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Mrs. Moore’s Newsletter “Make each day your masterpiece.” John W ooden


The next unit we will be working on is unit 8. Students will review perimeter and area concepts. They will develop formulas for the areas of rectangles, parallelograms and triangles and explore applications with scale drawings. Every Friday students have the opportunity to develop their math skills by playing Everyday Math games. You will find these math games in the Student Reference Book found on the Everyday Math site.

February 27, 2013

IMPORTANT DATES Science Fair – Feb.


Reproductive Health Meeting – March 6th

Consumers Energy – March 22nd Spring Break – March 29 – April 7th Henry Ford Museum – April 25th


Students took home an introduction letter from Consumers Energy on Tuesday. This letter shared the Consumers Energy program the fourth grade classes will participate in on March 22nd. Students will be taking home a Take Action Kit full of energy efficiency products. Students will need to complete the Home Energy Worksheet with a parent and return it to school. Our class will receive a mini-grant of $100 if we return all the worksheets back to Consumers Energy.

iPADS IN THE CLASSROOM Everyday we play the game of chess with Mr. Casby’s class on the Smartboard. We make a move in the morning, and they make a move in the afternoon. Participating in this activity has created an interest among all students in the game of chess. I have put a great app on our class iPad called Chess Free HD. Students enjoy playing chess against the iPad or another student.


Students are working on their adventure story. They are using the Narrative Diamond technique from a program called Empowering Writers. Five steps of the diamond are an entertaining beginning, elaborative details, suspense, the main event, solution of problem, and extending ending. They should be finished with their story in a few weeks.

Science Fair Our science fair is on Thursday, February 28th. Students can walk around and view other science experiments. There will also be

Special Activities/Exhibits: • Bioluminescent Bacteria • Aquatic Invertebrates & Watershed Interactive Demonstration • Potter Park Zoo Animals • Haslett Robotics • Beacon Adaptation Program • Try Me Activities

NOTE FROM MRS. MOORE I hope the students have enjoyed another day off. The snow was great packing snow to make forts or snowmen. I look forward to hearing how they spent their day in the snow. Every morning during our morning meeting we answer a question I have for the class. Some examples of the questions I have asked are what everyone’s favorite ice cream is, what they want to be when they grow up, and where they would like to go for a vacation. We have had a great time getting to know each other through our seven-minute morning meeting. Meetings like this help promote classroom community and listening skills. Mrs. Moore

Mrs. Moore's Newsletter  
Mrs. Moore's Newsletter  

Newsletter for February 27,2013