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Violence and  how  we  feed  off  of  it  

By: Michael  Imparl  

Shoo9ngs •  The  Aurora  shoo9ng  was  in  a  movie  theater   during  a  showing  of  “ The  Dark  Knight.”  At  this   massacre,    58  people  were  injured  and  12   more  were  killed.   •  Police  say  the  shooter  bought  a  uniform  that   looked  like  a  S.W.A.T.  uniform  over  the   internet.   •  The  shooter  was  caught  by  his  car  without   resistance.  He  planned  the  aPack  for  a  long   9me  before  execu9ng  it.  

How To  Prevent  Similar  Incidents   •  We  can  have  more  gun  control  laws.   •  Using  assault  rifles  should  be  illegal  because   you  don’t  use  them  for  hun9ng.  They  were   made  for  killing.  

Sandy Hook   •  Sandy  Hook  was  a  school  shoo9ng  where  26   people  were  killed  including  the  social  worker,   the  principal  and  some  teachers.  The  rest  of   the  vic9ms  were  children.   •  The  shooter,  aVer  the  school  was  surrounded   by  police,  shot  himself  in  the  head.   •  Many  of  the  children  who  survived  had   nightmares  about  the  shoo9ng,  asking  their   parents  if  the  bad  man  was  going  to  get  them.  

Crime •  Crime  is  a  big  problem  this  na9on  faces.   •  Crime  is  all  over.  Every  place  you  go  there   crime.    It  feels  like  there  is  no  escape.   •  Crime  and  violence  affect  many  people  all   over  the  United  States.  

My Opinion  On  Violence   •  We  feed  off  of  violence.   •  Violence  is  a  part  of  our  society.   •  There  doesn’t  seem  to  be  a  way  to  eliminate   violence  because  the  first  thing  some  people   do  to  solve  a  problem  is  resort  to  using  their   fists,  a  gun,  or  a  weapon.   •  Violence  begins  when  someone  threatens   another.    This  verbal  threat  leads  to  physical   violence.    

•  Jail does  not  seem  to  be  a  threat  to  some   groups  that  are  involved  in  violent  ac9vi9es.       •  This  is  a  problem  because  innocent  people  are   ge\ng  hurt,  even  though  they  are  not  part  of   these  violent  groups.    They  get  caught  in  the   crossfire.  

On Purchasing  Guns   •  Assault  rifles  should  not  be  allowed  on  the   streets  or  in  any  home.  They  should  be  illegal   to  the  general  public.   •  I  think  that  in  order  to  buy  a  gun  everyone  in   your  household  should  have  to  get  a  mental   stability  test.   •  These  measures  would  help  prevent  gun   violence.  

Why does  our  society  need  violence?  

Informa9on Retrieved  From   hPp:// 2012_Aurora_shoo9ng     hPp:// James_Eagan_Holmes     hPp://­‐world/at-­‐ least-­‐27-­‐including-­‐18-­‐children-­‐killed-­‐in-­‐ conne9cut-­‐elementary-­‐school-­‐shoo9ng     Informa9on  compiled  by:  Michael  Imparl  

Thoughts on violence  

Student powerpoint about violence

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