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Mrs. Moore’s Newsletter “Make each day your masterpiece.” John W ooden

MATH We are half way through unit 4. Students are learning how to read, write, and order decimals. Remember you can find the answers to the homework on the Family Letters study link. Go to the Everyday Math site and put in your child’s username and password. Once you are in the site, go to Home connections and click on Family Letters.

November 18, 2012

IMPORTANT DATES Thanksgiving Break – Nov. 21 -25 Social Studies Test – Nov. 27 Math Test – Nov. 28 Unit 2 Reading Test – Dec. 7 & 8 Book Recommendation – Dec. 14

Reading Students will need to present to the class a book recommendation. Guidelines have been sent home. The book they recommend is a book they have already read. Students will need to type two paragraphs that share interesting details about the book without sharing the solution to the problem. A picture of an interesting or favorite scene of the story will need to be included with the recommendation. I have kept class sets of book recommendations through the years, and many students have chosen to read books that past students have recommended. Students enjoy reading books that other students have recommended.

iPADS AND THE SCHOOL BOARD Four students from our class, Carter Hairston, Jordan Porter, Riley Karamchadani, and Olivia Stoll shared with the school board how we are using iPads in our classroom. They did an excellent job sharing and the school board was very impressed with their presentation.

SOCIAL STUDIES This week students learned about our country’s Core Democratic Values and the Bill of Rights. Last week students participated in a role-playing simulation to learn how a bill becomes a law. Every student played the role of being a Representative or Senator. Students did a great job playing their part and learned the steps involved when making a bill into a law. Check out the Smilebox of the event on my website. Our test will be on Nov. 27. Review the vocabulary words of the social studies unit by using the Quizlet found on the fourth grade resource site.

FRESH READ ANSWERS Our unit 2 test will be on December 6 & 7. Have your child review for the test by practicing the Fresh Reads. I have provided the answers below for the unit 2 Fresh Reads. Week 1 – “The Blobfish and the Leafy Seadragon” A, J, C, G Week 2 – “The Great Eastern” - D, F, B, J Week 3 – “Fun At Winston Park” - C, J, D, F Week 4 – “Best Job in the World” –D, J, C, G Week 5 – “Work Dogs” - B, J, B, F

NOTE FROM MRS. MOORE It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is this week. I hope you have a great time with your family. Take some time to reflect on the many things we have to be thankful for in this country. Mrs. Moore

Mrs. Moore's Nov. 18 Newsletter  

This is Mrs. Moore's classroom newsletter for November 18, 2012.

Mrs. Moore's Nov. 18 Newsletter  

This is Mrs. Moore's classroom newsletter for November 18, 2012.