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Mrs. Moore’s Newsletter “Make each day your masterpiece.” John W ooden

March 24, 2013


The unit we are working on is unit 9. Students will spend time learning about percents, fractions, and decimals. They will understand how to convert fractions into decimals and percents. I have been sharing with the students the Common Core State Standards they will be learning in each lesson. If you would like to see what these standards are, go to http://www.corestandard

IMPORTANT DATES Health Classes – March 25th – March 28th Spring Break – March 29 – April 7th Market Day – April 11th Consumers Energy Forms Due April 12th Henry Ford Museum – April 25th


This past Friday, students listened to a presentation by Consumers Energy on renewable and nonrenewable energy. Each fourth grade student took home an energy kit that contained great items to help families save energy. Students will need to complete the Home Energy Worksheet with a parent and return it to school by April 12th. Our class will receive a mini-grant of $100 if we return all the worksheets back to Consumers Energy. Thank you for taking the time to go over this information with your child and return the form as soon as possible.

iPADS IN THE CLASSROOM After spring  break   students  will  be  asked  to   join  a  social  learning   platform  called Edmodo.   Edmodo  is  a  free  and   secure  learning  network   for  teachers,  students,  and   schools.    It  provides  a  safe   way  for  us  to  connect,   share  content,  access   homework,  participate  in   discussions  and  receive   class  information.  Parents   need  to  give  permission   for  their  student  to   participate.  Learn  more   about  Edmodo  at  I  will   be  sending  home  the   permission  sheet  this   week.  


Students have started working on their persuasive essay. They are using the fiveparagraph technique from a program called Empowering Writers. The topic students will use in their essay is whether or not there should be zoos. Students have a book they are reading to help them make a decision on the topic. Once they have made their decision, they will need to research the book for important facts, quotes and statistics that will help them persuade the reader to agree with their stand on the topic.

MARKET DAY We will  conclude  our  study  of   economics  with  a  final  assignment   called  “Market  Day.”    Students  will   come  up  with  an  idea  for  a  business   that  provides  a  good  or  service  and   be  ready  to  open  for  business   during  our  4th  grade  Market  Day  on   Thursday,  April  11th  from  1:00  –   2:30.    

A note  will  be  sent  home  tomorrow   with  information  regarding  the   guidelines.  This  year  students  will   not  be  allowed  to  bring  any  food   items.  Spend  time  talking  with  your   child  about  a  good  or  service  they   can  sell  at  Market  Day.  

NOTE FROM MRS. MOORE This Thursday evening I will be flying out to Portland, Oregon to see my daughter Nicole and her husband David. I’m looking forward to spending time with her since I usually see her only once or twice a year. Skype is great, but it’s not the same thing. I hope you enjoy some family time during the break. I know many people have said that the child-raising years go by so fast, and it’s true. I blinked and they were out of the house. I will miss not seeing your children. I hope you have a wonderful, refreshing time during the break. Mrs. Moore

Mrs. Moore's Newsletter - March 24  


Mrs. Moore's Newsletter - March 24