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TARGET MARKET Your Perfect Client ( Target Market ) Before making any decisions about your business brand, you must identify and understand the needs of your target market. It should be the focal point of everything that you do, from the colors you select for your logo, to the fonts that you use on your flyers. Everything should be considered from the perspective of what will resonate most with your ideal client.

WATC H V IDE O Use the space below to identify 3 key elements that best describe the characteristics of your target market.

1 2 3 Who exactly are your customers and what problem are you solving for them? Don’t think about yourself as a business owner. Step into your target markets shoes and really pin point the problem they are having. Sometimes, finding the problem is as easy as looking into a mirror If you have an idea for a business, more than likely it came from a frustrating experience you had. A problem you needed fixing. A solution that didn’t get the results or was just too hard to implement. What is your clients main problem? Why are they coming to you

What is your clients goal and what are they trying to achieve?



Age Range

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VISUAL Take a moment and challenge yourself to look at your business from your target market’s perspective. What are three things that make you unique? Try not to think too deeply about this or focus on drawing comparisons to your competitors. Instead, spend time reflecting on what about your business would make you stand out to a customer. How are you adding value in ways that attract, engage, and sell your clients on your products/services? Are you meeting their needs in a unique way? It’s important to truly consider the elements that make you different because this is what will get you to land your ideal client. Remember that many businesses fail, not necessarily because they didn’t have the best products/ services, but because they don’t understand how to market themselves in a manner that will help them make connections to their ideal customer base. Use the space below to identify three key elements that make your business stand out.

Three key elements that make your business different

1 2 3

W W W. A B R A N D N E W B E A U T Y. C O M

MIX IT UP Now that you’ve identified the elements that make your business different, how can you ensure that your target audience feels that you are different when they look at or interact with every aspect of your brand? The word “feel” is used intentionally because it’s not just about what your audience sees. Everything about your brand, from your design, strategy, content, marketing, and product/service should evoke specific emotions and compel your target audience to action. A well-crafted brand should be able to communicate what makes you unique without having to explicitly state it.


Be consistent. Be sure to use the same colors and fonts throughout all your graphics for your brand materials. This includes your business cards, website, thank you cards, flyers, etc.

Strategy When plotting your strategy for developing your business’s brand, you must think through everything that you will need from start to finish. For example, if you see your business becoming the gold standard of service for your industry, you want to plan out everything that you will need to launch the idea of your business to how you will handle sales volume 5-10 years down the road. Remember that building your brand is a process. Choosing colors and fonts are just the beginning. You should also be thinking about how you want your company to grow long term. Be clear on how you want your customers to feel about your brand after having worked with you.


Building trust and making authentic connections are the pillars of great customer service. If done incorrectly, this can be a huge turnoff to customers. As your company’s brand steward, you also must feel empowered to make decisions about the types of customers that you are willing to work with and what implications performing certain services may have on your brand. If an affiliation with a certain group of people or individuals will compromise the integrity of your brand, it may not be worth it, long term. Lastly, be comfortable with the fact that your brand won’t be for everyone.


Now that you have developed a killer brand, that is doing the hard work for you, it’s time to go get your customers. You do this through marketing and advertising your business. Your advertising should give your potential customers a taste of what you offer and clearly articulate to the customer that you have what they want. W W W. A B R A N D N E W B E A U T Y. C O M




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DESIGN Color Palettes | Brand Colors HEX Codes


2 3 Fonts: Heading






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CONTENT Website Introduction ( One Paragraph Recommended )

About me ( One or Two Paragraphs )

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CONTENT Website Service Description ( 3 - 4 sentences per service )

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CONTENT Website Policy | Terms

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CONTENT Website Benefits Of Working With You ( One Paragraph )

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