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Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Services by Mr Rooter

Introduction Plumbing is a complex process which ensures: •

Clean water source

Sanitary collection

Removal of wastes

As a whole, it encompasses: •

Pipe systems

Drain fittings

Valves and valve assemblies

Water distribution mechanisms

Plumbing skills to work with pipes & other plumbing fixtures

Contrary to popular belief, though, plumbing is not the same as the sewage and water supply systems: •Plumbing provides services to one building •Sewage and water supply systems serve a cluster of buildings

To sort it all out and give you a better view of plumbing and drain cleaning services, we propose to detail them in this presentation.

Causes of Clogged Drains Even with regular use, it is quite normal for drains to get clogged up. However, depending on the part of the house, there may be different causes for these clogs since it is not only water that goes down drains. Despite people’s best efforts, some of the waste that pass through the drains in their kitchens and bathrooms are things that were never meant to.

Causes of Clogged Drains

Items that may line the pipes & clog the drains include: •

Oil or grease

Food particles

Clumps of hair

Soap scum

Foreign objects such as small toys, jewelry, etc.

Ways to Clear Clogged Drains Depending on the problem at hand, try any of the following solutions: •

If there is a foreign object that causes the blockage, simply remove it

Check the strainer or stopper of the drain’s entryway and clean it

Pour in hot water through the drain to liquefy solidified grease and let it clear

Use a plunger (or a flexible hand snake if a plunger is inadequate) on the drain

Ways to Clear Clogged Drains

• If you can, take out and clean up the sink trap or pipe found underneath or inside the plumbing fixture • Pour a drain cleaning product down the drain for a specified time or until it has cleared out • The best way is still to call a plumbing & drain cleaning service provider to effectively de-clog the drains in the house and avoid damaging the plumbing system, especially if the blockage cannot be removed using any of the means here above

Drain Cleaning Substances Chemical drain cleaners: Typically liquid, powder, or gelbased products that make use of substances that are highly potent, yet may be harmful to the body. Amongst its various types, we find...

Caustic drain cleaner: Helps with grease blockages by making them dissolve more easily

Oxidizing drain cleaner: Gives off heat and gas to assist in clearing out the clog

Acid drain cleaner: Has the capacity to melt solidified grease. Not sold in stores, it is usually available through plumbing service providers

Drain Cleaning Substances

Alternative drain cleaners: •

Enzymatic drain cleaner: Uses microorganisms or enzymes to consume organic wastes such as food particles and hair


Baking soda, salt, and vinegar: These simple kitchen products may be poured through the drain in succession. Simply flush with hot water

Drain Cleaning Service Providers Remember that all plumbing businesses include drain cleaning in their lists of services, so you shouldn’t worry about finding a plumber who can take care of your clogged drains. However, as all companies were not created equal, always: •

Consider specialists that regularly operate in or near your area

Ask friends and neighbors for recommendations or go online and read reviews/testimonials

Check whether or not a company has the necessary permits to conduct plumbing repairs and maintenance. Leaving your household water line in the hands of a poorly trained individual will only lead to more serious problems and an even bigger hole in your pocket

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