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Year 4

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Vicky Fisher

Two children fight all the time but not in front of their mum. One day when they were out at the Saturday markets they found a weird looking tree. The shop keeper said it was called the Everything Tree. It was magic and could change things. Both children wanted the tree to themselves so they fought and they broke the whole tree. The shop keeper was very angry so they went away. When mum saw everything they had done, she was very angry and said no more Saturday markets. They went home and children made an agreement that they would never fight ever again. I like how the children fight a lot, it reminds me of my brother and I. If the everything tree grew everything, I bet it could grow an elephant. Recommendation I would like to give this to K-2 because it has lots of pictures.


Michelle Knudsen A lion goes into a library and Mr McBee says that the rules have been broken. The lion touches everything. The children touch the lion too. The lion is given jobs in the library but he causes chaos because he is too noisy. One day Miss Merriweather has and accident and needs the lion to make a noise. Sometimes it is good to break rules, especially in the library. I feel good when the lion helps the people in the library. I would change the part when the lion made chaos. l would just make it the opposite. This book would appeal to animal and library lovers. Why? Because the lion in the book is friendly and he does some good things in the library.

By Michael G.

Sue Briggs- Pattison and Bev Russell A girl, her sister, uncle, cousin and grandfather goes to visit their Nan. They stay up late and sit around the campfire. I liked the pictures in the book but I disliked the story because I thought it was too short and boring. I recommend it for Lillyan because I think it has nice pictures and she likes to draw. By Shayla

Maria Farrer It was icy cold at the North Pole so Santa flew all the way to Australia. He met lots of animals like the kangaroos, crocodile, echidnas, koalas and other animals. He didn’t know it was so hot so he has to change out of his red Santa suit. He has a relaxing holiday in Australia. I felt so happy that Santa came to Australia. I didn’t like that he met the crocodiles. I recommend this book for my sister that likes Santa.

By Gloria

Tracey West

There was a boy named Ash. Ash began his Pokémon journey at the age of 10. He got his first Pokémon from Professor Oak and the Pokémon was Pikachu. Pikachu does not like Ash but Ash likes it. In the end Pikachu saves Ash by using thunder shock on a swan of birds.

I disliked the part when Pikachu didn’t listen because he doesn’t like Ash. I like the part when Pikachu saved the day. I like this book because my brother used to play Pokémon all the time and my family knows it too.

By Anna

Emily Rodda

A boy name Lief travels with his father’s friend Barda and Jasmine to collect all the gems for the the belt of Deltora so that they can defeat the Shadow Lord. There are eight books in the series: The Forests of Silence ; The Lake of Tears ; City of the Rats ; The Shifiting Sands ; Dread Mountain ; Maze of the Beast ; The Valley of the Lost ; Return to Del .

I like the monsters and magic in this book but I wish there could be more gems. I would have change the power of the belt into magic and control the guardian of the gem. I think only good readers should read it because it has a lot of hard words.

By Thien

Selby B. Blebby This book tells you what other children from other countries do with their tooth when it has fallen out. What do you do when you lose a tooth? Do you put it under your pillow and wait for the tooth fairy? If you live in Botswana kids throw their teeth onto the roof. In Afghanistan they drop their teeth down mouse holes, and in Egypt they fling their teeth at the sun! When I read this book I felt happy and excited. I would recommend it to everyone over 5 year olds.

By Vera

Daisy Meadows Goblins are taking Polly’s Party fun dust. Rachel and Kirsty, Polly’s human friends help out to get it back. My favourite part of the story is when the goblins are trying to get away. I think this book is great. I loved reading every page. I wish every book I read was this good.

Zaynab Rachel’s eyes opened wide. ‘A party?’ she gasped. ‘You know what that means…’ Kirsty clapped her hand to her mouth. ‘Oh, I didn’t realize!’ she said. ‘Of course, we’ll have to be on the look out for the goblins…’

Martin Oliver This puzzle adventure story has mazes, codes to solve, brain teasers and much more. Flic, Toby and Uncle Ollie encounter danger as they search for the Sunken City. Uncle Ollie has found an old, battered ship named "The Dolphin” that lay on the bottom of the ocean. Among the interesting and valuable objects he found there was a journal written by an adventurer/explorer captain named Da Silva. He was the only man who had ever seen the city of Mare Vellos after it sank. But when he tried to salvage the treasure, his boat sank along with the information where the city and its treasure was located. Now, Ollie had the maps, the information and knew the general place where the once great city was. But he isn’t alone. Another group of men are after that same treasure. Who gets to the treasure first? Find out in this exciting book. My favourite part is when they are in the throne room. I loved reading every page; I wish every book I read was this good. It’s my idea of how a mystery book should be.


