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Mrs. Moore’s Newsletter “Make each day your masterpiece.” John W ooden

April 23, 2013

Biography Report

Last week students were given the requirements for their biography report. It is due on May 17th. Students will be required to type a twoparagraph report on the person they have chosen. This report needs to be typed in first person. Students will also be required to share their report with the class. They should look somewhat similar to the person they have chosen. It is helpful if they use one or two props. I have told students not to make this complicated and enjoy reading their biography.

IMPORTANT DATES Henry Ford Museum – April 25th Math Test – April 30th Music Concert – May 2nd Biography Report Due – May 17th P.J. Hoffmaster – June 4th

iPADS IN THE CLASSROOM We have  been  using  a   few  different  apps  in  our   class.  One  I  really  like  is   Explain  Everything.  This   app  allows  a  student  to   write  on  a  whiteboard   and  have  his/her  voice   recorded.  I  have  used   Explain  Everything  in   math  often.  Students  are   given  an  iPad  and  asked   to  share  how  they  came   up  with  an  answer.  Visit   your  child’s  Edmodo  site   to  see  our  class   examples.    


Thank you for participating in the Consumers Energy home survey. We were able to meet the quota required to allow us to receive the $100 grant! Math

We are learning about line of reflection and symmetry in Unit 10. Students will also be introduced to negative numbers in this unit. All of the children continue to improve in their math facts. We will continue to have our weekly timed multiplication tests on Wednesdays until the end of the year.

Another great app is Popplet. Students use a graphic organizer to share their understanding of material they have learned.


Students have finished their persuasive essays. Students were to choose whether we should keep or abolish zoos. Everyone did a great job using definitive and persuasive words when arguing their view. This week we will be working on a rhyming and diamante poem. During the month of May, we will work on our last common writing paper and our animal report. Students will take time to read a variety of books and articles about the animal they have chosen. Once they are finished reading, they will collect notes on their topic and then write a report. Their culminating activity will be to present their information to the class by using PowerPoint or Prezi. Students learn so much about each animal from these presentations.

Social Studies Last week  we  began  our  history   unit.  Students  will  learn  about  the   Underground  Railroad,  Civil  War,   WWI,  The  Great  Depression,  WWII,   The  Civil  Rights  Movement,  and  the   making  of  the  Mackinac  Bridge.  We   will  be  reading  from  a  variety  of  text   to  learn  about  these  topics.  We  will   also  watch  videos  from  the   Discovery  Channel.  Students  will   learn  how  to  take  notes  and  will  use   these  notes  for  their  open  book  test.   I  have  also  set  up  a  history  group  on   the  Edmodo  site,  which  contains   short  video  clips  and  history  sites   for  students  who  are  interested  in   learning  more  about  American   history.    

NOTE FROM MRS. MOORE Our garden club has a variety of seeds growing in the greenhouse. We have squash, cucumbers, sunflowers, daisies, basil, rosemary, thyme, and marigolds. We will be pulling weeds in the front of the school and get the ground ready for the flowers and plants we will planting. I have videos of our garden club on Edmodo. Mrs. Moore

Mrs. Moore's Newsletter  

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