966-1974

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