Dan McGuiness This all starts because of an overdue video game. Huxley is surprised to wake on Saturday morning in an empty house. He cannot find his parents, sister or brother. His friend Pilot calls to share his own discovery. Their failure to return the overdue video game on time has consequences for alien invaders who need the code imbedded in the video to activate their world-destroying ‘weapon of doom’. The end could be near but the adventure ends with ‘to be continued…’, promising new instalments will follow. My favourite part is when a reaper comes to retrieve the overdue game and takes them into another world. I loved reading every page; I wish every book I read was this good. Ahmed

Megan Macdonald Judy Moody starts a club with her brother and friends. Officer Kopp visits the school with his police dog. But then his dog, Mr Chips, gets lost. What's the WBMS (world’s best mystery solver) to do? BUT go in search of a mystery, of course! Judy Drewdy and her chums, Agents Dills Pickle (Frank), Spuds Houdini (Rocky), and James Madagascar (Stink), find themselves smack-dab in the middle of a real-life, scare-your-pants-off whodunit. Was Mr. Chips stolen by evil dog nappers? And why are chocolate-chip cookies disappearing all over town? My favorite part of the story is the ending, but I mustn’t give it away now. I loved reading every page; I wish every book I read was this good.


Roald Dahl

The Twits are husband and wife who have no children and they are gruesome. Mr Twit used to be a monkey trainer, so he has 5 monkeys to train. Mr. Twit has a long, shaggy beard that has bits of rotten fish, apple, stale bread, etc. stuck in it. Mrs. Twit used to be very pretty when she was young, but she kept having frightening thoughts and ended up as an ugly old hag! The Twits love to play mean tricks on each other. Every Wednesday, they would have bird pie. To catch the birds, Mr Twit puts super sticky glue on the trees where the birds land. One time, a very big bird came and was about to sit on the glue when the monkeys told him not to. Instead, the bird sat on the monkey's cage. Later the birds help the monkeys the oldest monkey started gluing the furniture to the ceiling with the birds help. When the Twits get home, they think they are upside down! My favourite part is when Mrs Twit digs worms from the garden and serves them to Mr Twit as spaghetti. I loved reading every page; I wish every book I read was this good.


Anthony Horowitz

Alex Rider thinks he is a normal teenage school boy, until his uncle is killed. He discovers that his uncle was actually spy on a mission. Alex decides to investigate and ends up as part of the M16. This book is also available as a novel and a movie. My favourite part is at the end. Alex is about to fall. Will his worst enemy save him? I loved reading every page; I wish every book I read was this good.


Geronimo cannot resist his nephew, Benjamin, when he asks to be taken skiing over Christmas. Before he can say "Swiss Cheese," Geronimo is paying huge bills for a nice lodge on Frozen Fur Peak, transportation and meals. Life goes downhill from there, starting with the news that he must bunk with his cousin, Trap. At least he gets to go skiing. Geronimo loves this activity. My favourite part is when the slope show-off knock into Geronimo. The two roll downhill, gathering snow as they travel, (that’s a bit funny) before they smash into a boulder. Poor Geronimo ends up in the hospital, where he finds out he has broken every single bone in his body and must have surgery. He is so sad. Geronimo will be in the hospital for a very long time. The accident is sure to ruin his holidays. Or will it? I loved reading every page; I wish every book I read was this good. Kadeeja.

Stephen wants a pet because he thinks everyone in the school has one. One day his friend comes to him and tells him that he had a lizard. He sells it to Stephen for $10.

The lizard in this book is a blue tongue and there are some facts about them included. Did you know that there are 6 different kinds living in Australia. They eat snails, slugs, flowers and fruit. They don't chew their food. They hold and crush it.

This book did not interest or excite me so I am only going to rate it 1 out of 5. Perhaps you will enjoy it though so please let me know.


Our Book Reviews  
Our Book Reviews  

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