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The city of Chicago provides a unique backdrop to the Museum of Contemporary Photography, providing it with a multitude of design opportunities and constraints. The museums adjacency to Grant Park and Michigan Avenue address present the opportunity for the building to become an architectural landmark for the city. Although building in such a dynamic environment has its advantages, it also provides a number of obstacles. With a relatively small building footprint, the design needed to maximize the sites limited space and also interact with its surroundings while addressing the unique needs of a photography museum, such as, avoidance of direct uv rays. The first step in the strategy became a simple extrusion of the footprint to maximize space. Next, the buildings circulation was [carved out] as a way to [break the box] and provide an opportunity for the public to observe how those within the building move throughout the space.

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arkside Village Elementary

Parkside Village Elementary is located in downtown San Diego. The design focuses on creating a healthy and stimulating environment for the buildings users. The shape and orientation of the building is designed to maximize natural light and harness the steady breeze that blows in from the ocean. The classrooms are arranged according to grade level giving space between the upper and lower grades with the playground area in the center giving teachers an unobstructed view of the students playing, providing a safe learning environment for all.

Information Membrane A cell membrane protects the interior of a cell from the

outside environment. Cell membranes are selectively permeable to ions and organic molecules. The "skin" or library membrane acts in the same way. Through a series of perforations and voids, the building design allows for circulation, light, book storage, and outdoor space. This design seeks to address the needs of the modern public library. Through the integration of an interactive art center the library once again becomes a gathering place for the community and a place to share experiences and ideas.

Calla Christian

The Calla Lily is a traditional symbol of purity due to its smooth curves and stark white color. The Calla Christian Church mimics both the organic shapes and sense of purity. The program for this project called for a worship space, reception area, classrooms, and administrative space.

Boone County Library

Located in a rural community in mid-Missouri, the concept for this project was [knowledge]. An armillary sphere, a traditional symbol of knowledge, became the formal source of inspiration for the structure. The design incorporates many windows in a cylindrical composition as a reminder to learn from the world around us.

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North Village Lofts NVL was an adaptive reuse project located in downtown Columbia Missouri. The goal was to convert this historic warehouse into artists lofts, retail space, restaurant, spa, and gym, while maintaining as much of the historic facade as possible. The solution I proposed was to add a modern metal awning to modernize the building without competing with the existing structure. This project was largely an exercise in space planning with historic preservation, building codes, natural lighting, and plumbing considerations all taken into account.

Without water, life would not exist. It is a prerequisite for all human and economic development. Yet today, nearly one billion people lack access to potable water. more than twice that many, 2.5 billion people, do not have access to plumbing.

neutralizing aqua prototype:

Through a series of design modifications, this design addresses some of the shortcomings of products that are currently on the market.

Na seeks to provide simple and aesthetically pleasing solutions to the issue of potable water. Simple considerations such as ease of use and multi-functionality were at the driving forces of the design.

rotating arms


twist lock dome

removable saltwater pan

arm lock spout

potable water receptacle





's focus is on improving the health and lives of it's users. That's why it is made of lightweight BPA free plastic to eliminate the risk of leeching harmful chemicals into the water. Also, the use of enamel over steel plate for the saltwater pan ensures rapid heating and safe dringing water all for a reasonable price.

This system was designed to have three positions. the standing position separates the system from the ground removing possible bug and dirt contaminates.

The second available position is the unlocked position. By simply rotating the arms towards the front spout, the system is unlocked. Then, a twist of the dome releases the top and it may be removed by lifting and pulling it through the back. this allows access to the saltwater plate for cleaning. The hemisphere shape of the system maximizes the surface area of the saltwater pan and attracts more sunlight through the plastic dome

The lock feature prevents the possibility of contamination through an airtight seal that is immoveable by the wind or small animals. This position also allows the user to use the top handle to easily carry the system from place to place. Also, the system is available with a shower-head attachment. By depressing the spout, the showerhead fills with water and regulates the flow of the water to eliminate waste.

Centripetal Movement

Centripetal movement describes the way by which bodies are drawn or impelled to follow a curved path with the orgin always a point on a central axis. In nature, the helix best describes this complex geometrical form. Borromini's stair in Palazzo Barberini is an example of how the basic helix can be manipulated to form new geometries. Borromini stretched the helix into an oval rather than the traditional circle. In this form study, the helix is manipulated in many ways such as the exterior points moving closer and further from the orgin point to form an undulating geometry. The central axis may also be reinterpreted by rotating the direction. Rather than its traditional vertical configuration, it may be tilted on its side to form yet another unique geometry. By following a few simple rules, the possibilities for creating new geometries from the helix are nearly endless.

2012 Architecture Portfolio  

Portfolio of Graduate and Undergraduate design work

2012 Architecture Portfolio  

Portfolio of Graduate and Undergraduate design work